Mike Khader: An Insider’s Perspective Revealed by Karen

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Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq.

YONKERS, NY — May 9, 2021 — What began as a self-serving effort to gain praise, even adulation, requested in a passive-aggressive manner, seemed the ploy. The scenario revealed that Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader beseeched an employee by the name of Karen to share her feedback while under his employ before moving on to a position elsewhere. Karen’s role as a community outreach liaison bode her well as she moved to another even grander landscape requiring a 10-week training program which elevated her capacity. Mr. Khader asked Karen if she would consider giving her “feedback” while under his employ. She did. She would come to define an aspect of Mike Khader spoken about in hushed terms behind his back but never previously divulged his debauched demeanor. It is now!

After a short opening paragraph thanking him for the opportunity afforded her by working at the  office of the Yonkers City Council President she wrote, “I truly enjoyed fulfilling my role as community outreach liaison.”

“That being said, you asked for my feedback and here it is, as requested.”

The main takeaway should be that actions speak louder than words:

  • You favor men over women
    • Overall, you do not hold women in high regard.  Less than a month after I began working with you, I realized that men held high favor and this was something that you don’t hide.  From day one, you constantly treated David Broadway as though he were more important than your … female Aides.  This was cemented when he left and was not only allowed to return but I also realized that the only reason that I was getting a raise was because you wanted to give him a raise.  You followed up with treating every man that arrived in the office as if they can do no wrong from Anand to David and now Joe.  You protected them and favored them; until you didn’t.
    • It should be noted that about three months into your first year, this subject came up in the front office and everyone had already come to this conclusion separately
  • You like your employees until you don’t.
    • You don’t realize that as Aides, working together, we talk.  It should come as no surprise that it is unprofessional for you to discuss the performance of one employee with another.  You should never have asked me what I thought about the job performance of my fellow employees when you were having issues with those employees.  It should come as no surprise that I would also then hear from my fellow employees that you did the same about me.
  • You don’t respect or have high regard for your employees overall
    • I was a member of the Mayor’s Yonkers Green City Advisory Committee until 2018.   Environmental education is important to me.  It was held in high importance when I was appointed and it was a membership that I enjoyed and valued.  Unfortunately, not only did you take me off the committee for political gain but you didn’t even bother to tell me. I was told by someone outside the office.  Then, as if you didn’t even remember that you replaced me, you then told me that you put Bill on because of Rona.  Bill is my friend.  He was appalled to eventually find out that I had been on the committee but more so, that he replaced me.  He was going to leave but I asked him to let it go.
    • There was a storm a few years ago.  If you recall, that day, it took people an average of four hours to get home.  I will never forget it because it wasn’t a surprise storm, we knew it was coming for days, just not to that extent but a storm is a storm.  Unfortunately, the day before the storm, you told me you were coming to the office to speak to me so I should wait for you in the office.  The storm arrived.  As always, Saida told us to leave when we thought we needed to because she cares for our wellbeing and wanted us to be safe.  Despite her advising us to leave, I waited for you.  I waited and waited. After waiting for hours, I called you to ask if you were still coming and you didn’t even remember that you had told me to wait.  It took me over four hours but I could have been safely home if only I had listened to Saida
      • You still make appointments with us and outside people and just don’t show up and no, you don’t always return our calls and texts no matter how often you say that you will, much less do.
    • You tried to take credit for my appointment to Chief of the Auxiliary.  I worked hard from the day I stepped into Peace Officer Training.  Although I never would have expected to go from Sergeant to Chief, I was promoted by the Commissioner based on my abilities and the Mayor signed off on it.  I will never forget the day that you came into the office and I told you that I was promoted.  You said, “I wondered how long it would take you to tell me.  How do you think you got it”. Naturally, I don’t want favors or handouts.  I reached out to Deputy Chief Sapienza who is honest and respects me and asked if you had anything to do with this and he was appalled that you would have told me that.  He said that I earned it on my own merit.
    • Early on, I had a suggestion regarding the newsletter.  I brought your attention to issues with Brigitte and the newsletter.  I relayed that constituents were complaining that they couldn’t get items into the newsletter but also as you may recall, she even had a fight over the phone with Rona.  Imagine my surprise when I heard that you had said that I didn’t like Brigitte and this was all personal.  No, I had your back.  At the time, I cared
  • You have little to no regard for Saida despite the fact that she should be the most important person in your office.
    • Saida is one of the smartest people that I have ever met.  She knows everything about City Hall and the way this City works.  She is able to get almost anything done based on her knowledge of the system and the friends that she has made over the years.  We go to Saida to effectively do our jobs and again, she helps us get things done but most important is that she always knows which direction to take.  She is amazing.  I can tell you that I only remained in my position as long as I did, because of Saida.  She is an extraordinary Chief of Staff and would do even more for you but you don’t know how important she is to you.  Again, I can only assume you don’t value her because she is a woman.  Not only does she have impeccable management skills, but she cares about your staff in ways that you never could or would.
      • Imagine our surprise when new employees walk into the office and we find out that she has never met them.  I can guarantee that the quality of the employees in your office would have been better if Saida always had input into your new hires.  You certainly would not have hired Bengis or even Lena who knows absolutely nothing about anything that has to do with Yonkers or your office.  
      • I will never forget attending the first trade event planned in 2018 at the Riverfront Library.  We, as staff, were still new. I stood watching Saida trying to get a point across to you but you became irate and pulled her across the room for a heated discussion as if she was a child.  How disrespectful
      • You continuously make plans with your staff and leave Saida on the outside.  Quite often, you would have us working on something only to then find out, it can’t be done, which Saida would have told you in the first place. Inevitably, I began to ask Saida to come out to the bullpen when you spoke to us so that she would be aware of your plans.
  • In the eyes of constituents, you have a reputation for being shall I say, frugal.
    • In contrast, as employees, we can never forget Saida’s generosity.  A lunch here, a lunch there, but you?  At this point, we have constituents reaching out to your office for donations despite the fact that they have already heard that you don’t donate to the community and they have stated just that.
  • In the eyes of the public, you have a reputation for not following through with what you say.  The list would be too long if I relayed to you every time someone said, “but he didn’t do anything or he didn’t finish something”.  

I could go on but I have to get ready for work.  I think I have painted a clear picture, which is that actions speak louder than words.

I wish you luck and can only hope that you accept these comments as relayed, which is constructively.



eHeziMike Khader: An Insider’s Perspective Revealed by Karen

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  1. Disgusting that Samantha Ciriello endorsed a man who is abusive to women. She should be voted out. Any elected official that supports him should be voted out. He is the wrong message.

  2. Nick Spano is pulling Lakisha’s string. How long before her family is on the payroll. She is already on the payroll.

  3. Enjoy your civil war, Democrats. May it result in a fractured party with the adults being put back in charge come November.

    All I got from this is that a Democrat is incompetent. In other news, water is wet, grass is green.

  4. Mike Khader will expoze the city and himself. Who will pick up the pieces. Khader will be mayor in three years and fire Sabatino.
    DJ Lenny Swataswino will be Director of Constituent Services. Khader promised.

  5. The Khader Express will roll over all opponents, Collin-Bellamy, Spano, Matten, Sayegh , Jereis, Rabadi etal


    1. Don’t be fooled. All of these challengers are backed by the Spanos.
      They are afraid of Mike Khader becoming mayor, because the indictments are coming,

      1. “Western New England School of Law”. I don’t know what’s more impressive: the search he went through to find that school or the amount of time has passed without someone questioning the authenticity of said higher form of education. Thoughts ?

          1. It is actually a branch of Northeastern, although I appreciate your rigor in trying to grasp at straws. Northeastern actually has their own law school, maybe that was a competitive year? Low bar you sent there with Pace Law, don’t crap on his niece’s law school like that. Abashoom.

      2. It doesn’t matter what school you attended, the NYS Bar Exam is the great equalizer.
        Some of the “simplest” minds went to Ivy League schools, i.e.- Gov. DeSantis of Florida

        1. Passing the NYS Bar exam isn’t an accomplishment. I don’t mean to knock you a few pegs (even though I think it is impossible to do so now), but that’s something you’re supposed to do, the first time that is. Hopefully that law degree will be of aid when he’s in court. Sending all my luck and love.

  6. The khaders smell like beef and cheese. EW!!!! You can smell their musk from a mile away.

    1. If it is Berk and cheese at the same time, then that makes sense. Fleisch und Milch sind tref. Meat and dairy are not kosher.

  7. I only spoke with him one time and thought I was talking to a deer caught in the head lights!
    First impression, a real empty suit.

  8. Mike Khader is living the dream (literally).

    He lives in his own world where he thinks he is very important. His height is 6’2 with a head full of hair. He doesn’t stutter. In that imaginary world, women are dying to talk to him. He thinks he is charming.

    Reality check: Mike Khader is ineffective. Made the city council President position the weakest in Yonkers history. He stutters and chews his own tongue talking. Rushes though a sentence to move to the next without making a point. He is 5’2 or 5’3 on his toes. Women find him annoying and try to avoid him.

    Now we know the reality but Mike Khader doesn’t. His family creates that bubble for him. Whenever someone threatens that imaginary image, he runs to his sisters to feed him the lies he is living.

    It’s a sad but true story. He is delusional pathological liar. Women abuser. Cheats on his wife. The sad end of the this story is yet to be unfold.

  9. Khader’s sister is so embarrassed, she removed the lawn signs from the front of her house. Even his own family is ashamed of him.

  10. Khader is a lying, delusional, poor excuse of a man. Khader manifested his enemies. His SMS (short man syndrome) has gotten the best of him. He verbally abuses woman, puts people down and goes out of his way to be disrespectful. Khader, you are 1 of 7, with the city against you. Resign and take your humiliations like a man.

  11. I’d bet the ranch that 99% of the posters who are shocked, shocked by Khaders’ treatment of women voted for Trump.

    For those of us not in either clan, what is Karen’s last name?

      1. How does this person named Karen go from a community outreach liaison then transition to a well respected law-enforcement official-puzzling to say the lest

        1. Post
        2. She’s an auxiliary police officer serving her community when she’s not working in government. Since you’re so inquisitive about her qualifications for the job, I’d love to know what gives you the credence to question her competence for the position. Don’t be shy now.

  12. What’s the job of the Yonkers Inspector General Liam McLauglin ?

    What’s the job of the Yonkers Human Resources Commissioner Carlos Moran?

    Ok Mike Khader is stupid liar cheater but what about the Yonkers officials ?

    1. #allthewaytojail

      Mike has done nothing for the city of Yonkers except use people and not follow through .
      All of a sudden his brother wants to back him?!? Funny because he didn’t last time

  13. Campaign manager Johnny Khader
    Fundraiser Johnny khader
    Sign boy Johnny khader
    Liaison Lauren khader
    Press Lauren khader

    What a team

  14. The power gets to their heads and they all think they can get away with publicly putting their hands on women because no one says anything.

  15. The Khader Express will roll over all opponents, Collin-Bellamy, Spano, Matten, Sayegh , Jereis, Rabadi etal


    1. hahahaha – you’re a little full of yourself Johnnie. MPAC cant raise enough money to get you outta this one. I hear the NAACP is coming for an explanation of how your little brother treats BIPOC women.

    2. Hey Johnny Kilo , if this is the case then why didn’t meatball Mike Khader run again Spano when given the opportunity?

      Now he claims he can run them over when he’s no longer eligible to run for reelection😂🤣

      1. I would like to see an exhibition boxing match between Mike Khader and Mike Spano. It would be a great charity event

        1. Post
  16. Mike Khader engaged in multiple cyber affairs with women where he claimed he was estranged from his wife… this is just the first bombshell that Khader and his fraud brothers will have to deal with

  17. Khader Law and Mike Khader run ads on a platform that publishes a story on how incompetent he is.

    That’s the true freedom of speech.

  18. Mike Khader = Pathological liar often can’t seem to tell truth from lies and may contradict himself when questioned.

  19. He pulled Saida across the room? Physically or figuratively? If it’s physically, she should press charges on him!

  20. He was fired from the CIA for a reason!

    He is a corrupt self serving selfish person. His first wife divorced him. He is cheating on his second wife. He is in cyber affairs with so many women.

    They often make fun of him. He thinks he is charge of Yonkers. Meanwhile, he can’t even get a street fixed or garbage picked up without going to Saida.

    Jordanians are moving away from him because they know and Yonkers know that Mike Khader is not up for the job.

  21. You’ll have to turn out the votes in June. I’m not a fan believe he and his brother play all sides like their cousin whose a good manipulator/con man. However , If African Americans don’t turn out he’ll be re-elected. That I’m certain for I know local politics,turnout and the numbers. (Mobilize that key vote Washington, Adams, Bellamy-Collins Game changer.)

  22. Mike Khader needs to resign… you are a disgrace! You failed as a politician and failed as a husband twice! Now save your brother John and send in your resignation. I know this is difficult but it’s the right thing to do.

  23. Our church should not allow him in. He has disgraced our community. We are good humble people. He does not represent who we are.

  24. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but it would certainly seem that Mike Khader treats women very poorly. If this is true, hopefully more will be brave enough to come forward to denounce this mistreatment. And, the truth is, … HEZI NOTE: The balance of this comment is truncated because the author is accusing someone of conduct to which none has been previously note. Sine the author knows who they, drop me an email informing and validating your assertion and if I can sources to validate what you noted, I will write it, but not until then. And yes, you either trust me or not, so a name and contact will be required OR you have the opportunity to assert your assertions among other media of your choosing. kindly, Hezi

  25. I would like to thank Karen for coming forward. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to this bully. Hopefully other women will come forward.

  26. This article sickens me. I did not know this about comrade Khader.
    I will not vote for him. No self respecting person can vote for a monster like this.
    No wonder his own community shuns him.

    1. Where are the three females on the Yonkers City Council weighing in on this issue-or as most of the COY knows they are nothing more than mental incompetents who play the race card.

  27. There’s need to be a complete investigation of his office
    The situation smells very bad !
    Highest turnaround of female staffers
    Using his staff to do politics during work time
    The Jeff Buss being counsel while they share the same office space is unethical and troubling

  28. Mike Khader doesn’t even have money to pay for his wife’s truck’s gas. He goes to gas stations looking to fill up for free

    1. Post
      1. Interesting, Human Resources Commissioner Carlos Moran remains silent on the treatment of Karen and other Black women in City Hall. Yonkers has proven Black women are disposable until they need to use them at the polls.

    2. Post
    3. Why even mention the do nothing group who doesnt even support black women? Ask Nicole Benjimin and Ivy Reeves. They nominated Kader over their own member at the demoncratic convention and only take credit for black women winning elections AFTER they win without their help. Theyre no better

  29. When he talks more than two second, his jaw drops, lips swell, ears slide down, and starts mumbling.

    I have never got anything of value talking to him.

  30. He did everything that he ran on.

    Remember when he said I won’t take a city car! Now his City car is basically an Uber.


  31. Mike Khader has the attention span of a 5 year old. He never starts a sentence, that’s not written down, and finishes it.

    Intelligence is lacking. Character is lacking. He was just lucky to ride the never Trump era.

    Now is a different story. People may consider voting for him either because his sisters keep harassing people or his his brother keep calling acting like a mob.

    I am so sick of them harassing me.
    I hope they get the message and stop. This is voter intimidation/ harassment / leading/ and so on.

    I have yet to meet someone that will vote for Mike Khader for something good he did. You will never find one. His own people are tired of him.

  32. I hope all women groups come forward and condemn his actions. We can’t have people like him in public office.

  33. Frugal is a nice way of phrasing him but he’s so god damn cheap he never digs in his pocket. He’s a typical politician he wants everything for free.

  34. Khader is pathetic to insinuate that Karen got a promotion because of him. He attempted to take credit for something that he did not do which diminishes her sense of self worth. But it should be noted that his brother, John, also takes credit for other people’s work.

  35. Khader is a typical con artist
    Yonkers voters are a lot smarter than he thinks. He came to my door and I told him I’ll vote for him just so he can go away his breath smelled real bad.

    1. Con-Artist People on here think any person Supporting is a Khader Mike is not perfect but he is still the man for the job

  36. Khader is all smoke and mirrors. He’s had conversations with me and then contradictory conversations with others. He tells people what they want to hear. Most people call this lying.
    He has criticized the woman on the council as “know nothings,”, but I am sure he has not said that to them.
    Yonkers will be better off when people see Khader for what he really is.

  37. Wow! That’s awful for an elected official to think he can treat women like that. He should be ashamed of himself! I don’t know who’s running against him but that’s who I’m voting for!

  38. Post

    He gained 30 pounds in the last 4 years.
    He raised taxes 20%.
    He outgrew his suits.
    He logged 40,000 on his city owned vehicle.
    He harassed his YCCP staff.
    He ate 432 slices of pizza.

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