Remembering Bobby Sands – 40th Anniversary of Irish Hunger Strikers

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TribuneRemembering Bobby Sands – 40th Anniversary of Irish Hunger Strikers

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  1. I was in Belfast Northern Ireland in 1999 with my father. It was absolutely bizarre and much more like communist Eastern Europe. All Irish white Christians who ignored each other because they couldn’t tell who was Catholic or Protestant. As we got off the ferry from Scotland a large black guy was getting off with us and sweating profusely. Seeing his army boots I realized that he was a target because he was a British soldier and easily identified as such. You simply don’t want the violence they had there here. It wasn’t until the worst of the worst terrorists on both sides were forced to deal with each other as London and Dublin simply gave up on them. Even Mother Theresa said these people were hopeless. Finally Catholics and Protestants are finally acting like Christians.

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