Tim Idoni Moves Beyond the Convention and the Petitioning Process Toward Re-election Campaign Effort for Westchester County Clerk

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Westchester County Clerk Seeking Re-election.

Dear Fellow Democrats,

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — March 21, 2021 — “Your efforts have brought us through the convention and now the petitioning portion of this election. Simply put, thank you!

You keep the Democrat process alive and well in Westchester County.

“As we move forward to the Primary on June 22nd, and the General Election on November 2nd, I am confident that ours will be a campaign that will make us all proud.

“For more information about our campaign and to volunteer, please go to: TimIdoniForWestchester.com”

Best wishes,

TribuneTim Idoni Moves Beyond the Convention and the Petitioning Process Toward Re-election Campaign Effort for Westchester County Clerk

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  1. Idoni received the WFP endorsement over the young black woman. He will be re-elected. Shanae cannot win the primary . She is out.

  2. Tim Idoni is a do nothing career politician! He’s needs to pack it in and give someone else a chance. He was elected in office 1980’s

    1. Idoni was a city manager . Offered the Yonkers city manager’s job in 1988. He’s the most decorated county clerk in New York State. Do nothing? Don’t think so!!

  3. “no politician should be in the same office for 16 years” but its ok for police and fireman who never made a base salary of more than 85,000 a year to retire on 140,000 a year because they stuff overtime into their last three years of service and their pensions become based on that over time number…thats ok?

    1. How do you compare police and fire who risk there lives everyday to a career politician who does nothing but collect a paycheck

    1. Hi it’s Tim Idoni Padding a pension should be illegal. I’m not padding my pension as I maxed out my years at 37.5 two years ago.
      I want to keep working and I simply love what I do. And by the way that was the first raise I ever got in the job after fifteen years . If I was in it for the money I would have left years ago. My average salary as Mayor of New Rochelle over 14 years? $58,000 – less than a Yonkers City Council member . When you do the job well, you earn re-election . We make government easy for our residents.

      1. Hi, Mr. Idoni:

        Please make this statement known on social media and local, civic, social church, and Greek societies in the Black community. When my neighbors and I were approached to sign your primary opponent ‘s petition, we were given to believe you were running for re election for the sole purpose of “padding your pension.”

        Your clear unequivocal and IMO heartfelt and easily fact checked statement casts the pension padding statement as unfounded rhetoric and unbecoming in one seeking an office of public trust. That was un necessary.

        I signed Ms. Williams’ petition, however, after reading your statement, I will not vote for her in the June primary.

        Get your message out there to 18-34 year old voters. Integrity and honesty matters, this demographic can hold incredibly high ethical and moral standards regarding honesty and integrity. They are not afraid of “canceling” one of their own.

        Working for 58K at a job you love is very Woke!”

        Tell that story and Westchester residents will continue to vote for you. Good luck.

  4. I don’t know much about Tim Idoni , but he was a capable New Rochelle Mayor prior to being clerk . His possible democratic opponent is a councilwoman from Yonkers. This person had a problem with vehicle tickets and voted to overturn Term Limits in Yonkers.(Against will of the the people.) Step up Ms.Williams the voters haven’t forgotten the GANG OF FIVE.

    1. Mr. Idoni’s primary opponent does not believe in term limits. She voted to remove term limits in the Yonkers Mayoral race.

      Shouldn’t Mr. Idoni have the same consideration from this current primary opponent regarding term limits?

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