Nepperhan Community Center Has Yet to Disburse W-2 Forms Overdue Since January 2021

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Rev. Dr. James Bostick

YONKERS, NY — April 12, 2021 — Nepperhan Community Center Executive Director Dr. Jim Bostic, and Mr. Shaka McLennon, the Chief Fiscal Officer of  Nepperhan Community Center, Inc. have informed staff that W-2 forms not issued  as required by law since January 2021, will be made available to be picked up at NCC on April 26, 2021 at the center between the hours of 10:00am and 1:00pm.

People in the know have shared the fact that the delay in receiving the long, overdue W-2’s was because there was some inexcusable basis for the W-2’s requiring to be redone.

Unpaid NCC workers have attempted to reach out to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) yet even the IRS has allegedly not responded. 

Dr. Bostic’s disregard for the workers he employs on a yearly basis suffer this repetitious disregard for their financial well-being by the knowing yet silent NCC Board of Directors to their collective shame. 

The Yonkers Tribune  is proud to have divulged this dismissive disregard of the workers who have yet to be paid.  We have been the ONLY media outlet who have dared to unmask this alleged “villain”.

It is only in recent days that the Yonkers Tribune has learned that the long unpaid workers will supposedly be able to pick up their delayed W-2’s 

HERSTORY/HISTORY: Nepperhan Community Center Employees Again NOT Being Paid for Services Rendered  By HEZI ARIS

The Salaries In Arrears Hezitorial

Dr. James Bostic, Director of The Nepperhan Community Center

YONKERS, NY — September 16, 2020 — The Nepperhan Community Center, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 community-based organization, serving the City of Yonkers and the surrounding area for the past 69 years. NCC is a recipient of Community Development Block Grants, as well as other guarantors, dispensed by the City of Yonkers, among other government entities. Even though regulations have been in place for decades, validating for what and how funds are disbursed does not explain, by any stretch of the imagination, why staff suffer non-payment for services rendered on an annual basis.

Funds allocated have been said by Dr. Bostic to have  often been delayed and thereby funds are not available to pay staff. Such circumstances may occur once, perhaps even a second time. After two such occurrences it would seem prudent for Dr. Bostick to have stepped up to the plate and to have planned for such funding deficiencies and delays. Instead, the people employed by NCC become the bank upon which responsibility and burden to maintain the various programs for which they were hired.

Issues of Concern:

It is alleged that former NCC Fiscal Department Officer George Devins was a convicted felon who insiders assert  stole thousands of dollars from innocent people. It has also been noted by other various sources that Devins walked off of the job. Amit was later learned that he was allegedly not paying payroll taxes. Last year employees did not get their tax forms until mid-April of this year.  They have also not gotten paystubs for almost two years.

It has also been alleged that Dr. Bostic has threatened employees with loss of employment should they file for  unemployment or tell anyone about this these alleged circumstances.  Dr. Bostic has also allegedly held staff meetings at which he is said to have informed employees that should such knowledge be made public, and if anyone is caught sharing what is alleged to take place behind closed doors, those very same employees will never be able to find employment elsewhere ever again.  

These employees assert they cannot file for unemployment because they have not been officially been dismissed from they employ. 

This yearly, repetitive financial crisis foisted on these workers is getting worse. 

When these employees ask when they will get paid, they are informed that New York State is withholding their

money and that is the reason why they have not been paid.  Despite management’s repetitive excuses, most employees know those excuses are simply not true.  

They ask, “How can grant money allocated to NCC all stop being disbursed at the same time?  That doesn’t make any sense!

Paychecks continue to bounce and it has been almost two months since they received any payment, this despite their being expected to work.  

The last time they got paid was in July 2020. As noted previously, an annual occurrence. 

Many people face losing their homes, are food insecure, and have meager means to buy food. Their credit capacity has been diminished. And those familiar with these circumstances ask why these same people do not leave and find a job elsewhere. The simple answer is that employment opportunity is not readily available, and the threats they suffer has caused them to suffer the anguish, while most people advise they find their job rewarding emotionally, but not financially. 

Grant funding continues unabated … The Empower U program, the Gateway Academies, My Brother’s Keeper program, the Advantage program, among many others.

Unpaid employees assert their seeing Dr. Bostic pay his friends, noting Pastor Hassell in particular, among other people who receive big paychecks. it is also alleged that Dr. Bostic picks those he wants to pay based on who kisses up to him.  The assertion is that “everyone knows Pastor Hassell does not work for NCC at all; he is simply there to collect a “friends and family” check.  Even worse, the Board of Directors are said to be fully aware of this connivance but they refuse to demand answers, giving the maligned workers the impression that few if any Board Members “care” one way or another. 

Many in the know on the “down low” suggest an oversight body needs to look into the books of the NCC and have another operation take over and eclipse the alleged misconduct engaged under Dr. Bostic.

Some who spoke to the Yonkers Tribune inform that Dr. Bostic goes to Africa year after year and yet he has not revealed how such trips are funded.  The unpaid workers believe it is money due them that pay for his annual trips to Africa.  coming from the money meant to pay the unpaid workers.

Many of the unpaid workers assert Dr. Bostic has powerful friends and that Bostic can be and has been 

vicious against employees who stand up to him.

eHeziNepperhan Community Center Has Yet to Disburse W-2 Forms Overdue Since January 2021

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    1. Yonkers like usual will turn its head and look the other way because he is a POC and gets a free get out of jail card-sad the amount of corruption in Yonkers.

    2. Jim has been on grant welfare his whole life. Maybe someone should take a closer look on how he distributes societies cash. He is a good actor for the community he serves but outside of that he just another struggling actor

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