Westchester County Seeks Diverse Applicant Pool for Police Officer Civil Service Examination

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Test being offered for the first time in five years

Westchester County Police – Department of Public Safety.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — March 6, 2021 — Westchester County had on Friday, March 5, 2021st advised they will be holding a police officer civil service exam for the first time in five years and a special effort is under way to encourage more people of color to take the test and pursue a law enforcement career.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said the Department of Public Safety will be reaching out to diverse communities and organizations this month to increase awareness of the upcoming exam. The exam will be held May 15 or May 16. The deadline to file to take the test is March 29. Details are available at www.westchestergov.com/hr.

“It is more important than ever that our police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they serve,” Latimer said. “That is a message we have heard consistently in a year where police reform and reimagining has been a top priority. The goal of increasing the diversity of our police departments begins with having a diverse pool of applicants take this test.”

The exam, to be administered by Westchester County’s Department of Human Resources, will result in a list of eligible police officer candidates for the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, the cities of Rye and Peekskill, and all towns and villages in the County.

Latimer said the County Police and the Department of Human Resources will be sharing information with a variety of organizations to help ensure that a diverse pool of applicants takes the exam. These include community-based groups, houses of worship, non-profit agencies, local colleges, libraries and employment centers.

Paul Hood, a retired Sleepy Hollow police sergeant and president of the Westchester Rockland Guardians Association, is also encouraging men and women of color to pursue a police career.

“In a career as a Law Enforcement Officer, you have an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. It affords you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the communities you serve, allowing you to become a beacon of light to many,” said Hood, who is also a member of the Westchester County Police Board.

Matthew Lewis, a detective with the Westchester County Police, is also encouraging young men and women of color to take the upcoming test. Lewis had his eye on a career in sports media when he was a college but took a police exam after a police department recruiter chatted with him on campus.

“I have my degree in broadcasting and I took the police exam as a Plan B. Plan B turned into Plan A,” Lewis said. He has never looked back or regretted his choice.

“I love what I do and I wouldn’t be in my 27th year if I didn’t. I would advise anyone to take a look at a law enforcement career. I have had a very rewarding career, and as an African-American male I know I’ve made a difference,” he said.

The County’s recruiting and outreach efforts across Westchester will include presentations by County Police personnel that may take place in person, when possible, and via videoconference to reach as many people as possible. The County and the Westchester County Police are also utilizing its social media channels to spread the news about the test.

Commissioner Thomas A. Gleason noted that the test is only given once every four years on average. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the test could not be held as planned in 2020. He encouraged anyone considering a law enforcement career not to miss the opportunity.

Gleason also said the County Police would not only be raising awareness about the exam but encouraging test-takers to aim for a career with the Westchester County Police.

“We are very proud of our Department, very proud of our people and very proud of the work we do every day to keep Westchester safe,” Gleason said. “If you are looking for a rewarding career, and an opportunity for professional growth and advancement, the Westchester County Police might be the right place for you.”

Gleason said anyone interested in knowing more about the Westchester County Police can find information on the Department’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages; on its You Tube channel; and on the Department’s website.

Among the requirements to take the test:

·         All candidates for the exam must be a legal resident of Westchester County at the time of the test and for at least one month prior to it. Candidates will be required to submit proof of residency when requested.

·         Applicants must not have reached their 35th birthday by the test date; exceptions are made for persons with military service;

·         A high school diploma or equivalent is required;

·         U.S. citizenship is required to be appointed as a police officer. It is not required to take the civil service exam.

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About Westchester County  

Westchester County, located in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, covers 500 square miles and has a population of just under a million.  Originally home to Native Americans, who were members of the Lenape tribe, it is today a rich mix of many cultures and landscapes.  The County is a blend of bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque towns as well as open spaces and a network of beautiful parks. Westchester is made up of 6 cities, 19 towns and 20 villages.  Westchester County is known for top-notch public schools, and a high quality of life.  The County is also an intellectual capital, boasting a highly educated workforce, competitive colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, world changing non-profits, and cutting-edge research centers.  Westchester is led by County Executive George Latimer, who took office in January 2018 as the ninth County Executive. Using inclusion and openness as a foreground, Latimer is fighting to make Westchester a destination for all people to live, work and enjoy. Learn more about Westchester County by visiting www.westchestergov.com

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SOURCE: Catherine Cioffi | Communications Director | Westchester County Executive George Latimer 

eHeziWestchester County Seeks Diverse Applicant Pool for Police Officer Civil Service Examination

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  1. They will problably use the 80% rule like they do on the Yonkers FD …80% of minorities get the question wrong, they throw the question out….

  2. So with this message by the CE regarding diversity, and there being a diverse pool of applicants for this exam, how many qualified applicants that score well enough to be hired will not get the call due to the quota that needs to be met? Ethnicity will carry more weight than ever on this exam in this current era we live in. More qualified applicants that score higher will be done in this time around because liberal politicians need to make police exams political. Obviously there was always some quota that needed to be met on these civil service exams in the past. This time it sounds like the CE, his staff, and Human Resources will collude to make sure their message resonates loud and clear

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