Equivalency Defined Reporting Morphs Into Politically Pandering Disinformation As If It Were Fact

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The Equivalency Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — May 21, 2021 — Whether the disparity on issues is defined by President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, the Left and the Right vehemently disagree over “facts” espoused by Democratic and/or Republican dogma. Similarly, people who believe in the faith of one of the three Abrahamic religions, that is Judaism, Catholicism, or Islam, are most often ignorant of the biblical tenets to which they subscribe and its difference from the “other” whose concepts of the “Almighty” is different from their own.

We are also often ignorant that many of the tenets espoused by one are similarly, but not fully adopted by the “other”. It is that nuanced difference that separates one religious adherent from another religious adherent. Religions do not have equivalency; neither does political division between nations or people within one nation. 

The divide among those who believe in one religion or another, and let us not forget, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, or other religions of which I am unaware, give expression of thought that serves their conception of themselves and and their knowing what is most conducive to the construct of their conviction to their God. And lest we forget, the power of religion/dogma has a huge monetary component that must be preserved to underwrite the construct of religion and/or politics, or both.

Until we learn to accept the “other” by our own understanding of ourselves in terms of equivalency, “facts” as defined by one or another must be understood not to harbor equivalency. Our task as people, were we so astute to the construct of humankind would be easy. 

One may have presumed that “in our time” we would be so sophisticated to comprehend and thereby appreciate our own humanity and humility among ourselves and thereby among others.

Can religious and political sensitive and sensibility be tempered by reason? Sadly, not yet. 

Dogma has served “powers that be”: religions, nations, politics and other bastions of power. Until we understand “equivalency” is nothing more than a term of “appeasement” that hides our convictions of superiority over the “other”, strife and struggle will continue to languish and thrive despite terms of respect and  “brotherhood”. 

Is there an answer? Yes, there is … balance, not to be misconstrued as equivalence.


eHeziEquivalency Defined Reporting Morphs Into Politically Pandering Disinformation As If It Were Fact

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