Tim Hodges – Democrat for Yonkers City Council District 6

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TribuneTim Hodges – Democrat for Yonkers City Council District 6

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    1. Yes, if Tim Nolan is running for a political position n the Bronx and you are a Bronxite, you can vote for them. If Tim Nolan is however running for politcal office in Yonkers, you cannot vote for him in Yonkers. The only person running for political office whose last name is Nolan is James Nolan. If you want to vote for Mr. Nolan you will have to find residence in Yonkers. Great question. Kindly, Hezi

  1. I’m a Democrat and Anthony Merante has my vote!!! This guy Hodges milked the city before he’s going to do it again go enjoy your retirement money stop milking the Yonkers tax payers!!!!


  2. Whether or not there should be term limits is a legitimate political debate. And whether or not you think the mayor is doing a fine job is completely irrelevant. What is NOT legitimate is the way this bunch of low-lifes went about it. The mayor made a deal with the city council. Everybody got to keep their jobs and get health benefits for life. To not present this to the voters to decide is disgraceful and insulting. They all make me sick.

  3. Remember in the Sixth District we have values and we’ll continue to send Conservative Republican Representatives to represent us on the city council. (Hold the Line.) Remember we aren’t Park Slope or the West side of Manhattan. Send a message to the outsiders, carpetbaggers .

  4. Well so you’re well aware the current Councilman’s opponent 1oo% will also go along with the current administrations wishes. They’ll be zero independence. Hold the line vote Conservative Republican in the Sixth. If not for Merante are faith, way of life. No more liberal bums.

    1. Tommy will be voted in …. Your assertion exposes your bias. You are offended that the campaign s being conducted by one of the most brilliant minds in election strategy and sudden s. Since you know so muc, why not dabble in the political landscape and see how well you do. Until then, hope you can get over your jealousy and envy. Kindly,Hezi

      As for your statement, it is leading and I suggest you get over your bias.

      Your statement about the Spanos allegedly backing one candidate or the other is speculative. Time you woke up to how Yonkers functions. Kndly, Hezi again!

      1. Hezi, are you considering a convicted felon… ,

        the rest of this tirade is unsubstantiated as far as I know. Based on the way you write, i sense the same person who labels people but does not substantiate the assertions you make. Is that because your intent is simply to demonize and denigrate, in the hope it will undermine the person to whom you refer? You don’t write well enough to get people of intellect to believe the validity of what you say because you don’t substantiate anything. You only cast aspersions. I have told that t you before. Get with the program. You will find yourself happier, with a stride in your step, and even respected beyond you preset days, because I sense you have a lot of inside information. Do what you please. dmonishng those that have stumbled in life have advance whereas you seem stuck in a rut. Do something produce. Even consider running for politocal office of help some who is.

        Kindly, Hezi

        Wow it must be true that he controls you… I don’t think you know me well enough. Talk about fake news.

        1. You demonize someone has served time and whether you like him or not he has created a different lifestyle since being released from prison. He is an exemplary father and husband. He knows politics in our hyperlocal area better than I know by miles. It sounds to me you begrudge his success. Get over it. Most of candidates he manages will will, and if they don’t wi, it is because they don’t engage in the best practice to which he informs those candidates. I believe one must forgive those tht may have stumbled in life. I certainly have. Have you bot? If not you are Isser and more astute than I and I bow to your wisdom and capacity. Perhaps it will also behoove you to forgive. I never had to forgive him because I never believed, and I was at Foley Square throughout the trial that he was the culprit. Perhaps you disagree.

          There are many in Yonkers who have not fared well, should I carry a grudge them or their relatives? The answer for me is “No!” I am now in my seventies, I was not for forgiving in my 40’s. Perhaps ist i an age thing, Perhaps I learned how foolish it was for me to hold a grudge or to demonize thei failings. I should never have jdgd anyone in life. Thankfully I eventually wised up. I wish you the same revelation. It will bring a smile to your face. Kindly, Hezi P.S. Your’e conclusion so off the mark it is ludicrous, but it fits your demeanor who am I to sho the the way. In time you will when up. I presume I will be dead when you get. No matter. I wish ou well despite your anger. Kindly, Hezu

  5. Only reason I thought about voting for him was because he voted to extend terms. I think our Mayor is doing a fine job. Term limits should be abolished all together. They take away our choices. If we want to eat the same food everyday, we should be able to do that. That being said, I will be casting my vote for Tim. Mr Merante is a nice guy but I think Tim will get the job done

  6. I am a Republican who lives in Merante’s district. I voted for him. The fact that he was a party to that shameless and disgraceful maneuver that gave Spano and his hack minions on the city council a third term completely undermines his credibility. I would never vote for him again, regardless of who His opponent is.

    1. Because the bis s yours. You are blaming a man who is and was part of. System he did not create. He s not to blame nor be responsible for taking a job that paid well baecause that is how City Hall conducted its business. f he were responsible, then all in Yonkers would e responsible or the remuneration they received, but they did not engage in training their salary with the mayor. They accepted a job whose remuneration has been elevated over the last 50 years. Yonkers must get beyond the blame game. There are things that are what they are. How Yonkers will change what they accepted in the past yet are no longer satisfied is beyond me. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. Again? How dare you. Comments like yours will be trashed in the future. You may need to find a new home where such trash is acceptable. Have fun. Be forewarned similar comments will be trashed. Kindly, Hezi

      It’s time for civility in Yonkers.

      1. Mr Hodges might have spent 30+ tears with the YPD but it appears that he just went along with the flow because nothing really seems to have changed in the YPD.

  7. Hmmm, what’s funnier, the comment that the incumbent is “well liked” or a guy who made over $200K per year working for the city saying he’s going to reign in spending.

  8. I agree Yonkers Councilman Anthony Merante made a political mistake going along with the administrations pressure for a third term. He was gutless and gave a lame excuse. However, in fairness Hodges would have gone along with the powers to be. (That’s his personality.)

  9. Merante turned his back on the community. We begged him not to give Spano a 3rd term, he chose to defy the will of the voters. Term limits was enacted by a city wide referendum but merante took it upon himself to undo that. Merante lost the community vote

  10. This council race for Yonkers will be the one to watch in 2021. This seat is usually safe for Conservative Republicans . However, I believe will be a dead heat. Tim Hodges is well liked as is the incumbent Councilman from the Sixth.

    1. Political promotion pure and simple. I’m sure he is getting contributions from local Yonkers people who will be calling in favors after contributions. I see Weed and CBD place popping up along Central Avenue

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