Police Department Diversity Lags in Yonkers

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YONKERS, NY — May 20, 2021 — USA Today Network Journalist Frank Scandale informed readers that “after the  killing of George Floyd seared in our mind the picture of a white cop kneeling on a Black man’s neck,” he engaged in checking the racial breakdown of police department.We check the racial breakdown of police departments.

Scandale reports that the USA Today Network’s Atlantic Region “found that it appears that most police departments failed to come close to matching their ranks, in terms of diversity, with the constituents they are sworn to protect.”

Further still, “it also found that many high-ranking law enforcement officials either did not want to talk about the diversity struggles within departments, or when they did, their frustration poured out over failed efforts to do so.”

It must be noted that New York State requires statistics about race and police departments are tabulated, delineated, and maintained. The data revealed “that four of the worst counties, in terms of disparity, are in the Hudson Valley region.

The City of Yonkers, “the region’s largest city with a police force nearly three times the next biggest department, has just 43 black officers, or 7%, among its 600 sworn cops whereas the city’s population is 20% Black.”

“Hudson Valley counties are the furthest in the state from having their police mirror the minority populations they serve” noted Scandale. “In fact, more than half the police departments in Westchester … have one or fewer Black officers, including 10 that have none. Another 12 departments have one Black officer, including some with more than 45 officers such as Eastchester, Mamaroneck Village and Yorktown.”

Robert Carter, SNUG Program Director, said “There’s no commonality between the cultures, they don’t understand the culture, they don’t understand the people, they don’t understand the language.” Carter emphasized that “he would like to see more community policing.”

eHeziPolice Department Diversity Lags in Yonkers

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  1. Today there is a big feature article about this topic in that phony liberal rag The Journal News. A Black detective actually said that “low pay and police shootings have soured many Black people on careers in law enforcement”. Is this a joke? Is this guy kidding? First of all, if the pay was so low then nobody would take the job, regardless of skin color. Becoming a police officer was considered a great opportunity that was highly pursued. That was the case until recently, now that cops have been identified as the cause of all of society’s ills. And if Blacks were actually concerned about police shootings, why not join the force and try to make a change? Because it’s a lot easier to sit back and make bullshit excuses and do nothing , that’s why.

  2. Ill treatment of staff? If they’re so broken up they should leave . Political operatives wives , family members go work for the Yonkers Mayor. He’s taken care of everybody who tried like hell to keep him from that office. (I’ll never understand that.)


  3. This is a decades old problem. Training classes have been given many times; and they are well attended by minority candidates. However, a small percentage actual take the test.
    That’s the problem and the only ones that can fix that are the candidates themselves.
    As for Civil Service maybe a requirement for HS graduation should include the ability to pass a CS exam.

  4. Yes, they should definitely make DPW a tested position. And when very few non-whites even care to take the test, then what? Or, when too many whites pass the test, now what? We are right back where we started. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING BAD ENOUGH, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET IT.

    1. DPW should be tested in Yonkers! Why not?? It’s civil service job. Get it done City Council. Here’s some meaningful legislation to propose. I dare you!

  5. Excellent point about Yonkers sanitation department. No test given and job runs through politicians.Taxpayers pick up 100 percent of bill but have no say. With a test given there would be a much better, stronger union and the taxpayers will have some say in job.Today they get hired and are controlled by their political or union connection. In this system there is no accountability towards the taxpayers. ..Remember the taxpayers pay the salaries, No money is coming directly out of the politicians or union leaders pockets, this is why controlling workers is more important then workers performance. This is how organized crime controlled unions and why are government stepped in, it was called racketeering, today they call it politics. We have government control municipal unions, no more real unions.The government never cared about the workers, they took over to run the same system. Same game different players what a shame.

  6. What percentage of blacks make up doctors in Yonkers? What are the Hospitals in Yonkers doing about this. What percentage of blacks are lawyers ? What are the colleges doing about this? what percentage of blacks are gas station owners? What is the gas station industry doing about this. What percentage of blacks are landlords? Sorry to say Hezi, but this article is complete bullshit. You can be better than this.

    1. ^^^^^
      Bet its one of Barry’s boys from Dutchess County.
      Good thing the rigs have GPS to show them the way around Yonkers. Also to their Great Grandmothers house that they use her addresse.

      1. The Yonkers City Council won’t approve legislation for a Yonkers Sanitation Merit examination.(Although they no question should.) They don’t want to go against 456 Teamsters. They’re too concerned about their careers and don’t want to be finished like Mike Khader. This man was betrayed by people he trusted. (His own cousin and mentor. No shame.)

        1. Betrayed, or pushed everybody who tried to help him away with his incompetence, tenuous relationship with reality, lying, and ill treatment of staff and community leaders? Let’s face it – Khader hasn’t been loyal to anybody as CCP, why should he get to demand loyalty from others?

    2. You are 100% correct. This article is complete trash. This is the “Get Woke” propaganda today being rammed down throats. What is the percentage of minorities that failed the written text in last 5 or so years? What is percentage were disqualified for criminal backgrounds in that same period? What is the percentage of minorities that actually took the written test in last 5 years? Provide some data as to why minorities not getting hired instead of bs race hustling

    3. The real question is what percentage of blacks want to become NBA players and rappers not to many blacks want to become cops doctors etc and if they do just take the test or go to college I don’t get why we have to beg and get on two knees to have them take a exam

  7. Sounds great, propose discrimination against a white guy. The civil service tests have been watered down so much that anybody has a chance to get on. Obviously if a person doesn’t want the job you can’t force them into it. Jobs are now looking the other way when it comes to some crimes a candidate committed just to clear “hurdles” for certain candidates. Cut the shit Hez you racist.

  8. Study and pass the merit examination like the rest of the world does. They should however, have an exam for Sanitation which does exclude people of color and those without political steam. In the year 2021 this is truly a disgrace. You would think we were still in the 1950’s with the button guys/Park Hill tough guys running things.

  9. So what is the implication here? That candidates who are people of color are being disproportionately turned down for the job? We all know this is not the case. So, is it then the fact that police departments don’t “do enough” to attract minority candidates? What are police departments to do about this, exactly? Beg people to take the job? Offer them twice the pay that white officers make? If you really want the job, it is there for you to take. But unfortunately, you might have to actually put some effort into the process. At what point are people expected to take responsibility for themselves and their future? Everything is someone else’s fault. Enough of this nonsense already.

  10. Just curious. Mount Vernon black population is 66%. Anyone know What % of black officers make up mount Vernon PD?

      1. DPW is for the friends and family members that can’t read or write.
        Housing is where the really lowest I.Q. are placed.

      2. Better at what you racist bullshit artist?
        Maybe we can get rid of all the white guys. Sounds like something the Nazis did to the Jews

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