Resolution Introduced to Address Gap of In-Person Learning in Yonkers Public Schools By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER

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YONKERS, NY — March 12, 2021 —Today, I introduced a resolution urging the Board of Education to enter into a short-term lease agreement to rent the currently vacant St. Anne and St. Paul schools. This agreement would provide the same adequate learning environment for Public Schools 8, 15, 25, and 26 as have been established for the remainder of our public schools.

As a public school parent myself, I understand the importance of ensuring that all children have equal access to quality in-person education, as the conditions permit. While these decisions fall into the purview of the Yonkers Board of Education, I look forward to working with them to put forth a plan that addresses parents’ concerns.

We are fortunate to have the resources and the recently allocated federal funding to offset the costs outlined above.

But we didn’t stop there, some other highlights of the week include:
• Our law capping fees from third-party delivery services passed by a vote of 7-0.
• The community aggregation program was passed by a vote of 7-0.
• Approval for purchase of a new green fleet of city cars was passed by a vote of 7-0.

For questions or comments please contact or contact at 914-377-6060.

Mike KhaderResolution Introduced to Address Gap of In-Person Learning in Yonkers Public Schools By Yonkers City Council President MIKE KHADER

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  1. Let’s see next time khader need something from Tasha! We see. DISRESPECT for the duly elected council women from the 3rd district. This should have been vetted through the education chairs office. That’s a fact

  2. I hope Mimi Rocah looks into the MPAC financials during the pandemic while everything was shutdown
    johnnyfraud paid his family members and loaded up on Costco and Restaurant Depot with MPAC funds.

      1. There was a pandemic everything was shutdown last year you took MPAC monies and ran to Costco and Restaurant Depot stocked your refrigerator and shelves.
        You made payments to family members. Your events are shakedowns.

  3. How many more cars does the City need? On the remote chance that the next administration has even a shred of integrity, there will be literally dozens of cars to auction off.
    Hezi-is it possible you can find out who has take home cars?

    1. Send FOIA request to the Mayors office. Include Police, Fire, All Dept Heads and BOE. Years ago when the JN had balls and journalists they used to do it. If you do please pass on to Hezi so he can share. LOL

  4. Tasha should have been included. This is disrespect. Buts that’s ok, you have a election coming up. This isn’t the first time you have disrespected Tasha!

  5. Council President Khader Record
    1) pass stupid resolutions
    2) cry baby
    3) take a City car
    4) maximize your office budget for personal use
    5) never attend bocs meeting
    6) honor residents
    7) raise taxes

  6. More taxes, thanks Khader. Love them Dems always increasing our taxes, no wonder those who leave Yonkers never lok back. Don’t see the Republicans doing anything different, Like Has Breen and MOREente.

    1. But funding them does, Yonkers is receiving substantial federal dollars, why not use some to educate all our children. It’s going on 12 months all the students need to return to class.

  7. This is what khader is all about HOT AIR
    Fires off press releases that go nowhere
    I’m glad the voters see he’s done nothing for 3 years but resolutions
    Let’s get a resolution to eliminate the Office of City Council President

    1. The city council presents resolutions and legislation, The Board of Ed and its members need to figure out a way to bring back all our students, I don’t see any other solutions or ideas floating around. This could work if the Board works with administration, city council and unions. 10k vaccines were given out, we cannot continue virtual learning. An equal opportunity education should not be up for debate.

  8. He is blowing smoke again. Give us a number Mike. How much will this cost?
    What about the special ed kids? You should invest that money in making YPS safe.
    YPS School building are a pile of steaming poop.

  9. Money is always the blame if things can’t get done. According to the city council president the city has the funding. No reason why this can’t be figured out now that Mike Khader claims the city can foot the bill to make this right. Without knowing all the particulars whether it’s leasing vacant buildings, purchasing extra dividers, extra bussing charge to diff locations etc….There is no reason whatsoever to allow the entire district to return to in class learning minus the aforementioned four schools. Sounds more like beauraeratic nonsense between BOE and teachers union. The children who attend these four schools would be penalized for what?

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