Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin Endorses James Nolan for Westchester County Legislator – District 15

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“James is the definition of a public servant. He has quietly and selflessly organized over 50 food and PPE drives as he steadfastly cares for his neighbors on a daily basis. His love of neighbor and all things local is an inspiration to me.” Mayor Mary Marvin (R-Bronxville).
“I’m happy to have America’s favorite Mayor’s endorsement for my bid for Westchester County Legislator, District 15. Mayor Marvin has worked diligently for residents living in Bronxville. From her commitment to keep her constituents informed through the use of local media to her steadfast leadership during the Coronavirus pandemic. I plan on bringing the Mayor Marvin model to White Plains when elected County Legislator!”
eHeziBronxville Mayor Mary Marvin Endorses James Nolan for Westchester County Legislator – District 15

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  1. The village of Bronx vile which is in the 15th District tends to vote Republican nationally and locally. Many of its residents are well off and Roman Catholic. I don’ t believe the village mayors endorsement will make a difference in the Legislators race. I do agree that Ruth Walker is doing a poor job like her colleague Jose Alvarado who represents a crime ridden sanctuary district.

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      Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin is supportive of James Nolan’s candidacy. The more endorsements one garners, the better a candidate’s outcome. And Mayor Marvin’s endorsement is huge. Her perspective and endorsement is eclipsed by no one so revered. Kindly, Hezi.

    2. Sorry Hezi! Don’t agree with you. Ms Mayor is only supporting him because he’s a Republican like her.

      Yes, he’s handed out masks and food. From the bottom of his heart or pocket…. no, NOT, from his brother’s foundation which he runs and collects from so many. The conflicts that exist here are immense on so many levels. And so many other illegalities.

      James Nolan is totally narcissistic to think he can represent me or others effectively at the County level. Another AOC, but on the GOP banner.

  2. Americas favorite Mayor? A ceremonial public servant from a wealthy village who no one knows. Mr Nolan may face another opponent who will run as an independent.(A former Yonkers GOP District Leader.) This person if he runs will spend his own money and knows many in North West Yonkers. (Republicans, Conservatives Trump&Reagan Democrats.)

    1. Such Endorsements are nothing more than political platitudes!

      I want to hear Mr Nolan debate the incumbent Ms Ruth Walter with questions from constituents. Then we will know who can communicate effectively, intelligently and who knows the issues that are important for legislation, beyond drag racing.

      Being a legislator goes beyond handing out face masks and food donations from a family foundation. Don’t be fooled.

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