Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., and Yonkers City Council President’s  Counsel Jeff Buss, Esq. Seem to Define “Quid Pro Quo” By Their Conduct

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The Quid Pro Quo Hezitorial/Op-Ed

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader Esq.’s, Counsel Jeff Buss, Esq.

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq.

YONKERS, NY — May 12, 2021 —Background: Before Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq. was elected to office over some three years ago, Mr. Khader had been renting office space from the firm of Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP (https://www.sbjlaw.com) situated at 733 Yonkers Avenue, Suite 200, Yonkers, NY 10704. Khader Law is also situated at 733 Yonkers Avenue, Suite 200, Yonkers, New York 10704 (http://khaderlaw.com/).

Business Relationship: Khader Law had premises at the firm of Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP at the address noted above. Khader Law continues to operate from that same address to this day. 


Evolving Relationship: Prior to being elected to office, Mr. Khader rented office space from the firm of Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP for the sum of $1,200 per month or $14,400 per annum.

Transitioning Relationship: Sometime before or after elected to the office of Yonkers City Counsel President, the exact timeframe is not known, Mike Khader would come to designate Mr. Buss to the position of the Yonkers City Council President’s Counsel. The remuneration for that position is $70,000 per year. 

Seemingly Inappropriate Outcome: Khader Law / Mike Khader, Esq. no longer pays rent to Smith, Buss & Jacobs LLP

Takeaway*: The Yonkers taxpayer is paying the $70,000 per annum fee to Jeff Bus, Esq, and Mike Khader / Khader Law do not pay the $14,400 per annum rent to Smith, Buss & Jacobs LLP

Defining Terms*:

  • Quid pro quo is Latin for “something for something”, describing an agreement between two or more parties in which there is a reciprocal exchange of goods or services.
  • In politics, quid pro quo agreements are acceptable as long as they do not involve any other misappropriation. 
  • In criminal law, misappropriation is the illegal use of funds, such as taxes, to pay another entity, for example funds designated for use by the the City of Yonkers.

FINDINGS: Essentially it appears that Mr. Khader, an attorney at law was renting space for his practice from Mr. Buss at the rate of $1,200 a month. It also appears that Mr. Khader hired Mr. Buss to be counsel to the Yonkers City Council President Khader at an annual retainer of $70,000. Finally it appears that upon being hired Mr Khader no longer was paying Mr Buss for office space.

So in essence Mr. Khader reaped a benefit from awarding Mr. Buss a city contract without characterizing this transaction as criminal it appears that there was a quid pro.

eHeziYonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., and Yonkers City Council President’s  Counsel Jeff Buss, Esq. Seem to Define “Quid Pro Quo” By Their Conduct

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  1. This is nothing more then a political witch hunt , these allegations are absurd and with out merit . This is a pathetic attempt to try to smear a good candidates reputation , and sabotage a RE-election campaign . Mike Khader only fault is being independent minded, issue based , pragmatic and having common sense . These pitiful attempts to intimidate ,& smear a good candidates record will be unsuccessful .

  2. Mpac is a fraud. We good humble Arabic’s want nothing to do with that. Follow the money. Not one dollar has gone to the highest ranking Jordanian in the country! Nader Sayegh, he also. Happens to be a gentlemen unlike the kader family.

  3. Someone should subpoena Khader’s license plate. Let’s see how often he goes through a toll and see where he ends up. I’m interested to see if the rumors are true that he is in New Jersey and Connecticut with his city issued car. He has done nothing for Yonkers, so what can he possibly be doing in other states with his city issued vehicle.

  4. There is no reason Khader needs a 600k staff with his own Lawyer. The City Council should cut that budget in half.

    1. really???? . the Mayor and council are so corrupt . what khader is doing is nothing compared to them. Voters need to realize Khader is the only transparent politician

          1. Another part of the problem, these unions are in bed with the political class and their lobbyists. More conflict’s of interests.

  5. Resign khader. You have no where to go. You thought you could screw with me? Big mistake Mikey. I’ll be the one that takes you down. I’ll be the one to speak to your wife. I will be victorious. Sleep well Mikey. Remember when I would run your head at night? You had to make sure not to fall asleep at my crib right?! You remember Mikey don’t you.


  6. Great to see Yonkers never changes. It’s an Army of players, groupies and the FF club, feeding away night and day. It never matters who the Mayor is, that same in crowd on the tit day and night.
    Look at the present situation, a Mayor in office illegally rubber stamped by his groupies on the council, some who voted against the will of the people and who benefited from this illegality.

    The council needs to be abolished as they are shills for the Mayor, who ever HE may be. They do his bidding, except now and then they have ideological brain farts and do their own thing, usually prompted by nepotism or party politics. They are looking for something or a favor and pretend they are on the side of the people. Their drama blows over and it’s back to the tit again playing nice with the DON of Yonkers. It’s bad theater and pure farce.

    Let’s abolish the Silly Council, we could save a fortune. That would be a good start. Just like 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean.

  7. As far as the IG’s office is concerned, let’s all stop kidding ourselves. Who in this city takes this office even remotely seriously? The IG is appointed by the mayor. Do people really think that this office is going to investigate the crime and corruption that goes on in City Hall? Look at what happened when that scumbag Cuomo created the Moreland Commission to investigate corruption in Albany. The minute things started to lead back to him, the commission vanished.

  8. Khader is toast for the primary. If this was an articles about Nader Sayegh, there would bee 100 comments defending him. No one is defending the Khaders. The Jordanian community has turned their back on him. He will be defeated.

  9. Mike khader has been seen with Sandra on midland ave. Wonder if we the taxpayer picked up the bill for him and his girlfriend. This boy is trash.

    1. Who is Sandra?? Probably out canvassing…. Think she must work for Khader campaign or perhaps she’s a family member working on his campaign. lol!
      Stop the BS defamation of character.

      Vote Khader and take down so many of the fake politicians in Yonkers. They don’t represent us, they represent themselves.

      Current corrupt COY family & friends network in City Hall is so afraid of the end their realm…all the jobs and favors… getting really despicable and desperate.

      The end is near… Give it up! Terminator is here… We’ll be back so many, many supporters!

  10. Well it’s obvious the current establishment is against Khader given all the crazy commentary on this site.

    I’m an informed citizen and a disgusted Yonkers resident. Held hostage by an illegal exit tax, an income tax surcharge, irresponsible spending…so I am economically bound to stay. That’s the only reason I am a current resident in this city.

    Is it a city for the future, hell no! Not under this Mayor’s leadership! All the smear tactics in the CCP campaign and others, holy cow. Very incredible…more credible is to look deep deep into the Spano administration.

    Too many years of favoritism/nepotism, sexual cheating, drinking, unaddressed DWIs, undercover felonies, family favors, backroom deals and the list goes on. Elected officials at the county and state ignore the abuses at Yonkers, shame on you all!

    And shame on the District Attorney and AG too for not doing due diligence and investigations on the real abuses. All more of the same corrupt regime. God help Yonkers.

  11. Is that the office where Khader brings his girlfriend Sandra? So the taxpayers are paying for his boom boom room? Mind blowing. This guy must go!


  12. Why does the CCP Office even need its own counsel??? Is this a precedent or is this business as usual in CoY? Why can’t this office avail of Corporation Counsel services? Irregardless, seems like a total waste/squandering of taxpayer money.

    1. Not since Lesnick has the city counsel had only two attorneys. There used to one for the democrats and one for the republicans (now we cant even tell whos who). Then “Richie Cunningham” had to have his own and the rest is history. Corporation counsel is really the mayor’s attorney and the IG is the city’s attorney so why isnt he having “happy days” going after the guy who beat him? Its a 3 ring circus with nothing but clowns.

  13. Mike Khader’s political career must stop here. Yonkers cannot afford another four years of quip pro quo. He has raped the Jordanian community and now the City coffers.
    It must stop.

  14. This relationship smelled fishy all along.
    When Jeff Buss brought legal action against the Working Families Party and later withdrew, the Feds must of knocked on his door. It’s clear Jeff Buss does all of Khader’s legal work , while the taxpayers are paying him. Let’s hope the DOJ acts quickly. Yonkers can’t afford four more years of khader corruption.

    1. Where is that other politIcal hack commonly known as CARROT TOP the Yonkers IG doing about this shady deal-probably nothing which is par for the course in this pervasive corrupt city.

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