American Rescue Plan is a Model for Leadership in the Coming Year

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CROTON, NY — April 1, 2021 — The American Rescue Plan, recently passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Biden, represents a massive investment to rebuild our economy and protect public health. The legislation, which builds on the CARES Act and two other bipartisan bills passed in 2020, shows that decisive action by our government can effectively respond to a severe crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

By extending unemployment benefits, supporting small businesses, funding state vaccination programs and helping schools re-open, the Rescue Plan coordinates a variety of efforts to address the health and economic impacts of the pandemic in a comprehensive way. Neither local government, charities, or market forces can achieve similar results with the same effectiveness.

The investment in school reopening is a good example. Districts that could not otherwise afford to upgrade ventilation or retrofit classrooms to allow for distancing will now be able to safely provide in-person instruction. Every school will have protective equipment for teachers and access to testing for the virus. Investments to upgrade technology will address the gap in achievement for schools in low income communities.

Much of the national response to the challenges of the pandemic received broad support in Congress. The CARES Act passed in March of last year with nearly unanimous support from both Democrats and Republicans, and although the American Rescue Plan that passed this month did not enjoy the same level of bipartisan support, many Republicans have expressed approval for aspects of the Plan that the Democratic majority passed.

In the coming months, Congress will have a chance to build on its successful response to the pandemic. There is broad public support for proposals to address our massive infrastructure needs, to help the Dreamers, and to combat the effects of climate change. Congressional leaders must engage in serious negotiation and compromise to insure that solutions to these problems can advance. And when election season rolls around next year, voters can decide if their representatives have been willing to rise above partisan divisions to get something done and make government a force that people can once again trust and applaud

TribuneAmerican Rescue Plan is a Model for Leadership in the Coming Year

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  1. unfortunately the Trumpists still don’t get it….Joe Biden is a president who actually understands the job of a US President….He actually understands the plight of blue collar workers and he understands what has to be done to correct the income inequality that has resulted in 10% of the people at the top controlling 90% of the assets. In a nation like the US we should be ashamed that there is not universal medical care for every single person….we should be ashamed that our bridges and roads are crumbling and we should be ashamed that after 240 years of claiming to be a democracy those states in which minorities made sure Biden was elected are now planning to make it harder for those same people to cast their votes. Joe Biden is the leader that Donald Trump could never be because Trump was only interested in making money from the presidency…He was only interested in the parades and the fawning over him as the dear leader rather than being concerned with fixing what is wrong with the country…From time to time leaders come along that resonate with the nation in a big way..Biden has done just that and the polling couldn’t be clearer…70% support his infrastructure initiative and 75% support his COVID relief project which has so far resulted in a third of the nation being vaccinated..While Trump supporters are still grousing about Biden’s mental capacity all you have to do is watch one of his press conferences to understand he is on top of his game…and all you have to do is to watch one of Trumps to understand he had no clue about the office he held …Biden works from early in the am to late in the pm..Trump watched TV in the presidential chambers until noon….Biden presidency will be consequential more than Obama’s who wasn’t really interested in doing business with republicans and although a talented guy was a bit on the arrogant side when it came to understanding how the other side felt…Biden gets it and because he does over 50% of Republican Voters support both his COVID relief and his Infrastructure plans…Trump couldn’t get it done…he denied the virus existed for months even while bragging to Bob woodward that it was a killer..He refused to wear a mask and held rallies not requiring those in attendence to protect themselves which made the breakout worse even in those states that supported Trump…whose governors were cajoled into not doing the right thing and listening to the medical experts….Trump will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in our history…He will be remembered as a grifter who prided himself on dividing the nation and appealing to hard right wing groups like proud boys oath takers and the 3 per centers….He will be indicted for his criminal activity before he was president and his family will be charged as well….there are multiple investigations in multiple jurisdictions both federal and state that will implicate trump and his family in tax fraud wire fraud and bank fraud…He will never again hold public office and the Republican party will be split for years until they come to understand that the crazies in the party the marjorie taylor greenes and those who believe in Q anon and conspiracies are not the future of the party..Maybe that is why the gallop poll just showed that more people identify as democrats than have since 2012…and that republicans are losing registrations in state after state…This nation will be a minority majority nation in ten years..the younger people who vote are not fans of the racist mysoginist appeals of the present republican party and will vote to replace republicans in states like ARIZONA GEORGIA AND EVEN TEXAS…..this is not a liberal vs conservative thing..this is an effort by all Americans to be inclusive to correct the abuses of the last few decades in terms of losing good paying blue collar jobs and the income inequality which exists…

    1. Biden is a liar and fool. He is a puppet being controlled by Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Trump will be back in 2024 and Biden will be in the sanitarium.

    2. I see this poster often. He/she should learn to use grammar and punctuation. Nobody can read a rambling post, full of non sequiturs, and nonsense.

  2. By ridiculing Biden as a senile dunce (which is exactly what he is), Conservatives are falling directly into the trap. They are doing the dirty work for Kamala, AOC, and BLM. They will push him out soon enough, by claiming he is unfit, which he certainly is. Unfortunately, then the country will be fully at the mercy of these racist, white-hating Marxists. They they will create more and more “social initiatives”, close prisons, defund police departments, raise taxes through the roof, and let illegal aliens collect welfare and vote. It’s not good.

  3. As someone who has done business in China, I’ve seen and used their infrastructure and it’s light years ahead of ours. For too long we’ve been controlled by the auto industry and their lobbyists to the detriment of our infrastructure and public transportation systems (or lack thereof). Biden is right to invest in maintenance and, hopefully, upgrades. It’s good for business, good for workers, good for the environment and good for the general population.

    As far as China, initially Trump cozied up to the tyrant Xi, but then had a change of heart and went after the CCP hard. And rightfully so. The Wuhan virus likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they were doing gain of function research on coronaviruses, which is one reason why the CCP continues to hide its data from the international scientific community. There is zero evidence of zoonotic transmission, while the prima facie evidence weighs heavily in favor of an accidental lab leak. Add the worst disaster in history of humanity to China’s theft of our intellectual property, destruction of Hong Kong and genocide in Xinjiang and you have the greatest threat to the region and world.

    Which brings us to the Bidens. The media has underreported or largely ignored the extremely problematic business connections between Biden Jr and the Chinese (CCP). However, Biden Jr. was/is doing exactly what Trump’s progeny are doing/did – trading on his name and office for access and lucrative business deals. ‘Gotta get those Benjamins. President Trump was generally unhinged, but he was right about China and the Bidens.

  4. To that individual praising Joe Biden and his plan to compete against China must be living in a bubble. Maybe things got to be broken down to people like a Dr Seuss book. Pay attention, Joe Biden has been a public servant close to 50 yrs. During his time in office and especially Vice President under BarackObama China ,unfortunately was eating our lunch. They became a military power in the China sea, robbed our technology and took our jobs. This under the eyes of the Great Obama, Biden presidency. Under Joe Biden’s watch China became a monster.Let’s move on to corporations, you want to tax them to death but at the same time tell them to pay more money to there workers. If you are paying attention, President Biden’s plan will raise corporate taxes to around 28 percent. These companies can pack up and move out and get much cheaper taxes in other countries. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you. President Trump went to war against China to protect American jobs and stop them from taking over. Joe Biden and Obama catered to China because their friends were making money with China.President Trump gave tax breaks to corporations so they would stay in America , hire Americans and they gave out bonuses and raises to Americans. President Trump did more to protect Americans in 4yrs while Joe Biden do more to sell out Americans to China and big businesses while serving as a senator and Vice President.

  5. My household did great under Trump, not so great under Obama. It looks like my household expenses are gonna go up because we both work?
    Go bullshit someone else.
    Btw, you probably should go to the inner cities to experience what your policies have enabled and promote.
    Now we get more weedheads w/legalized pot. Great job!

  6. Biden – Covid Briefings made by medical professionals
    Trump – Covid Briefings made by Trump and Larry Kudlow
    Biden – The American Rescue Plan includes money to make Obamacare better
    Trump – His wonderful, great, spectacular health care plan will be announced next week
    Biden – Has plans to make needed repairs to infrastructure and to build & fund new technology to make us competitive with China
    Trump – had an infrastructure week again and again. The only thing accomplished were the announcements.
    Biden – pays for his infrastructure plan by taxing the rich and making sure corporations don’t get away with paying no taxes
    Trump – his tax cut was slanted to the rich and corporations. Plus, it provided new loopholes which enable those with expensive lawyers to further cut their tax burdens. BTW – the tax cuts did not create jobs.
    AND the tax cuts for individuals (that’s us) expire in 2026.

    1. You liberal assholes who support Biden are clueless, the man is a moron. Let’s see in a few months what state the country will be in shortly. The world leaders are lacking their chops, they will be like vulters cleaning his bones clean. Just wait assholes and karma is a bitch.

  7. What a joke, president Biden has vision. What planet are you on. In the 70’s your great president teamed with kkk senator Robert Byrd to fight integration and said no way will his kids go to school with blacks. Let’s travel to 1994 on the floor of the Senate, your man with vision called blacks nothing but predators and thugs and they blame society for their problems. He was defending a bill that would put low level drug dealers in jail for a longer period of time, it passed. It hurt more blacks then any other race. Your great president Barack Obama along with Joe Biden couldn’t overturn this bill, the “racist “ president Donald Trump did. Then when your great Joe Biden was debating Kamala Harris, she said Joe Biden’s 40 plus yrs as a senator showed he was nothing but a racist and a sexist, “I was the little girl you left on the corner “ she said. The man with vision will have been serving our country for close to 50 yrs or more when it’s said and done. His vision and policy’s have been a total failure, when it’s all said and done so will his presidency.

  8. Mr. Abbot’s description and endorsement of President Biden’s Rescue Plan says it all. America is stagnating, always and ever searching for a country that no longer exists. The Rescue Plan offers new jobs and quality education, the means to face the present and anticipate the future. And this is only the first installment of Biden’s vision for an America that allows all people to contribute to its renaissance.

    1. Sen Joe Biden in 1983 voted to tax your social security at 50% then in 1993 Joe Biden cast the deciding vote to now tax your social security at 85%-in 2003 Sen Joe Biden voted for the War in Iraq-Sen Biden had no problem sending young men and women, fathers and mothers to Iraq to face the face possibility of being maimed or even making the ultimate sacrifice-this is the same Joseph R. Biden who rec’d FIVE VIETNAM DRAFT EXEMPTIONS yet in his book Promises to Keep published in 2007 there is absolutely no mention what so ever of his “asthma” condition yet there are numerous times where he mentions that he was a stud lifeguard and football player. Joe Biden had no balls then like he doesn’t have any now.

  9. In less than 100 days, the Biden Administration has shown us that experience matters. Competence matters. Fact and science matter. Not only is this administration finally getting a handle on this deadly pandemic, but it is forging a more equitable path for the future of this country. I can only hope that the Republicans in Congress care more about their constituents than about adhering to antiquated, debunked theories about deficits and the “evils” of government. They need to get onboard with the big, bold legislation that will move this country forward.

    1. Fact and science lol that’s rich.
      Fact: Private schools across the nation have been open since September, party is almost over for nat federation of teachers. This is fact

      Fact: media spurned And scrutinized Trump every single day

      Fact: media covering for Uncle Joe, uncle Jim, Hunter, and all Dems. You only see what they allow.
      Same goes for the Tech Tyrants
      Fact: Media looks the other way as rioters held “peaceful protests” during 2020
      Fact: media ignores actual perpetrators of Asian hate crimes

      Fact: media disappointed recent Capitol murderer and Colorado shooter wasn’t of their favorite group to blame, so there is very little reporting on it

      Operation Warp Speed saved millions of lives

      Fact: most people Would say thank you

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