Yonkers Mayor Spano Endorses Re-Election of José Alvarado

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Cites Alvarado’s Work for Youth and Creating New Parks on the Waterfront

Westchester County Board Legislator José Alvarado (LD-17).

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

YONKERS, NY — April 22, 2021 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said, “I am proud to endorse José Alvarado as your County Legislator.  No one works harder in the community and at the Legislature. He is an important partner for me too as we expand our Yonkers renaissance.  Working together we are transforming parts of our waterfront into park space while also extending the river walk.  José and I created the Yonkers Youth Bureau and will always work together for a better Yonkers.

“José Alvarado has kept his promises to us. Now it’s time to support him with our votes in the upcoming Primary,” concluded Mayor Mike Spano.

TribuneYonkers Mayor Spano Endorses Re-Election of José Alvarado

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  1. To me the Mayor’s endorsement in this race is not of significance. Jose Alvarado is everything in a politician/candidate that I despise. He’s accomplished nothing while on the Board and he’s an empty suit. A real liberal Democrat who’s district is crime ridden and an eye sore.(A merchant in area he represents just recently murdered New Main Street.) South Yonkers a sanctuary area where no one wants to live. Thumbs down to Alvarado.

    1. You got that right when are they going to wake up. The coverage on this story has been terrible. If it was a ribbon cutting it would make News 12. I did read it in the Yonkers Daily. Store owner fatally stab and the silence is outrages. This week in Yonkers!

    2. It’s a disgrace that area has turned into a slum with no police presence, just drive through, try not to get accosted by the homeless beggars, the intoxicated Dominican haircut parties on the sidewalk or get into an accident or fight trying to navigate the double parked cars. It’s a shame. Where are the neighborhood ypd foot posts?

    1. The only problem with Hispanics is that Dominican’s are all about their own kind-that goes the same for Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and all the other Hispanic groups can stand in line and wait.

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