Mount Vernon Police Chief Exonerated of Overtime Abuse

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MOUNT VERNON, NY – April 15, 2021 — On September 5th, 2019, under the direction of former Acting Mayor Andre Wallace and former Police Commissioner Shawn Harris, Chief Ziadie was suspended without pay for alleged abuses of overtime. A portion of Chief Ziadie’s incurred overtime was approved by former Police Commissioner Shawn Harris while serving under former Mayor Richard Thomas.

On December 8th, 2020, The Westcheester Distict Attorney’s office subsequently concluded thier investigation, and no charges were filed in the matter. As a result of his vindication, Chief Richton Ziadie will be immediately restored to full duty status and will retire in good standing with the Mount Vernon Police Department.

TribuneMount Vernon Police Chief Exonerated of Overtime Abuse

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  1. Will he pursue any legal actions to (a) hold those accountable for his unnecessary suspension and (b) Writing the wrong of sullying his impeccable reputation, given the then media stories with his photograph still embedded in the minds of ppl?

    Retirement and good-boy letter were duly earned way before this case. They were already his.

    So technically, he’s agreeing to “ok never mind, go now.”

    Appealing to authors out there, please write a book entitled, “In the interest of all concerned.”

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