Ron Matten Calls on the Yonkers City Council to Investigate Quid Pro Quo Allegation in Council President Khader’s Affairs

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Ron Matten

YONKERS, NY— May 15, 2021 — Recent allegations have appeared in the Yonkers Tribune alleging Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader and attorney Jeff Buss are involved in a quid pro quo scheme. It is a fact that Council President Khader has his law office and campaign headquarters at the premise of Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP. It is also a material fact that Jeff Buss, Esq. was hired as City of Yonkers contractor in the service of Council President Khader.

Another material fact not specified in the article concerns campaign donations. Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP and their various partners have donated thousands of dollars to the Khader campaign. Use of the office for campaign activities is a “like in kind” campaign contribution.

I am requesting that the Yonkers City Council utilize Article IV, section C-12 of the City of Yonkers Charter to conduct a formal hearing and investigation into the quid pro quo allegation.

The Council President should step down and recuse himself from further legislative activities until the Council has completed their investigation.

Quid pro quo is a breach of the public trust. This alleged violation harms the Council and the City of Yonkers as a whole. As residents and taxpayers, we require transparency and assurance that our government is acting in our interests. I suspect that Council President would welcome this investigation to clear his name and restore the trust in the Council and City of Yonkers. All individuals mentioned herein are assumed innocent.

Ron Matten was raised and currently resides in Yonkers. He is the Republican nominee for Yonkers City Council President. For more information visits:

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Ronald Matten is the Republican endorsed candidate for Yonkers City Council President. He resides in the City of Yonkers.

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Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., and Yonkers City Council President’s  Counsel Jeff Buss, Esq. Seem to Define “Quid Pro Quo” By Their Conduct By HEZI ARIS

TribuneRon Matten Calls on the Yonkers City Council to Investigate Quid Pro Quo Allegation in Council President Khader’s Affairs

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  1. Why would a local politician get involved in international politics
    Ive lived in Sadore Lane for 40 years
    I was disheartened to see Mike Khader attack Isreal. I will be sure to vote against khader and maybe he should disclose his role in the CIA

  2. This is mike Khader campaign.

    Filing reports attached. 

    Closing balance per January 2020 Filing: $114,693.96 
    Summary attached for this report.

    July 2020 Filing: No Activity Report Filed.

    January 2021 Filing: Nothing filed. This is not proper as per campaign finance laws.

    Amount Raised 2017: $319,831.88
    Amount Raised 2018-January 2020: $142,352.00

    He’s violating state law

  3. Ron you are right. You should also call for the NEw York State Bar Association to investigate his campaign violations.

    Khader should be disbarred.

  4. This council needs to act. I hope they do but I’m smart enough to know that they will sit idle and let his corruption continue.

    1. The current COY council can’t collectively unscrew a light bulb never mind be up for an investigation! What a joke!!!!!

      So much systemic corruption and favoritism is embedded in Yonkers City Council, they are ill-quipped, biased and unintelligible to conduct any such investigation. They are all guilty of similar or far more…

      So who do we call…Joke of the decade… send the complaint to Yonkers IG, State AG, State Senators Shelley Mayor or AS Cousins… Crickets nothing… they too are all complacent and sitting fat and happy! His help us!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. The real question is for the last 4 years
    Jeff Buss has done nothing to earn his tax-payer contract which is over 200k
    Taxpayers are paying Jeff to do Khader’s legal work and give khader free rent.

  6. The Feds are probably looking into this already “ A Politician and Lawyer” it’s going to make a great splash in the press.

    1. the Feds are busy looking into the shenanigan’s allowing zehy jereis and company take over the democrat party under the spano watch, former convicted GOP chair now a democrat and party leader oooffff that will be a story

      1. You’d be a felon too Johnny Kilo Khader if you weren’t a rat. Yo bro mike aka meatball aka meathead aka womanizer aka misogynist aka liar aka phony aka harasser aka do nothing empty suit will soon be a felon as well. #allthewaytorikers #allthewaytothecheeseisle #wherestherogaine

  7. Ron while your at it investigate DPW water chief Sam Borelli for making homeowners hire expensive plumbing companies after the city says your waterline is leaking only to find out it’s the city’s water main leaking.Homeowner gets screwed plumber doesn’t get paid Borelli gets his big city paycheck.

    1. Ron also inquire about all the no-shows in Yonkers government that are so prevalent in Yonkers-Spano is fleecing the taxpayers of Yonkers without a worry in the world-all the council people know who they are because they are part of the corruption that has been so obvious in the Spano reign and will continue unless there is an investigation,

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