Yonkers, the Most Safe City of Its Size in America Has Fallen Into Seventh Position Within Two Years Under Police Commissioner John Mueller

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The Hezitorial That Questions the Professional Capacity and Aptitude of Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller

The Blue Truth

Former Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner

Present Yonkers Police Commissioner John J. Mueller

YONKERS, NY — April 11, 2021 — Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner retired about two years ago, bequeathing his eventual successor, John Mueller, the enviable accolade of having the City of Yonkers designated the safest city of like size in America. Alas the lofty pedestal that elevated Yonkers, New York, from far afield has been allowed to languish over the last two years. This, despite the impetus that the Covid-19 pandemic has spurred greater interest in renting, and buying waterfront properties along the majestic Hudson River awaiting residents moving beyond the New York metropolitan area.

The pillars of exceptionalism have atrophied in the City of Hills despite the years of planning, cajoling, even fabricating accolades of perceived, albeit unaccomplished success. While Covid-19 gave Yonkers a bolstered prospectus, the Yonkers Police Department  under the deficient and feigned guidance of P.C. Mueller has languished in sustaining a long-sought and sustainable image of justifiable tranquility, economic development, and abidance to the rule of law only to languish in the wake of P.C. Mueller’s deficient leadership skills that has not only failed him, but undermined years of planning from ever coming to fruition. 

The Blue Truth

Is Mueller the lone culprit of failure? Most assuredly, “No!” What Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has long conceived has failed due to the lack of leadership, training, knowledge, experience, and blatant arrogance exhibited by P.C. Mueller.

In fact, it was only a few days ago that a lone Yonkers Police Officer was parked on a diagonal at Getty Square. A video of a man seemingly weighing approximately 325 lbs. lifted a metal supermarket shopping cart and propelled it onto the roof of the police car noted above. It most assuredly caused damage to the rear window of the car, the roof, as well as damaging the red and yellow lighting apparatus attached to the roof.

The man who committed this criminal act pivoted to depart the scene after his crime. He did so with a bravado that revealed his disrespect of law enforcement. He distanced himself from the police car with his arms raised above his chest, laughing as he departed the scene of the crime, smirking with disdain and disrespect to the Police Officer manning the car, yet declaring himself the culprit by his bravado for those in Getty Square to witness. 

The P.O. did depart his vehicle and walked after the culprit, but after a few expletives, he let the instigator of the crime depart. The P.O. did not call for police back-up even though there was a newly installed satellite police office across the street from the cellphone store by which the police car was diagonally parked.

As has been typical of the YPD, they decide when and if to divulge such incidents. By not sharing this criminal conduct, YPD will soon learn that the respect or fear the public may have held has now totally dissipated. Many in Getty Square were witness to this criminal conduct and hence thereafter on Facebook video. The fact that the P.O. decided not to pursue the culprit on his own or to even request backup that was within minutes from the scene, will have ramifications that will cause harm to the men and women in blue. The fact that the lone P.O. was not instructed in advance on how to manage such a scenario speaks to the disheveled and incoherent leadership capacity of P.C. Mueller.

If this specific incident, replicated in various other forms within the city limits in not indicative of P.C. Mueller’s lack of professional experience, will Mayor Mike Spano permit this “false” professional to aimlessly lead the Yonkers Police Department to undermine the prospects of The  City of Yonkers in the near future? Mayor Spano’s trust in Mueller has proven itself an utter mistake. Mayor  Spano would be wise to correct this problem and replace Mueller with a professional in every sense of the word rather than a verbose and deleterious quack.

Another pillar of excellence expected by potential residents is for a fully functioning Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) and a functioning Yonkers Public School District.

eHeziYonkers, the Most Safe City of Its Size in America Has Fallen Into Seventh Position Within Two Years Under Police Commissioner John Mueller

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  1. How about doing sonething with tbese cars with illegal exhaust systems. They are loud..unnecessary and should be illegal.Quality of life in Yonkers is falling fast.But nothings done.How abiut outlawing them and when NyS inspections are up.dont allow them to pass.City officials and state officials must address this quality of life issue.

  2. Seems the only cars in Yonkers without NJ temporary plates are City and Police , Fire.
    How do i get mine so i can park anywhere anytime?

    1. After Yonkers cops plunder the budget they all run out of New York State-leaving the Yonkers taxpayers holding the bag and all their Kool-Aid.

  3. All this while Mike Spano is dancing a DMX tune. Don’t come to Yonkers to live. Most just work there out of convenience now because most of the unions members have been sold out like the Police Department under Olson .

  4. This shocking video proves that crime is running rampant in broad daylight in the downtown area. Now hurry and get yourself a nice condo next door to a crack dealer with a pit bull.

    1. Who is writing this Papa Mousiello, his son didn’t have the balls to be a policeman. He turned the job down and became a jewelry salesman, plus like his father they both lack the height requirement.

      1. Mike was on the job for a few years. He realized then he didn’t have the balls to stay on. He sold jewelry soon after his resignation. Not everyone has what it takes.

    1. Bomb Shell? Khader is no different than any other Yonkers Politician. He lost his balls and sat mute when Mueller was confirmed. He knew Mueller was not qualified nor had the moral characteristics to be the PC. He knew Mueller than Captain of the 4th Pct harassed his brother with frivolous parking summons. Mike Khader’s was even threaten by Olson during a poll watching incident and Olson sent a low life 3rd Pct trustee who could be named to write parking tickets to Khader’s family around St. Mary’s Church.
      So suck it up Yonkers because it is leadership not time on the job on what actions police personnel take. It was not too long ago when Mueller and Olson said they would not be sending Yonkers personnel into NYC to assist NYPD. So anymore stupid statements.
      How about YPD officers bailing out and going other places? Yup Mueller is a loser and never ever had the right stuff. Let’s face it people John Mueller was meant to be a bald headed barber with Old Spice hair tonic talking bullshit all day. As for his large bosom friend well he should have stuck to shaking candy out of vending machines.

      1. They’re was a comment made of several Yonkers Police Officers leaving department to become firemen. This has been going on forever and has nothing to do with Commissioner Mueller. Anyone who reads and has half a brain knows that.

      2. That is bullshit, and nice try to spin it. This was the largest resignation that the Yonkers Police Department have ever encountered. What does that add up too? Hmmm a dam good police department turned into a selective enforcement police department under Mueller and that cheese danish eating thug Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson.
        Two of the biggest losers ever to work together against its own. Suck up the truth boys.

    2. Mueller is such a loser is that several Yonkers Officers resigned and they all went to the Firefighters Job. Good for them. Yonkers PBA Keith Olson has been selling out for jobs, cats, and free eats

  5. Does anyone know how much time on that job the officer had?

    Is it under 2 years , if not it’s highly likely that his training would fall under mueller. Seems to be a stretch.

  6. The PBA has acquiesced to the Police commissioner John Mueller being soft on dealing with this aggressive criminal element for the Commissioners and PBA President benefit. KO is silent as he needs one more contract at the expense of the PBA members to keep himself relevant. Wait for the next big sell out from PBA President . Mayor wants to get rid of KO’s ass soon as possible. JM and KO are disrespecting every cop on the street for their own Greedy political benefit. CG waiting to come back as the next savior of the department. Meanwhile, KO take a knee. Wake up Yonkers!

    1. What do Olson and Mueller have in common besides targeting others for their own personal gains? They are both mama’s boys.

      1. Funny how things work in the YPD, they suck the few cheer leaders for the overweight union boss get feed shots of traffics overtime as they plan to depart and the house mouse cool aid drinkers get shifted by the filthy few that feed off the overtime cheese.
        Welcome to the worst PD in the State, where internal complaints and where you run the risk of getting attacked from behind by the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson.

    2. Mike Spano, John Mueller and the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson have been selling out the members for over ten years. They’ve been chipping and chipping away at manpower, units, necessary overtime since D.J Mike Spano came into town. We preferred the old Mike Spano whoring around up in Albany then Yonkers.
      Wake up YPD , stop being afraid you know you have civil rights

    3. The state of the YPD has moved from second to seventh in safety. This is what happens when politicians like Mayor Mike Spano, Mike Khader and these waste of Taxpayers council seats let an asshole Mayor run the City for over 10 years.
      As for the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson, this is what the members get when cash selects an incompetent person who falls way short to lead any police department. It will be a better day for the community and for the hard working uniform personnel can get out from the juvenile forms of threats, lies and harassment under the day’s of Mayor Mike Spano.
      Simply put, the Spano’s played and continue to play an ugly game against the YPD members intentionally ignoring the actions of Olson and Mueller.
      Charles Gardner was a true Police Commissioner like his predecessors. John Mueller is just a Keith Olson hand clapping troubled person.

  7. Mueller and Olson both said that they would not be sending YPD members to assist NYPD members should the need arise.
    Well it now appears that Yonkers Police may be requesting assistance.
    This is why Gardner and others would not have succumbed to taking a knee for BLM like Mueller and the so call Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson.
    Any other bright ideas fellas?

  8. Yonkers isn’t safe by Keith Olson and his side kick John the Joker Mueller. They send their sincere gratitude to Nick Spano.
    Union lobbying cash goes a long way since 2014.

    1. Yes the Hill? What is that some bunch of former drinking buddies that stood on a Hill ? Or could it soon be reveal that Mueller and Olson have been disgracing the department since Spano came into office with misconduct against others?
      Mueller and the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson have been lying and targeting other cops and civilians for quite sometime. Just ask some insiders or retired guys what they really think . Oh that is right , the insider cops are scared of being targeted ,denied overtime and being transferred.
      That is what YPD has become under these mutts.

  9. You can make derogatory comments about Keith Olson also an acquaintance of mine from North Yonkers (The Hill.) However, he must be doing something right for he’s still the long serving Yonkers PBA President. No one I believe has served longer. (Possibly the now deceased Paul Caruso. )

    1. Bail reform? What ever happen to the Nick Spano lobbying cash or the cash that big fat Keith Olson gives to these politicians?
      Do you really think that they didn’t see this coming?
      The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson got duped as well as other law enforcement leaders. Not only did this big large cheese eating PBA Union President drop the ball, he took a knee with that fool John , I am the greatest PC in the country.

    1. Your absolutely correct on the bail reform-yet Spano and his ilk continue to kiss the ass of Stewart-Cousins-Mayer and Sayegh-may Chris Cuomo was correct until one of this POS have someone in their family yoked then maybe they will have a different take on crime.

  10. Lol, the Joker Mueller ethical? The guy is a pure nut job he is as personable as a python unless your a female. If your a female the screwball then turns into a drooling chameleon .

  11. The crime in Yonkers use to be divided into sections of Yonker; now it is all over. Shall we say it is equal opportunity for all. You will even hear people say oh it is that end of the street. It is like a cancer and it is spreading. We cannot be degrading our police. We need politicians who will stand for law and order stop with feel good stuff.

    1. Agreed, Mike Spano should stop painting the streets with BLM and stop with the hip hop dancing and focus on jobs, crime, and education.
      First thing he should do on the crime front is dump that beer bashing Police Commissioner who is hated from within for good damn reasons.

  12. Does anyone really belive the previous reports that Yonkers was on of the safest cities, if you do then you need your head examined.

  13. John “ myself “ Mueller could never shine Charles Gardner’s shoes or any other former PC.
    He will be like his best cash cow friend Keith Olson the worst Police Union President in NYS who could not even throw another union member out of the union without conjuring up pure lies. Two losers and a *** *** Mayor who’d rather be dancing to rap music while street mutts attack our police.
    Shit City- Shit leaders

  14. Unfortunately, along with the pandemic there has been an increase in crime in urban areas across the country. This trend has nothing to do with a particular Commissioner.(Every rationale person knows this.) The west side of the city is a dump and you have many ex-cons who reside in that area. Predators are always lingering and those are the facts.

  15. As a person who grew up with John Mueller in North Yonkers (The Hill) in the 1980’s, I know he’s a fine ethical person. The Commissioner’s parents are good people and I’m happy that he persevered and did well.

    1. Yeah and I was in a school play once upon of time and since then things have changed. Let’s face it, the man has issues. The facts are is that he was given the PC job by convict Nick “ fat fingers “ Spano because the Yonkers PBA and the CLSA had been ponying up big cash since 2014 to date.
      You do know they have cell phones now too.

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