Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2) Chooses to Illegally Post Political Advertising on Public Property

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The Illegal Political Advertising Hezitorial

A Violation Shall Constitute a Class II Offense With a Fine of $250 to $5,000.

Adherence to the Law is NOT Being Abided as Evidenced by Photographic Evidence Herein…

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader  Corazón Pineda-Isaac – District 2






Yonkersites are asked to send the Yonkers Tribune photos of other candidates who may also be jbreaking the law by directing email to WHYTeditor@gmail.com

Under the headline “Posting of Signs” the following notice is written on the City of Yonkers Website:

It is Illegal to Post Signs

It is illegal to place any advertising on public property. This includes posting signs for yard, tag or garage sales, political signs or any other event on telephone poles, traffic posts, bus stops or in the City’s right-of-way.

A violation of this chapter shall constitute in a Class II offense with a fine of $250 to $5,000.

From the Yonkers City Code:

§ 47-10Prohibited districts and locations.

[Amended 11-10-1970 by G.O. No. 35-1970; 3-8-1994 by G.O. No. 5-1994; 1-28-1997 by G.O. No. 2-1997]


It shall be unlawful for any person to tack, place, post, paint, print or nail any handbill, poster, advertisement or sign of any description upon any curb, sidewalk, gutter, street, highway or public place or upon any hydrant, lamppost, tree, telephone pole, public utility pole, fence, bench, traffic signal stanchion, public building or any other item or structure in any street, or to direct or suffer or permit any servant, agent, employee or other person under his or her control to engage in such activity; provided, however, that this section will not apply to any sign or advertisement posted under the direction of the City Council or any City department or pursuant to a franchise, concession or revocable consent.


There shall be a rebuttable presumption that the person whose name, telephone number or other identifying information appearing on any handbill, poster, advertisement or sign on any item or structure described in Subsection A of this section violated this section by either tacking, placing, pasting, posting, painting, printing or nailing such illegal sign or directing, suffering or permitting a servant, agent, employee or other individuals under such person’s control to engage in such activity.


No signof any description shall be installed, erected, constructed or maintained in such a manner as to obstruct any fire escape, window or door of a building or structure, nor shall any sign be attached in any manner to a fire escape.


Any existing sign in the City of Yonkers that is subject to a lease or other agreement permitting such sign to  remain on City property shall be permitted to remain only until the expiration of such agreement. Such lease or agreement shall be terminated immediately pursuant to this chapter if termination is authorized by the terms of such lease or agreement.

§ 47-11Unlawful signs.


Any outdoor sign erected, constructed or maintained not in compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall be considered an unlawful sign.


The Commissioner shall notify the person who maintains any such unlawful sign,  by mail, to correct specified violations or omissions so as to comply with this chapter or to remove such sign within a time designated by the Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Buildings. Failure to comply with such notice is in violation of this chapter. The Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Buildings may remove such sign at the owner’s expense.

[Amended 4-26-1977 by G.O. No. 6-1977; 7-18-1996 by L.L. No. 5-1996]



eHeziYonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2) Chooses to Illegally Post Political Advertising on Public Property

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  1. She’s clinging for her seat no wonder she voted on a third term. She betrayed her community and continues to be a puppet for Spano

  2. Why is she even running?? That hypocrite voted down the extension of term limits. Is this the type of person we want running for office. Typical politician.

  3. Gas stations are private property not Yonkers City Property. An elected official must Know this. Especially when one is an leadership role.

  4. What about Khaders enormous signs in front of all the gas stations because he promised all the gas station owners that he would vote to allow all gas stations to be able to stay open for 24 /7?

  5. Fat ass useless load Tom Meier dispatches DPW workers to rip down lost dog signs and tag sale signs all the time, and threatens to send cops to peoples’ doors to fine them for putting them up. I wonder if this will happen to Corazon.

  6. How many City cars has she wrecked in accidents that get swept under the rug? As if illegally posting signs is beneath her. Please.

  7. It isn’t a non-issue. an elected official with half a brain should know better. A person who’s fortunate to hold office is held to a higher standard . (Like a police officer or a federal agent.) I hope the democratic party voters remember this insulting lack of regard on the upcoming June primary. (The councilwoman 2nd -District doesn’t deserve a pass.)

    1. She gets a play because she is Hispanic and rips off not only the taxpayers of Yonkers but also the taxpayers of Westchester County with her no-show job.

  8. Since Mayor’s Terrance Zaleski’s re-election defeat as Strong Mayor of Yonkers in ’95 nothing surprises me. Ethics I believe have been compromised and they’re s no accountability. The Yonkers City Council Majority Leader should take responsibility for her teams actions and apologize to the constituents of the second district.(Never forget to be an elected official is an honor.)

  9. She hasn’t filled her camping donations (violation). The City and for that matter the Mayor haven’t taking the sign down. They are all complicit.
    And, where is the inspector general? This is a real issue. And where is consumer protection? If a business does something like that they would have been in front of a judge by now and paying a fine.

  10. I was a taken back when I saw these illegal signs all over the 2nd district.(It’s really a disgrace.) I personally believe that candidate Suozzo and Jose Roman should make this an issue. Here’s the Majority Leader under their watch letting this happen. An elected official wouldn’t be able to do this in an affluent town or village in Nassau, Westchester etc.

    1. Post

      I don’t understand how you surmise there are Spano signs when after reviewing each photo, there is not one sign that has the name of Spano. BS is not appropriate. Kindly, Hezi

  11. Fine the Corazon Campaign and any other Political candidate the highest fine allowable, $5k. This will send a clear message. As an incumbent, she should know better !!

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