A Suggestion To Combat Bigotry, Hatred and Racism … A Lawn Sign Campaign
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER, Esq.

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Esq. and Commander-in-Chief of Greenburgh’s Covid-19 Volunteer Angels.

GREENBURGH, NY — April 10, 2021 — Black Lives Matter is a movement that started because of racism and hate. Anti-Semitic graffiti, Anti-Asian bias, crimes and harassment against the Asian community, hatred by some against Muslims, among many other acts of hate and bias demand we come up with a plan to combat bias, hatred, and racism.

Many victims of hate crimes don’t know who to complain to or may be reluctant to file complaints against those who are participating in acts of hate, racism

I suggest that the Greenburgh Human Rights  Committee, working with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, and the Westchester County Human Rights Commission,  consider a lawn sign campaign with phone numbers of the DA’s Hate Crimes Unit or the County Human Rights Commission.  The signs could be placed throughout the Town of Greenburgh so as to encourage people to report incidents of hate crimes.  The Westchester County District Attorney’s office set up a Hate Crimes Hotline: (914) 995-8477.

We might want to consider inviting students to help design the lawn signs. Getting students involved at a young age, we could promote a contest where winners’ lawn signs would be used. We could honor the students who wins at a Town Board meeting.

I believe that more people would report incidents with this strategy. And, as a town we would be sending a strong message to the community that Greenburgh won’t tolerate any form of hatred or racism.

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eHeziA Suggestion To Combat Bigotry, Hatred and Racism … A Lawn Sign Campaign
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER, Esq.

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  1. I suggest Mr Feiner take a look at the FBI crime stats for any year to see the real crime numbers, who the real victims are and who is commiting the crime. Another delusional suburban lefty puppet.

  2. Maybe Feiner can put a sign on his lawn that says, “Someone Without The Faintest Clue Lives Here”. All these suburban white liberals who couldn’t wait to get rid of Trump are in for a rude awakening. What are all the residents of Bronxville, Scarsdale, Irvington, and all of the rest of these places going to say when senile Joe Biden’s Justice Department arrives? Your sky-high property taxes and exemplary school districts will be right in the cross-hairs. The notion of, “anyone who can afford to buy here is welcome” will be obliterated. The ultimate NIMBY, right?

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