Unexpected Venues of Strange Bedfellows: Canada, China, Connecticut, and a Mexican Bakery Coalesce in Yonkers, NY Embroiled in Unexpected Intrigue Over TikTok Lawsuit

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La Piñata Bakery pastry display. Photo by and courtesy of Yelp. More photos at Yelp https://www.yelp.com/biz/la-pinata-bakery-yonkers

YONKERS, NY — May 8, 2021 — Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals’ Bill Hoeltzel was first to reveal how Bev Standing, a Canadian-based voiceover actress,  China’s short form video sharing social network TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance brought international interests to bear in a bevy of connecting dots of international intrigue certain to captivate the attention of the world stage. 

Interestingly the disparate protagonists were brought together by Ms. Standing’s attorney, Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr. of Norwalk, Connecticut. It was he who uncovered the answer at Yonkers’ La Piñata Bakery situated adjacent to Yonkers City Hall’s garage at 118 New Main Street.

The address is also that of Xianxi Liu, the registered agent for Bytedance E-Commerce Inc., doing business as TikTok in New York State.

La Piñata Bakery fare is a bevy of Mexican cakes for the uninitiated that are reminiscent of similar German-style coffee shops that proliferated New York City’s fashionable upper East Side neighborhood of Yorkville.

La Piñata’s owners are unaware of aware of their connection to TikTok or Xianxi Liu other than they share the same address to which they were previously unaware prior to the lawsuit initiated by Bev Standing  who resides on Welland, Ontario, Canada. Her complaint was filed May 6, 2021 in U.S. District Court, White Plains, NY.

Ms. Standing’s complaint centers over her capacity to give voice-over expression on behalf of her “A-List” clientele engaged in cosmetics, automobiles, purveyors of medicinal products on television, radio, iPad apps, YouTube videos, among other platforms. 

Her complaint stems from her not authorizing TikTok from permitting use of her voice which the TikTok permits yet is not authorized by her.

Standing asserts that years ago the Institute of Acoustics in Scotland hired her to do voice-over of Chinese translations to which the institute received electronic data files of her voice.

Standing had last November become aware that TikTok was using the voice files for its computer-generated female voice, including “foul and offensive language” that besmirches her demeanor. Adding additional insult, she was never compensated for the use of her voice.

Standing charges TikTok with copyright infringement, unfair competition, false endorsement, and deceptive business practices. Further still, the complaint informs that TikTok has traded on the goodwill she has amassed in her career, and has additionally deprived her of the ability to control her reputation.

She has beseeched the court to order TikTok to stop using her voice and to dispose of the electronic voice files. She is demanding upwards of $150,000 in damages for every copyright infringement.


eHeziUnexpected Venues of Strange Bedfellows: Canada, China, Connecticut, and a Mexican Bakery Coalesce in Yonkers, NY Embroiled in Unexpected Intrigue Over TikTok Lawsuit

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