Jordan Reportedly Foils Plot to Topple His Royal Highness King Abdullah II

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His Highness King Abdullah II of Jordan

Khaled Abu Toameh is an Israeli Arab journalist, lecturer, and documentary filmmaker. He writes for The Jerusalem Post and for the New York-based Gatestone Institute, where he is a senior distinguished fellow. He is a producer and consultant for NBC News since 1989. His articles have also appeared in numerous newspapers around the world.

AMMAN, JORDAN — April 3, 2021 — Arrests of top officials and royal family members are rare in Jordan.

Former Jordanian Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein has been placed under house arrest amid reports that the kingdom’s security forces have foiled a coup against King Abdullah II.

At least 20 Jordanians have been arrested in connection with the alleged coup.

According to The Washington Post, Hamzah was placed under restriction at his Amman place amid an alleged plot to unseat King Abdullah II

“The move followed the discovery of what palace officials described as a complex and far-reaching plot that included at least one other Jordanian royal, as well as tribal leaders and members of the country’s security establishment,” the report said.

The official Jordanian media initially reported that Hamzah has been placed under house arrest.

Former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein has through his lawyer said he had been placed under house arrest as part of a crackdown on critics. Hamza accuses the country’s leaders of corruption, incompetence and harassment. Hamzah, an outspoken critic, has  called for holding those responsible to account. He denied any wrongdoing and said he was not part of any conspiracy.

He said with emphasis that “it has reached a point where no one is able to speak or express opinion on anything without being bullied, arrested, harassed and threatened.”

Hamzah’s statement comes after approximately 20 high-level figures have been  detained for “security” reasons.  Of those some-odd 20 Hamzah associates, sources say is Yasser Suleimani al-Majali, Hamzah’s Office Director, arrested by officers belonging to the Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate. The director of Hamzah’s palace, Adnan Abu Hammad, was also taken into custody. Jordanian security forces withdrew Hamzah’s security detail.

Rasheed al-Majali, a relative of the detained director of Hamzah’s office, said that several heavily-armed security officers took part in the arrest.

“They drew their weapons in the face of women and children and took Yasser al-Majali to an undisclosed location. Yasser suffers from cardiac issues requiring round-the-clock attention and medication.”

Majali is a prominent Jordanian political family based in the town of Al-Karak. Members of the family emigrated to Jordan from the West Bank city of Hebron. Some members of the family previously served in senior positions in Jordan. Two of them, Hazza’ Majali and Abdelsalam al-Majali, are former prime ministers.

A statement published by Jordan’s official news agency Petra said that “Jordanian citizens Hassan bin Zaid, Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah and others were also arrested for security reasons.”

The statement did not make any reference to the alleged plot to overthrow the Jordanian monarch or to Hamzah. “The arrest was made after close security follow-up and was executed for security reasons,” the agency said.

Bin Zaid is a member of the royal family in Jordan.

Awadallah, a Jordanian citizen born in Jerusalem, previously served as Director of the Office of King Abdullah II and Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court. Awadallah also served as an unofficial Jordanian envoy to Saudi Arabia and is said to maintain close ties with the royal family in Riyadh.

Egypt, the US and the Saudi Royal Court have expressed support for King Abdullah.

The US State Department said on Saturday that King Abdullah is a “key partner” of the United States and “has our full support.”

In an email, State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “We are closely following the reports and in touch with Jordanian officials. King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States, and he has our full support.”

First published by The Jerusalem Post with contribution from Reuters and the BBC.

TribuneJordan Reportedly Foils Plot to Topple His Royal Highness King Abdullah II

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  1. People are sick and tired of lying politicians!
    It’s time for new blood on the City Council. Khader is an obstructionist
    Corazon is bought off and Breen works for Spano.

    1. Just to prove the Arab Community is behind Lakeisha Collins Bellamy
      At last night’s fraud MPAC dinner there was zero attendance from the Arab Community. It’s a shame how the con man suckers people into buy journal ads when nobody shows up to the event. God will deal with all his evilness.

  2. I can’t wait till this election is over
    I’m tired of being harassed by the Khader’s
    Please stop sending me your shakedown events you crook
    How can someone be so stupid to give you money I supported Rocah knowing Scarpino was your friend I hope Rocah locks you up

  3. The only phony is Jeffrey Sayegh… shame on him for acting like a Jordanian Diplomat… he was not even able to graduate from a real college

  4. With Yonkers large population of Jordanian Americans, I knew that the news of the former Crown Prince house arrest would be of concern. I’m not of Arabic descent, but understand this gentleman is popular with some segments of the population in the country of Jordan. His beloved mother, Queen Noor, is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College.

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