Westchester County Board of Election Invalidate AbdulMalik M. Deumah’s Petition to Contest the Office of Yonker City Councilperson to Represent District 4 in the June 22, 2021 Primary Election

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WHITE PLAINS, NY — April 26, 2021 —The Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Westchester accepted Petitioner/Objector Augustine Morales against AbdulMalik M. Deumah, the Repondent/Candidate, as well as The Westchester County Board of Elections, Reginald LaFayette and Douglas Colety, Commissioners constituting the Board, Respondents for the following order…

For an Order, pursuant to Sections 16-100, 16-102 and 16-116 of the Election Law, Declaring Invalid the Designating Petition Purporting to Designate the Respondent(s)-Candidate(s) as a candidate of the Democratic Party for Public Office of Member of the Yonkers City Council, Fourth Council District, in the Primary Election to be held on the 22nd day of June 2021, and to Restrain the said Board of Elections from printing and Placing the Names of Said Respondent(s)-Candidate(s) Upon the Official Ballots of Such Primary Election.
Index No.: 54142/2021


ABDULMALIK M. DEUMAH, filed a designating petition with the Westchester County Board of Elections which named petitioner as a candidate for the Public Office of Member of the Yonkers City Council, Fourth Council District, in the Primary Election to be held on the 22nd day of June 2021. Petitioner AUGUSTINE MORALES filed a petition seeking to invalidate said designating petition, and upon proceedings including testimony regarding same, ABDULMALIK M. DEUMAH withdraws said designating petition.

Based on the foregoing, it is ORDERED that the designating petition naming ABDULMALIK M. DEUMAH as a candidate for the Public Office of Member of the Yonkers City Council, Fourth Council District, in the Primary Election to be held on the 22nd day of June 2021, is hereby withdrawn; and it is further

ORDERED that Westchester County Board of Elections is enjoined and restrained form printing and placing the name of ABDULMALIK M. DEUMAH as a candidate for the Public Office of Member of the Yonkers City Council, Fourth Council District on the official ballots to be used in the Democratic Party Primary Election to be held on the 22nd day of June 2021.

The foregoing constitutes the Decision and Order of this Court.

Dated: White Plains, New York April 26, 2021

HON. LEWIS J. LUBELL Justice of the Supreme Court

TribuneWestchester County Board of Election Invalidate AbdulMalik M. Deumah’s Petition to Contest the Office of Yonker City Councilperson to Represent District 4 in the June 22, 2021 Primary Election

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  1. Ok Yonkers, this is a full court press to end Khader’s political career.
    Prominent Arabs and Jordanians are actively speaking out against Khader.
    Its your turn.
    I don’t care who you vote for, as long as its not Mike.
    Lets get an real leader, not a cheater.

  2. Why is Hezi the only guy in Yonkers to really cover Yonkers? the other guys all have an agenda. Hezi is fair and balanced, a real newsman.

    1. The “other guys” are news aggregators or video bloggers. They are not writers and investigators. Yes, we are lucky to have a real investigative reporter in Yonkers.

        1. Hezi is biased he allows anti khader commenst but none against his boy zehy all good we will air it out on yonkers voice

          1. doesnt matter its about allowing comments Zehy got fired from khaders campaign wait till that story comes out

  3. The Khader family is nothing but some fraudsters and as we say in Arabic, “Kalab” which means dog. They are trashy, disgusting, cheap, and losers. Jordanian Community Leaders will be hosting a fundraiser for Lakisha Collins-Bellamy

  4. Abdul-I believe You were misled by others with false expectations and promises. Be careful of those people who were advising you, I believe they had their own interests and and not for the betterment of the citizens of Yonkers.

  5. Khaders look like real idiots right now, oh wait they are

    Good thing Johnny’s daughter is a lawyer he will need her for representation

  6. Johnny limo should learn to stick to driving for UBER and Mike Khader should stick to chasing ambulances

    Johnny limo and Mike Khader were joint campaign managers for this fraudster, which means they are fraudsters.


  7. You should have stayed in your lane mike and John. Instead you went into oncoming traffic. You overplayed the hand dealt. Instead of worrying about your own race. Now look at you. Defeated!

    Collins for council president!

    All we do is win win win

    1. Zehy is managing John Rubbo’s campaign. Rubbo was meeting Zehy when he parked his City Of Yonkers issued vehicle. He was meeting Zehy to invalidate signatures. If he didn’t block a driveway with his CITY issued vehicle that he used for campaign purposes, no one would have known.

      1. I cannot wait for the IG to investigate this -which Spammo will get the first phone call to strategize.Lame no doubt will do some fancy legal nothingness as per the usual in the COY abyss

      2. And you believe this to be true? Zehy’s wife is Khader’s chief of staff, correct? If I’m wrong please correct me.

        So zehy and Johnny kilo, meatball mike Khader= One in the same to anyone with a brain cell.

        1. Perhaps the interest to demonize Jereis is founded by his success in business after serving time, engaging in politics unexpected of him, yet bolstered by his acumen. No matter how some will judge him, I cannot sustain blaming him for a court case he lost despite the fact that the judge did not presume the case against him defined him guilty, on the contrary, that is how I saw it, and wrote my summation years ago. Those interested my search this website for what I wrote.

          As for the connection between John Khader, Mike Khader, and Zehy Jereis. Their past relationships do not necessarily define the present or the future. I base this on life’s experiences rather than on any specific fact. I suggest we give the jealous outrage a rest. Kindly, Hezi

          1. Not sure what jealousness you’re speaking of, What I am saying is factual, while others are out there trying to spin it that zehy isn’t a Khader person. I for one don’t see it, being that his wife is currently his chief of staff. Zehy is playing both sides with the Spano’s, trying to hedge his bet.

            BTW- it’s adorable how defensive you get over him

          2. The jealousy to which I refer is to the fact that jealousy of his politcal prowess upend people who are envious of his achievement. No matter what is said of him, he is a survivor. He also has changed his prospects through hard work, diligence and perseverance. Few in Yonker can eschew the same. So get over it. If you are on the same plane he is, it is time to make your mark, other than to try to denigrate him and one of his family on this website. You are barking up the wrong tree with me. When Yonkers learns to call a spade a spade, perhaps then we will better understand what is truly going on, that is, the driving force of so much that is taking place under our collective watch. Some terrific, while much till languishes in silence among Yonkersites in every endeavor.

            Some people resent Jereis for no other reason tht he is more politically astute than all those I have ever met in CoY. If that describes you, learn to eclipse him with perseverance and knowledge and get involved in the political mechanisms that drive this city. I welcome everyone, because I can appreciate the disparity and diversity of many perspectives. No need to be jealous. Hone your craft. Perhap then and only then others will be jealous of your capacity and success. That is how life works. I have learned much in my first 50 years. Those years collectively brought me to this time and place. You can replicate it all not by copying me or anyone else but focusing on learning. The payoff may take 10 years, perhap 20 even 30. For me, I learned to love what I do now only 20 years ago. G-D willing, He will give me more time to learn more. I wish you the same.

            Am I defensive? Yes, because he is being judged as if he were an adversarial when it is wiser, from my perspective, to recognize where he was, how life punished him, and his present has catapulted him to the point of being envied.

            That’s the way it is. I await your contribution to the political discourse in Yonkers. I need not know your name but I will recognize unique thinkers and doers should you you continue to comment on this Website.

            Best to do, rather than only preach with no follow-up.


          3. sorry hezi jereis lost many campaigns he is running shanaes and she will lose by a landslide wonder how zehy will spin that one

          4. Hezi if you want to remain or become credible actually DIG… Need A Shovel…

            Untermeyer park with the Devil Plays…

      3. Rubbo is as corrupt as they come, his only advantage is that he hasn’t been caught. He’s a psuedo Democrat….so where is his Republican challenger? He’s running unopposed, what a joke.! Must have made a backroom deal with his Republican buddies.

  8. Most of the Democrats fake signatures., but they fake them in such large quantities. The Khaders paid people $20 an hour to collect signatures. That’s why they get faked.

  9. The petition was fraudulent and Abdulmalik was left with no choice but to withdraw. Hopefully he learns to stay away from the Khader’s.


    KAREN, a former employee of Khader, has a bombshell complaint letter that will be released very shortly

    Hezi will be the first to know

    1. Hezi what was the outcome of the individual who worked for Mayor Spano, who was driving drunk the wrong way on Central Avenue.

      1. I have not heard about the case since I reported it. The sue did arrive before the Westchester County District Attorney Scarpino. I infer that ince it arrived at the office of the WCDA the issue will eventually OEM before DA Rocah. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Karen has complained about her past patronage jobs also, not sure she has real credibility. However it’s a good time to stick it to Khader

  11. It’s just as well for him. He can save his time and money for his candidacy was going no where. (Forget Yonkers Politics and never look back.)

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