State Senator Shelly Mayer Endorses José Alvarado For Re-Election

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Defines Him a Tireless Worker

Westchester County Board Legislator José Alvarado (LD-17).

YONKERS, NY — May 1, 2021 — New  York State Senator Shelley Mayer yesterday publicly endorsed Westchester County Legislator José Alvarado serving Legislative District 17 for re-election. “I’m proud to endorse Jose Alvarado for re-election as County Legislator. As the first Hispanic Member of the Board of Legislators, José knows how to represent all the people of Southwest Yonkers. He has been a tireless worker at the Board and in the community. Because of his efforts, the County will build a new waterfront park in the district. During the pandemic, he has been active serving food and providing masks to the community and helped establish the vaccination site conveniently located at the Yonkers Armory.”

Senator Mayer stressed: “Jose Alvarado has been a tireless worker for all the neighborhoods in his district. I look forward to our continuing to work together to improve the quality of life for all the people of Yonkers.”

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SOURCE: Senator Shelley Mayer | Communicatíons

TribuneState Senator Shelly Mayer Endorses José Alvarado For Re-Election

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  1. What does Shelly have to say about mike khader? Will she call for him to resign when all we anticipate hits the papers and blogs? Cuomo and khader need to resign.

    1. Is this the same Senator S. Mayer who last year in order to endear herself with the left apologized for being ****?.

      Hezi’s Note: Leading question. I do not know ask her, or provide proof. Lacking that, YT will not post. If you do provide proof, we will. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Sen Mayer is nothing more than a white pandering liberal who goes in whatever direction the wind is blowing. Sen Mayer with her years of experience in Albany never once uttered a word about the vicious and bullying tactics of Cuomo; she is nothing more than a white political coward.

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