Judge Quiñones for New York State Court Judge

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TribuneJudge Quiñones for New York State Court Judge

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    1. Yes Mr. Limo posted an intimating photograph of a sawed off shotgun and shell on Facebook. He then dared BLM protesters to come to his house. This is not acceptable from any community leader. That’s right, Mr. Limo considers himself a community leader.

  1. It’s important the community votes for Lakisha Collins Bellamy. I will ask everyone to vote against the low life khader.

  2. I agree. Johnny Limo is so deluded, and it’s downright insulting to assume that any community, Jordanian or Puero Rican is monolithic

    1. Let’s make one thing clear John Khader uses the community to raise money for himself. MPAC is a corrupt organization. The wheels of Justice move slow.

      1. Look back through their disclosures on the state BOE website. It’s in plain sight, big payments to his limo business, and clearly using the organization to fund his own lifestyle.

        I urge anybody who has written checks to MPAC to ask for their money back – John Khader is fleecing you.

    1. Disgusting that judicial officers of the court play racial and identity politics such as Judge Quinones in order to get elected /re-electedto the bench-apparently Quinones thinks that the only Hispanics that matter are Puerto Ricans.

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