Westchester County Clerk Candidate Shanae Williams Condemns Political Pay Raises for Incumbent County Clerk

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YONKERS, NY – April 18, 2021 — Yonkers City Councilwoman and Westchester County Clerk candidate Shanae Williams today condemned recent moves by the Westchester County Legislature to vote an increase to County Clerk Tim Idoni’s salary by $42,000 per year. County Legislators voted themselves and other county officials substantial pay increases in December of 2019 while simultaneously raising the county sales tax by 1 percent. Legislator salaries increased from $49,200 to $75,000 per year in the adopted 2020 budget, and County Clerk Idoni’s pay was increased from $153,000 to $195,000 per year.
“These pay increases were irresponsible in 2019 and are utterly unacceptable in light of the financial crunch caused by the COVID-19 pandemic immediately after they were enacted,” said Williams. “I do not understand how elected officials can look taxpayers in the eye while raising taxes and simultaneously granting themselves a massive pay raise. The last year has caused countless families and businesses in our county to struggle, and although I have heard the justification for the pay raises, I believe that public servants must be exactly that, and demonstrate leadership by making sacrifices for the public good. There is absolutely no justification for such drastic pay increases to elected officials’ salaries in a single budget cycle, and I believe that Westchester taxpayers deserve better.”
“I am disappointed that none of our county elected officials have considered returning or scaling back these raises in light of the county’s current economic condition,” added Williams. “In the last year, the County accepted over $168 million in federal relief money while continuing to collect an increased sales tax; these pay raises are emblematic of politics as usual where taxpayers pay the price of our politicians’ greed. I believe that this pay increase was partially responsible for County Clerk Idoni’s decision to go back on his promise to not run for a fifth term, giving him an opportunity to substantially pad his already sizeable pension. Our county has many challenges to face, and the compensation of our elected officials certainly isn’t a priority: we deserve better.”
“Westchester County deserves leadership with a servant mentality. As your next County Clerk, I will reject backroom politics and maintain an office that is transparent, taxpayer-friendly, and ethical. I am disappointed by the intimidation tactics used by the party establishment to undermine our campaign and efforts to vilify my candidacy because I am an independent thinker, and because I use every outlet possible to inform and engage with the people. My campaign and service in government is motivated by my genuine desire to deliver meaningful change and reform to our community, not financial gain. I am proud to stand against these irresponsible pay raises and call upon my opponent to explain how his own pay raise was merited and can be justified in light of the county’s current economic situation. I am not in the business of protecting the establishment.”
TribuneWestchester County Clerk Candidate Shanae Williams Condemns Political Pay Raises for Incumbent County Clerk

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  1. Like most of our council members, Shanae Williams is an opportunists. She was loyal to the mayor until she could get something for being loyal to Khader. Now she is campaigning with Khader’s opponent and Spano is throwing her a fundraiser.

    Pineda Issacs and her family are leaching off of Yonkers government.
    Mike Khader is creating his own friends and family network.

    John Rubbo is funding his Larkin Plaza dump off the YIDA.

    Add the Daly patronage jobs. This City is a big mess. No wonder the budget is out of control. Everyone gets their pound of flesh.

  2. The councilwoman 1st-District Yonkers is not qualified to be Clerk an has no business in that race. This candidates Term Limits vote will be her Achilles Heel.

  3. Miss Williams tries to make an issue of a pay raise for her opponent the incumbent Westchester Clerk. However, this reeks of a desperate candidate who will lose in a landslide on Primary Day. The Councilwoman betrayed her constituents when she voted to overturn term limits in Yonkers. The African American, Hispanic and White Democrats won’t forget this betrayal. Knocking on doors, canvassing the next couple of months won’t help you.

  4. Ms. Williams appears to suffer (and benefit) from a short memory. In 2014 she got a 27.6% pay increase, raising her salary as the Mayor’s assistant by $13K. That’s the same year Yonkers was facing a surprise $55M budget hole. The city saw a 12% hike in the income-tax surcharge and 5 municipal unions were working their sixth year on expired contracts. Where was her righteous indignation then?

    REISMAN: YONKERS’ INNER CIRCLE GETS BOOST IN PAY: https://www.lohud.com/story/opinion/columnists/phil-reisman/2014/08/18/yonkers-pay-raises-spano/14262675/

    1. Interestingly, Ms. Williams posted this article to Facebook with a link, not to Yonkers Tribune, but to a reproduction that’s been stylishly typeset on her website. Of course, that way no one has to read those pesky public comments…..

      The truth can be inconvenient, right Ms. Williams? Are you the real deal, or are “transparency” and “accountability” just campaign slogans for you?

  5. What a joke! This from the woman who is being fully backed by the formerly incarcerated former Yonkers Republican Chair and his gang. This same woman who carried petitions for her possible opponent on the Working Families line simply to knock off the endorsed WFP candidate. This woman is a fake Dem

  6. Councilwoman Williams should first explain why she voted to overturn the term limits law as a member of the Yonkers City Council. She went against what the voters of the city overwhelmingly had wanted. Selfish political acts such as this have contributed to Yonkers bad rap as a corrupted City.

  7. Without the Working Families Party, she’s toast. Now she just sounds desperate. She barely capable of being a councilwoman. What the meeting. She starts speaking and then gets distracted in her own thoughts. Is quite comical.

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