Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Proposes FY 2021-2022 Executive Budget

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Budget Contains ZERO Percent Increase in Property Tax Levy;

Maintains City Services and Positions & Provides Largest Contribution to Yonkers Public Schools

YONKERS, NY – April 15, 2021 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today released his Fiscal Year 2022 Executive Budget proposal, which contains a zero percent increase in the property tax levy, contains no reductions in City services and, once again, provides its largest contribution to Yonkers Public Schools.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Presents his FY2021-2022 Executive Budget to the Yonkers City Council at Yonkers City Hall. Photo Credit: Maurice Mercado.

Mayor Spano stated, “Like many cities across the country, Yonkers experienced a yearlong lockdown due to a global pandemic that crippled local businesses and employment. Fortunately, Yonkers weathered the storm better than expected, allowing us to prevent an increase in the tax levy that would have placed additional burdens on our taxpayers. Today, the city is emerging from the lockdown and is getting back to business, putting our residents back to work.”

“The City’s ability to remain intact during this turbulent year is due in part to the Administration’s ongoing fiscal responsibility and frugal spending,” added Mayor Spano.

Executive Budget Overview:

The Executive Budget for the Fiscal Year 2022 for the combined City and Board of Education (BOE) General Funds is $1.15 billion, a decrease of $600,000 ($6.8 million decrease for City and $6.2million increase for the BOE), or 0.05%.

Yonkers Board of Education

The Executive Budget includes a record $651.9 million appropriation for the Board of Education, the largest ever budgeted by an Administration.

Mayor Spano added, “Thank you to our New York State Yonkers delegation for committing to deliver the long overdue phase-in of foundation aid over the next three years, with Yonkers Public Schools receiving $21.9 million this year, as well as restoring $12 million in state education bullet aid.  While this serves our District now, we need to remain vigilant in addressing the systematic funding inequities that effect Yonkers students each year.”

For FY22, the combined Maintenance of Effort and Debt Service contribution transfer to education will go up by $7.2 million. The Administration’s contribution to the Maintenance of Effort has increased 21% annually and 109% cumulatively.

Municipal Operating Budget

Included in the Executive Budget is a municipal General Fund operating budget of $536 million. General Fund Departmental Expenditures are budgeted at $291 million.

The Executive Budget recognizes the economic hardships of local property taxpayers because of the pandemic. As a result, FY22 Budget proposes a flat property tax levy – marking the first time in over 20 years taxes would remain flat.

The Administration also proposes absorbing nearly half of the projected 10% increase by the New York City water per capita rate with a local increase of 4.5%. The water fund revenue will be assumed on a volume based tiered structure that is currently being discussed by the City Council.

The 2022 Executive Budget does not propose cuts to municipal services or city workforce and includes essential health and safety capital projects for the city.

Citing the flat funding in Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) from New York State, Mayor Spano remarked, “The state-funded AIM funding is down over $27 million from 2009 levels. This continued lack of funding makes it difficult to fund our fringe benefit and union contract costs, which account for 75% of the City’s budget.”

Mayor Spano added, “My hope is that the 2022 Executive Budget is a basis for discussions and decisions. I ask our City Council members to continue to build upon the spirit of cooperation that has passed eight consecutive bipartisan budgets during my time in office.”

Budget Snapshot:

•        $1.15 billion total budget

•        Proposes ZERO percent increase in the property tax levy

•        Maintains city services and municipal positions

•        $651.9 million appropriation for the Board of Education, the largest ever budgeted by an Administration.

The complete Fiscal Year 2022 Executive Budget can be downloaded at www.yonkersny.gov.

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Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of  Mayor Mike Spano







TribuneYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Proposes FY 2021-2022 Executive Budget

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  1. Did the Spano’s have to throw williams a fundraiser for her to vote on a zero tax increase …….. lolololol.

    She probably doesn’t understand.

    1. What are you talking about? Be more specific.

      I’m a woman, worked with Mike Khader for years and he treated me with the highest respect and dignity.

      Signing my name, be specific or stop the anonymous political slander.
      Maeve Scott

      1. In what capacity did you work with him ?

        Your just another party hack sticking up for him. It’s time to elect democrats who represent the people NOT for self enrichment. Spano’s are on the way out and the Khader’s should go next.

      2. Ms Maeve Scott how did you get your Job with Mr. Khader?-was it a patronage political contract-if so then you should take a hike .

        1. Let’s be clear, I’ve known Mike for years and worked with him extensively during our campaigns. I did NOT work for him, nor did I ever have any employment with the COY. He was always respectful and courteous in all our dealings and I never experienced any bullying or retaliatory behavior, nor did I witnessed such treatment toward other women.

  2. The Mayor’s proposed 0% property tax proposal which will be presented to city council is unrealistic. He knows this as does his well paid team. This is politics which is irresponsible and insulting to the hardworking homeowners. His numbers rely on a bailout from Albany just like his two predecessors. (The fair share crap.)

  3. This was a relief to me now lets keep it going. We should not have to wait another 20 years for a flat tax. Even though the money is there, it is time to look where there is wasteful spending. Lets think ahead it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

    1. Applause is required for Yonkers that got a bailout from Albany that came from Washington. NOT! Every middle class taxpayer will be saddled with this through higher taxes, not this year but next and beyond. Don’t be fooled. The math just doesn’t add up!

      The rich have tax loop holes and accountants to exempt their fair share, anyone believes different is naive.

      Forgive Federal student loan debt. Well wake up call, middle class never qualified for Federal loans, so our kids took out private student loans. And Sallie Mae is nothing more than a loan shark and extortioner. What is being done to forgive those loans? Nothing. So let’s not even talk about loan forgiveness, how about make the interest rates zero or 1%. Most are at 16% and up!

      So let’s focus on both low income and the middle class!

      1. Qualifications don’t mean anything when you’re part of the Spano network. Example, the one from the Yonkers IDA – zero credentials (didn’t finish college) and she’s getting paid more than someone out of law school.

        1. One would expect an individual with a college degree to be more qualified than an individual that may not have graduated. Even though that is the expectation, some of the most brilliant people can and do excellent those with a degree, although that is not the usual circumstance. With respect to the Yonkers IDA, they have been able to invest in more development than in years prior, despite the so called credentialed individuals who were on the board. IN THE CASE OF THE IDA, the numbers will advise if the department is successful in its mission or a failure. that will advise whether to person to whom you refer has proven their capacity or not. – Kindly, Hezi

          1. I stand corrected. I know brilliant people without a degree who have done amazing things. I was just trying to make an argument as to why she’s getting paid so much when she’s merely the puppet, not the one actually making things happen at the Yonkers IDA. Glorified assistants shouldn’t be paid that much-and this is just my opinion and we’re all entitled to one.

          2. You most certainly have the right to your opinion. I respect it. yonkers is defined by the Friends and Family network. it sometimes works, while at other times it does not. — Kindly, Hezi

  4. As if this administration hasn’t wasted enough money over the last ten years. Now they will really be spending like drunken sailors. More relatives on the payroll, more OT for YFD and YPD. Let the good times roll!

  5. Two thoughts.

    “This continued lack of funding makes it difficult to fund our fringe benefit and union contract costs, which account for 75% of the City’s budget.”

    Translation: cop, firefighter, teacher, DPW salaries, pensions, and benefits account for 75% of the city’s budget. That’s criminal – or should be.

    Secondly, budget deficits + no tax increases + no additional outside funding = continued budget deficits.

    Yonkers was broke. Yonkers is broke. And Yonkers will continue to be broke. The writing is on the wall.

    Yonkers is a failing city.

    1. So when is the the Yonkers income tax surcharge going away? And the exit or transfer tax? Think all of these are illegal and ‘we the people’ should file a lawsuit against Yonkers. Citizens Unite!

      Yonkers politicians and candidates speak to these tax burdens. You want to make Yonkers attractive these abuses need to stop! Or the exodus of the middle class will continue.

      1. Yes they are all illegal and endorsed by all those other crooks in Albany. A class action should flush them out, however these bastards would spend a fortune hiring an army of lawyers to fight the suit at taxpayers expense. And those lawyers would all be part of the friends and family club,

        The system is truly corrupt.

  6. It’s time for pay cuts across the board, and a financial control Board, both the Mayor and the Council are incapable of controlling spending. This place is such a joke, and nobody is laughing.

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