Ron Matten, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor on Westchester On the Level – Friday, April 2, 2021 from 10am-12Noon EST

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YONKERS, NY — April 2, 20221 — Ron Matten, candidate for Yonkers City Council President shares his credentialed experience and love for Yonkers by sharing his informing us of his learned capacity. From 10-11am.

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor follows to delve into hyperlocal and international news with commensurate analysis. From 11am-12Noon EST

eHeziRon Matten, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor on Westchester On the Level – Friday, April 2, 2021 from 10am-12Noon EST

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  1. At a February 2020 committee meeting on affordable housing at City Hall there was a male staff member who crawled on his knees from his chair behind khader to speak to him, all the while remaining in a kneeling while speaking to Khader!

    Khader sat there seemingly unaware of the optics, as though it were his due to have a man kneeling in his presence.

    The meeting was filmed, (prior to COVID) so there is videotape of this somewhere. It was a sad and humiliating spectacle to witness the degradation to which the Khader staffer was subjected.

    With Khader, the term “petty despot” comes to mind, one who should not be allowed further authority.

  2. Khader gets jobs for family, including his two useless nephews in DPW. Wasn’t one of the cornerstones of his campaign to “rid the City of nepotism…”? Spanos, Khaders, one useless, entitled, grimy, self-serving Yonkers political family after another.

  3. Khader is getting his family jobs and trying to take over the Democrats. He’s funding with the Spanos. This is jut good for the COY. We need someone who can bring Yonkers together.

  4. I’m a proud Jordanian from Yonkers
    I’ve noticed over the past few years there has been tremendous involvement with local politics.
    Some in our community have used us for personal gain. When I see corrupt organizations like MPAC who continue to harass people for money under the auspices of Mediterranean Community.
    There is not one legitimate member of our community who is involved in MPAC. It’s a personal fund for the khader family. I never imagined someone could be so greedy for money and use his community. It’s corrupt organizations like MPAC who hurt good honest Arab Americans. I really hope we get change in our community. I plan on voting against khader , these solicitations and shakedowns will go away.

  5. Khader works with Z, and becomes Council Prez. Khader gets nephew a job with the County. Nephew now, all of a sudden, is a concerned union member running for union president, who will control endorsements when uncle runs for Mayor. All the while, Khader getting friends and family to take over any district leaders position they can.
    The question isn’t what he’s doing, but if anyone can stop him.

    1. His nephew is a clown who delivers mail.
      Khader is cooked , he lies to everyone that he’s going to be mayor so he can solicit monies from people, that’s what frauds do and the Khader’s are best at it.

    1. He speaks down to everyone who doesn’t agree with him
      He’s nothing but a bully
      I stopped watching the Council meetings due to his erratic behavior

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