Carlos Burgos, Candidate for Yonkers City Council – District 4 Has Missed Filing His Campaign Account

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Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo (D-District 4).

YONKERS, NY — May 30, 2021 — Carlos Burgos, has most recently disparaged Yonkers City Councilmember John Rubbo for not filing an update regarding his campaign account. Upon review of Carlos Burgos’  campaign account, it can now be revealed that Carlos Burgos or his treasurer, should there be one, has also not filed an update of his campaign account.

It must be noted that considering the lawsuits and court-cases regarding both the Rubbo and Burgos campaigns, it is logical to presume that there would at least be some expenditures. None have been officially noted as required. While no bullets have yet been found, the smoking gun suggests a gun has been fired!

The Yonkers Tribune respectfully requests updated filings from both candidates.

As noted below, no record of Burgos Candidate/Committee Disclosure Search has filed as noted below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A special thank you to the cadre of engaged Yonkersites who are concerned about ethical electioneering standards be abided who in turn keep the Yonkers Tribune informed. Without concerned Yonkersites, we could not ever hope to sustain our capacity to inform Yonkers of that which is exemplary and that which is wanting. You know who you are. I personally thank you for setting the record straight. Kindly, Hezi
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eHeziCarlos Burgos, Candidate for Yonkers City Council – District 4 Has Missed Filing His Campaign Account

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  1. hezi ask rubno for a copy of his lease with his landlord bombshell coming out soon, ask Rubno who paid harris and beach llp when they brought on a legal action for his campaign??? Ask your friend zehy where is spano going to put his wife after June 22 …..

    1. Where is Rubbo’s campaign report? Still not posted to BOE site. It is well overdue now. He’s the incumbent and should be filing timely. What’s he hiding????

    2. Rubbo’s lease is a smoke screen by the Khaders to deflect Mike Khader’s pending indictments.
      Even if John did not pay his rent during the pandemic, Cuomo permitted it.

  2. Me Burgos, we don’t give a damn if or when you filed with the board. To be honest, we have only one question, when the hell are you getting a fresh cut?

  3. Carlos Burgos is supported by that woman hater Crooked Khader. I wouldn’t support either of those guys with my dead grandmothers vote. Although that’s how democrats win isn’t it?!?

  4. for those of you who accuse everyone who is a democrat or who is progressive of being a “socialist” you are particularly not only ignorant but clearly subject to the lies being spewed daily by right wing media. It’s really too bad your political knowledge is so tenuous. Kind of like Marjorie Taylor Greene saying that Nazi’s were “socialist” because of the name of the Nazi party being “national socialists” but in point of fact the Nazi’s were fascist,so was Mussolini in Italy, and so was Franco in Spain. When you make accusations you should be able to prove them. Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production. And I don’t know of any candidate for the yonkers city council who believes in that. Your attempts to scare people into supporting your choice for office based on flinging the word socialist or communist around harkens back to the Joe mcCarthy era in the early 1950’s and how did that work out for tailgunner Joe. As for the invokation of the name Joe Biden you should understand that over 62% of Americans support his plans for infrasture His approval rate is far above what Trumps ever was. And Biden is no socialist. He is doing what most Americans want and that is to spend money, not on tax cuts for the wealthy, but rather on the future of the nation. Presently the US is in 13th place when it comes to infrasture. China for example has 36 high speed rail routes covering 20,000 plus miles. The US has zero. Unless we want to remain down the list of modern industrialized nations we need to spend money on bridges roads tunnels ports 5G and more, all projects that Trump said he supported but never did. All projects that have been neglected along the way causing them to be in disrepair. Biden is doing the right thing and no Fox news opinion hosts can change that by screaming socialist. The fact of the matter is that the loser is Donald Trump who will soon be under indictment in multiple jurisdictions for multiple criminal acts, something I am sure his supporters will claim is a witch hunt…but grand juries act on evidence not on politics and the resulting charges will stick.The Senate’s failure to join in the bi partisan commission to investigate the Jan 6th disturbance in the capitol will come back to haunt them as there will be a commission after all and we will find out 1. which members of the US Congress aided and abetted the insurrectionists. 2. which members of the US Congress knew in advance of the attack 3. What exactly was Trump doing while the attack was taking place eg was he watching it on TV and was he cheering it on 4. What Trump said to House minority leader Kevin McCarthy when McCarthy called him from the Capitol and told him to call off the attackers. The Big lie will be dessimated and debunked once and for all..The nation will elect even more democrats to the House and Senate in 2022…And Trumpism will be relegated to the asheap of history

    1. What about the lies spewed by your side of the aisle like the Russian Collusion Hoax and the Bounty on the Troops in Afghanistan-how many times has CNN, MSNBC & ABC been caught in putting out falsehhoods and lies not to mention the Gray Old Lady and even when they are caught with their lies they continue to publish/broadcast them. On Memorial Day we had to listen to the POTUS talk about sacrifice and honor-this from the very same man who had no problem getting FIVE DRAFT DEFERMENTS from the Vietnam War while other young men who did not come from white privilege like Joe Biden were sent off to Vietnam many of whom returned in a metal casket-this from the same man who as a United States Senator in 2003 in voted for the war Iraq-Biden had no problem sending other men and women to war but he showed his true colors in 1968 that being of a coward.

    2. Rubbo is a main stream democrat. Burgos is the fringe socialist candidate. Also , Heard is working toward a PHD in gender studies or something of the like.. he provides or teaches diversity and equity training etc.. . . See The so called “progressives “ like Burgos are using race to divide this country and Their policies will divide Yonkers and raise taxes to fund their wacky socialist agenda. Hispanics who fled their countries from socialist countries do not want this country to go down the same road. These so called progressives are dangerous to our children and also the safety of our community. They put expensive failed or experimental social programs over people. More home owners will move out of district 4 if we begin to elect these so called “progressives”.

      1. No Rubbo is a Mainstream Democrat but an Underground Republican. I wonder if Trumps Inauguration was a Blast… I bet it was…

    1. Burgos the socialist wants to let all the felons out of jail and into your neighborhood. They call it “restorative justice” . We all know what that means. Oh I forget, what do I know, I am not as educated as the progressive candidate. I only work hard and pay my taxes and don’t blame others for my failures. Voting for Burgos is putting another nail In the City of Yonkers Coffin.

  5. Greetings Yonkers Tribune Community,

    We are sad to read of yet another rumor about our campaign (too many to count!) but this one we cannot ignore. In the spirit of transparency, please head over to ‘ ‘ to find the ‘Disclosure Report Inventory’ document, a NYS Board of Elections document that very clearly displays that we submitted our itemized disclosure in advance of the filing deadline. You may also see updates about all of the endorsements we’ve secured for our commitment to making Yonkers better for everyone. 😀

    With humility,

    P.S. We are still waiting on our opponent’s filing. . .

    1. This guy did file and he has only one donation from a Yonkers Residents.
      The rest of his donations come from California and Washington DC Socialists.

  6. Carlos Burgos appears to be too progressive for the 4th District. This was the council District which Hank Spallone represented prior to becoming Yonkers Mayor. Although the district has changed, I don’t believe the constituents would elect a left -winger like him. I believe he would be a disaster for Law & Order. We will see with the upcoming June primary .#

    1. What would you call Joe Biden and his cast of socialists who are leading this country down the path to destruction.

    2. Vote for John Rubbo is a vote for the continuation of the friends and family network way of life in Yonkers -like Rubbo getting a IDA loan because of political ties in Yonkers.

    3. Who was elected the POTUS-surely not a centrist but rather a person who allowed the border flood gates to be opened and did away with everything Trump-Biden even stopped the investigation in the COVID-19 origins started by Trump only to re-start after credible evidence emerged supported Trump’s -you remember Biden saying that when he got into the Oval Office there was no vaccine despite the fact that Operation Warp Speed had the vaccine out o/a December 14th, 2020 and by Jan 1st, 2021 more than 1 million people were getting jabbed a day-this from the very same man who constantly talks systemic racism despite the fact that he spent 47 years in the swamp and did nothing about it-even his own VP called him a racist.

  7. The most dangerous candidate right now is a socialist candidate. The 4th districts is feeling the effects of all the elected socialists in NYC and their out of touch policies. We are getting NYC criminals and mentally ill homeless walking our streets. A vote for Carlos is a vote for more criminals, drug users, and mentally ill walking our streets and targeting our homes, vehicles, and residents in the 4th district. We need a candidate who is for our residents’ safety and well being. Rubbo is the best candidate by far.

    1. John Rubbo the same guy that turns a blind eye to no show jobs, John Rubbo the same guy whose family has benefited from patronage jobs and turns a blind eye to other patronage jobs-Rubbo had his chance and did not deliver-If Mike Spano stopped short Rubbo’s head would go up Spano’s backside.

      1. Let’s come out on june 22, vote for Rubbo. This Burgos guy is a socialist. District 4 does not need a socialist .

        1. Burgos Democrat
          Rubbo Republican

          All Money Isn’t Good Money…
          Especially Fed Money.
          They Know. Eventually what goes up will come down. Some people aren’t built to take the fall. They talk. Family is more important. Not worth it. Think. Walk Away.

          – Little Birdie

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