Collins-Bellamy Stands by Khader Staff Who Have Come Forward With Allegations of Unacceptable Treatment in His Office

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YONKERS, NY — May 10, 2021 — In an article from May 9th, 2021 in the Yonkers Tribune, Karen, a former staffer of incumbent City Council President Mike Khader disclosed her negative experiences as a female employee of his office.

Among the numerous complaints made against Mr. Khader were allegations of sexism, inconsistent temperament, and flagrant disregard for the well-being of his employees.

In the article, Karen stated that Khader “[Does] not hold women in high regard,” and frequently favors male staff members. 

Khader repeatedly disregarded her input on important issues, and took credit for advancing her career, even as he removed her from positions on council committees.

Those interested in the full account of Karen’s experience should read the article here:

Mike Khader: An Insider’s Perspective Revealed by Karen By HEZI ARIS

“As a woman who has worked in hostile, male-dominated work environments, I know how hard it can be to push forward and come into work every day,” Collins-Bellamy said. “I commend Karen for her courage in coming forward and hope that other women who have been unfairly treated during their time in Mr. Khader’s office come forward. This behavior is unacceptable.”

The allegations against Mr. Khader of sexism and misogyny should be taken seriously. His lack of respect or regard for his employees is clearly on display. The treatment of one’s staff by an elected official should be considered by voters when they go to the ballot box.

Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, an attorney, is a life-long Yonkers resident who also serves on the Yonkers Board of Education. For more information about Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Esq, and her campaign:

TribuneCollins-Bellamy Stands by Khader Staff Who Have Come Forward With Allegations of Unacceptable Treatment in His Office

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  1. Pete Spano the guy is trying to fool everyone into thinking his related to the mayor Collins has no experience at anything with politics or even having a simple role Khader is what we need in Yonkers he is a Genius #KHADER4MOREYEARS

    1. I can’t support Khader. He supports Hamas. He should keep his mouth shut and stop escalating tensions.
      Boy is he desperate to prove he is a socialist.

    1. Heard Rubbo is in trouble. Thought he could disqualify all opponents and paid big $$$ to do so. But he failed miserably with one opponent, Carlos, on appeal. Good has conquered over corruption.

      Rubbo’s campaign will try anything not to have competition because he has accomplished zero for the 4th district. He can’t stand on his record, so like he’s done before he wants to undermine and overthrow the will of the people.

      Hope turncoat two-faced Rubbo gets what he deserves…a big primary loss!!!

  2. Pete Spano has never worked a day in his life nor accomplished a single tangible thing. He’s perfect for CCP. Oh wait, he did manage to get fired from DPW, which if you look at what some people have done and kept their jobs there, is no small feat.

  3. Lakisha Collins-Bellamy is the Spano family’s attempt to rid Yonkers of the Khader cancer. That is not a bad thing, but there are better choices. Collins-Bellamy is a self professed Socialist.

    Ron Matten is the better choice.

  4. You have disgraced our community. I will be talking to my church to make sure you are not invited. You are no longer welcome. You are a womanizer and now I see that you are a crook.

  5. What has Lakisha done for the community and what does she plain on doing I still know nothing about her but she’s a black female who sucks off the establishment and developers

    1. Lakisha has accomplished more than “empty suit” khader. What has he done in 4 years? Nothing that’s what. He’s lied at every turn. “I’m not taking a car”- takes a car. “I’m not hiring family”- hires family. “I want transparency”- yells at other councilmembers who want to discuss topics in the public. The guy is a bum and hopefully he loses.

      1. What has Lakisha done? Don’t deflect with Khader. All the council take cars and all hire their families, some members have even crashed multiple cars and another was driving without registration, so let’s be real. Never heard of her…accomplishments please!

  6. Lakisha, you feign outrage, but in truth you support equally corrupt puppet masters.
    Who appointed you to your positions?
    They are wining, dining, and pocket-lining.
    You are part of the problem, because you do not have the courage to speak against your benefactors.

    You are not worthy of this election.

    1. Name one incumbent politician or candidate in Yonkers who does not double-deal, self-enrich, self-promote and/or dupe the taxpayer? It’s all about the family & friend network, with Mayor Spano and the party bosses at the helm pulling all the strings…Not ONE is worthy of the position they hold or seek to hold. No wonder voters are disenfranchised and disgusted!

      Look at all the incumbents, what have they actually accomplished besides hosting food drives, street namings, flag raisings, attending photo ops and proposing nonsensical legislation for the cause of the month??? Nothing of substance gets accomplished….That’s the long and sorry state of Yonkers, the city on the hill, where nothing is on the level.

      1. The sad thing is they all get $75,000 or so for what amounts to a less than part time job-Pineda-Issacs has a patronage job with Westchester County while many of the people she supposedly represents are barely able to put food on the table.

  7. so for what its worth nothing in the body of the allegations constitute either sexual harassment or any other crime. This guy may be a bad apple…he may be inconsiderate but alleging that he failed to take someones advice or allow input is simply not sufficient upon which to base any charge that would compel him to step down..The best way to rid yourselves of him is to beat him in an election

      1. Please , Spano’s friend and family network you meant. Oh wait, most can’t leave because of the hostage tax.
        Khaders are a small piece of a total crap show of an administration, and thier reign of terror against anyone who might speak up.

  8. Sandra , the best type of revenge is served cold. Don’t let this dog getaway with treating women terribly. Have the courage to come out and let people know what he did to you.

        1. What experience does this guy Pete Spano have? Anyone know? How does he earn a living? Looking at his website, seems all his experience has been centered on volunteering and coaching sports. Sounds like he’s qualified to run for student council. Who propped him up to run for CCP? Inquiring minds want to know…. Yonkers politics, just more smoke and mirrors.

  9. The writing is on the wall for Khader. He did not publicly condemn Cuomo for his conduct towards women, and suggest he step down like many council members he works with did. Now Khader is embroiled in his own controversy with regards to how he treats women. 3,2,1……Canceled

    1. The majority of our state officials like Stewart-Cousins, Mayer & Sayegh condemned Cuomo only after a small handful of state officials called out Cuomo-the Yonkers group were more worried about their own political careers if they came out and called out Cuomo-political cowards-the same goes for the Yonkers City Council who only came out after the fact-heard nothing from no-balls Spano. The three WOMEN OF COLOR on the Yonkers City Council seemed to have lost their tongues but then again they are insignificant and lightweights in the political realm.

      1. Councilwoman Williams is the only one who did call out Cuomo before anyone else in Yonkers or Westchester County did. I’m sure she will not be quiet on this Khader issue. After all, she works well with his staff so if he’s treating them like dirt she won’t stand for it. I would pay close attention to what Shanae does or says on this matter.

        1. Shanae is playing the Women of Color line in her quest for County Clerk-she talks about marginalized communities but if I am correct she did not grow up in either Yonkers or for that matter a marginalized community-what has she accomplished as a legislator other than empty rhetoric-she is nothing more than a windbag just like her counterpart Tasha Diaz who has never had a REAL JOB yet because she hands out items donated by other people she thinks of herself as a real game changer.

      2. The only other place to work is at Micky dees or a school bus moniter.
        They would never say one word against Cuomo!
        Or Spano

  10. A lot of the comments hear seem to be made by political people only playing politics. I’m a outsider and am very concerned. These allegations are serious. We women have tolerated this behavior for far too long. Please all take these allegations seriously.

  11. Mike Khader “ The Big Lie”
    I dated Mike , he promised me so many things and it all turned out to be a big lie. I hope he loses a real creepy guy.

    1. No one cares if you dated him he is the man that will bring Yonkers back as you don’t pay Attention he is slowly bringing things back to Yonkers that we losted during the Pandemic

  12. What does being a life long Yonkers resident or a graduate of the Yonkers school system have to do with the issue at hand?

  13. Lakisha this statement of yours smacks of desperation.
    You are an opportunist and owe your accomplishments to Mike Spano, the puppet master.

    1. Good for you Lakisha. Between Mike and John Khader, they abuse women like it’s their business and their sister Lauren is there to defend them. The Khaders are the only ones who will defend these terrible actions. Everyone else has walked away from them. You go girl.

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