Yonkers City Councilmembers Formally Beseech Inspector General Liam McLaughlin, Esq. to Make Inquiry Over Two Issues Regarding Council President Mike Khader, Esq.’s Conduct

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YONKERS, NY — May 19, 2021 — The Yonkers Tribune has learned that six Councilmembers requested Inspector General Liam McLaughlin open a formal inquiry into the conduct of Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq. 

In the letter to which all City Councilmembers ascribed their names but for Council President Khader,  the six undersigned advised Inspector General (IG) McLaughlin that two issues of concern had become known to them and the public. Their first concern was whether Council President Mike Khader’s relationship with his Legal Counsel Jeff Buss, Esq., and Mr. Buss’ firm, Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP conformed to the Ethics Code of the City of Yonkers, as well as all applicable City and State laws.  

Their second concern was with respect to an ex-employee’s comments to Mr. Khader over whether a hostile environment existed and/or continues to exist in the Office of the City Council President.

The signatories to this letter advised IG McLaughlin that under § C7-2(A) of the City Charter, entitled “Powers and Duties”, they urged IG McLaughlin to engage in a thorough and transparent inquiry which addresses both real and perceived conflicts.

The letter was undersigned by the following …

Majority Leader Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2)

Minority Leader Mike Breen (District 5)

Council Member Shanae Williams (District 1)

Council Member Tasha Diaz (District 3)

Council Member John Rubbo (District 4)

Council Member Anthony J. Merante (District 6) 

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eHeziYonkers City Councilmembers Formally Beseech Inspector General Liam McLaughlin, Esq. to Make Inquiry Over Two Issues Regarding Council President Mike Khader, Esq.’s Conduct

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  1. Hezi we have met on several occasions and I THANK YOU for giving me this platform to speak “THE TRUTH”

    **I love everyone until they prove to me they are an asshole**

    -inspector General Liam McLaughlin-class act of gentleman and family (wife, kid, brothers mom & dad (so much love and respect for Liam I always supported him and always will)

    -Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins so much respect especially meeting her at the RELAY FOR LIFE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and me being her favorite DJ, but seeing her at so many fundraisers and mpac and donation drives (she really is a Senator for the people)

    -Senator Shelley Mayer-what a class act and beautiful person inside and out always have to get a selfie “Shelley will always be a dear friend” I was fortunate to work on her assembly campaign ! Always working hard for her constituents getting things done !

    -Johnny Limo I know Johnny from topclasslimo.com a long time and he has always been a class act to me since I’m a teenager (his wife, kids and entire family beautiful people)

    -Yonkers City Council President-Mike Khader always seen him at Johnny’s parties over the years but only got to know him these past couple years and it’s amazing the things I’m reading (such a family man) man of his word gets things done for his constituents and happy I got to know Mike and consider him a friend (A NO BS type of guy)

    -Councilman John Rubbo a good friend “always there if and when you need him” we have been on so many donation drives and fundraisers together and his wife and kids and family are awesome

    -Councilman Mike Breen-what a gentleman always fun to be around and very likeable guy and yes a no bs type of man as well

    -Councilwoman Corazon Pineda Issac-sweetheart of a woman always about her constituents and gets thing done

    -Councilwoman Tasha Diaz-when I met Tasha as a civilian not in office she already had her boots on ready to kick ass out there and get things done and Tasha has from the moment we worked together on a donation drive she was always organized and than boom another drive “it’s putty for her” she just knows what to do and it shows especially for her constituents.

    -Councilwoman Shanae Williams-I know Shanae from the campaign always a pleasure to work with her and YES ! Indeed another person that gets thing done a young vibrant soul who puts the work in.

    -in closing always choose the right person for the job and if you have history and a personal relationship with them that’s always great, but not now or ever I’ll allow someone to direct me where I don’t want to go! A friend always told me “if you are confused” stay neutral until you figure it out ! If I have 2 friends running for office I stay neutral and do for both !

    Sorry I know you ALL want me to BAD MOUTH people on here sorry NOT MY STYLE ! but I will tell you “WE ALL KNOW A FEW PEOPLE WHO FORGOT WHERE THEY CAME FROM” and let that power get to there heads! You just never know ! Don’t hurt the people who helped you and are ultimately making you shine, I don’t know about you all but I have NO PROBLEM taking a back seat and letting my friends shine in the limelight ! Like I said I’ve done a party for the President of the USA in 2000 and have done parties for celebrities, actors, politicians, dignitaries, hundreds of fundraisers in 30 years in the DJ BUSINESS and NOW having a Thriving community based INTERNET RADIO STATION ZAZZRADIO.com, yes I have been on TV several times etc.. REALITY SHOWS, I don’t need the accolades ! All I want to do is to be left alone do what I have to do at work earn my living and continue to take care of the people who take Care of me and most importantly GIVE BACK TO MY YONKERS, Westchester, NY COMMUNITY AND NETWORK with so many awesome friends to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! through my several Facebook groups and social media platforms when I have an opportunity to do so ! AMEN !

  2. I’ve been a part of the Spano Administration for 9 Years and than YES going back to running signs out of MT. CARMEL place for The Honorable SENATOR NICK SPANO in the 1990’s and always will be LOYAL to the beautiful family ! I was there when MIKE was in the ASSEMBLY and when VINNY gave Mike the Oath of Office (1st EVER) and DAD was smiling ear to ear and was there by the families side when his eyes were unfortunately closed and as I always say “LONG LIVE THE KING” I’ve done parties and parties for the family and they always made me feel like family ! Was blessed to Spend every holiday with them for the past how many years and made amazing memories I’ll never forget !
    Let me make something very clear I was neutral when it came to THE YONKERS CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT RACE? you did not see me ENDORSE either candidate ! But what I did do is stand by my TEAMSTERS LOCAL 456 unions candidate “they asked and I handed out literature” if the other side would’ve asked me I would’ve done the same ! THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY “But they didn’t” I don’t BULLSHIT like most of the RATS on here..so you really want to know and comment “THERE IT IS” I know who you all are anyway “you JEALOUS RATS” really I’m lazy I made my bones everywhere out on the garbage truck FOR 18 years and yes broke my ass for the CURRENT ADMINISTRATION !! And Till this day Breaking my ass weed wacking picking up dirty shit bags and bulk, on black top “yes indeed taking pride in what I do” oh by the way never had a job at the CHEMA CENTER, Didn’t “sleep in the snow plow” and if I did I would say I did NOPE I was buying time because my snow plow was fucked up and inhaled plenty of fumes from it “I’m the first person to say I’m NOT PERFECT-are you? Far from it ! What have you done for the administration lately ? People can let you know what I’ve done and how many times I donated my services over the years “so talk all you want that non-sense” I’m FLATTERED ! you made me YONKERS FAMOUS ! Know matter what I wish ALL OF YOU MY HATERS WELL ! Ciao and GOD BLESS you all and your families oh by the way check out GRAVESEND SERIES ON AMAZON PRIME I’m in episodes 2 & 4 you’ll see me by the bar and in the credits (4) episodes 30 mins long (1980’s Brooklyn Mob Series) also check out an episode of “the real housewives of NJ” you’ll see me there and if you really want to go back (check out me on REAL WORLD OF LAS VEGAS with TOMMY LEE at the GHOST BAR in LAS VEGAS ! I’m Just a kid from the City Of Yonkers New York trying to do the right thing !

  3. This is DJ LENNY SANTOWASSO in the flesh from ZAZZRADIO.com ok who are you all (hiding behind your keyboards) let’s chat and talk “the truth”

  4. The Khader Express will prevail. The administration is scared of Khader’s intellect and good looks. City Hall has room for only one stud.

  5. On Khader’s financial disclosures, there are also donations from “Prime Locations,” which is also located at 733 Yonkers Avenue. Something stinks here.

    Buss gets 75k a year from the city to be Khader’s lawyer. It’s pretty obvious that Buss’ firm is allowing Khader to run his business rent free in exchange for maintaining that contract through the city, and the landlord (Prime Locations) looks the other way or gets a Council President in their pocket…

  6. This investigation should take Liam 15 minutes. Mike Khader needs to produce 38 canceled rent check to close this investigation before the primary.

  7. Mimi Rocah is bringing in her old boss Preet Baharra on special assignment to investigate the corrupt Spano administration. It’s about time.

  8. DJ Lenny is one of the laziest bums in all of DPW, and that’s a big group. He has never done a single day’s work his entire life. He has this idea in his head that the Spanos like him, and that he can do whatever he wants. Newsflash Lenny- they don’t give a shit about you and they can’t keep your dumb, embarrassing ass far enough away.

    1. I know who this is and do me a favor please ask around and people will tell you how hard I work and worked ! But I don’t OWE anyone anything and certainly do not have to prove myself to a KEYBOARD GANGSTER !

    2. I know who you are and you never liked me the day I stood foot in the campaign office, meanwhile I was helping out Nick in the 90’s when your mom was wiping your ass ! Jealous and envy gets you know where it’s very sad because I was going to reach out to you and try to help you “because you need it” see your not that smart and you think you are but it’s funny the timing of your posts ! Caught ! GOTCHA !

  9. DJ Lenny-Loser had a gig at the Chima center for a 99th birthday bash and his loser Roadie Sam the Kankasore Borelli was carting in LL’s Dj equipment sucking on a .50 cigar.

  10. Wow. DJ Lenny gets thrown to the curb by the Spano’s because he writes in favor of Mike Khader. The Spano’s don’t think you should have your own brain and make your own decisions. Don’t worry Lenny you’re in good company with all those who refuse to be dictated to by the almighty Spanos.

    1. I let everyone believe what they want to believe and NO I didn’t get thrown to the curb by the Spano’s always will be loyal, but I’ll always be a Union man “so fault me for standing behind my UNION’s CANDIDATE”

  11. Khader is the establishment
    He Bragged about how he received 88% at the Democratic Convention!
    Someone with all that money in his campaign account is clearly bought off by special interest groups.
    Khader is what’s wrong with Yonkers politics. Vote for the real outsider Lakisha Collins Bellamy

    1. Lakisha is as “inside” as they come, she’s no outsider!!

      She’s NOT independent, just another one of the Spano political hacks milking Yonkers as an attorney for Municipal Housing and a trustee of the Board of Education.

      What a joke!! Everyone knows Housing and Education are 100% sub-standard in Yonkers. So please, Lakisha, tell us what you have accomplished?

    1. Folks on this thread just bash out at anyone they don’t agree with. Such vile, insulting and disgusting remarks. If you have something to say at least be civil and state your case. End of story.

  12. Khader has the support of the people in the community but not the Spano Administration or the lousy City Counsel members who are all compromised and bought and paid for by Spano. Khader will win the primary in a landslide despite the fake allegations made against him.

    Khader has the support of all of the unions that matter in Yonkers
    Teamsters Local 456
    Yonkers Federation of Teachers
    Civil Service Employees Association
    Yonkers Fire Local 628

    Once Khader trounces the Spano backed and supported primary candidate it will be time gear up for the real election in 2 years.

    1. Last i checked you must have a Yonkers address to vote in Yonkers.. Not a Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, or Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Vermont .
      Good luck Mike your going to need it. This year all the unions will be nominating the Yonkers girl just ask Nick and Z. the only thing Lenny and the teamster are going to do for you it toss all your trash in office into stinky garbage truck. So you and Kilo Johhny can put for sale signs up on houses your done.

  13. THE City Of Yonkers COMMUNITY 456 supports you Mike 100% 😍🇺🇸💪👠🙏🏻Caffe Classico Yonkers (Dom & Antoinette) and Johnny Limo TOPCLASSLIMO.com MPACnow YONKERS City Council President Mike Khader yours truly City Of Yonkers Own and ZAZZRADIO.com ‘s own DJ Lenny Santowasso😍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️THANK YOU AS ALWAYS FOR ALL THAT YOU ALWAYS DO for your constituents and to HELP THOSE IN NEED The Entire Yonkers City Council John Rubbo Mike Breen Corazon Pineda Isaac Shanae Natalee Williams Tasha Diaz Anthony Merante should all be ashamed of themselves portraying what they do on CCP KHADER and our TEAMSTERS LOCAL 456 🐎 President Lou Picani “YONKERS STRONGEST” Yonkers Chief Shop Steward “Gio” Giuseppe Sindona WILL ENDORSE YONKERS CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT MIKE KHADER ❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALL please continue to be safe! “LET YOUR HEART ZAZZ”❤️💚💙🤍 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🐎

        1. I’ll go anywhere I want keyboard gangster meet me and tell me to my face tough guy ! Nothing but cowards and honestly I don’t even have the time “your a waste of my precious time”

    1. Hey dummy they do nothing for the community they are self serving corrupt politicians. Name one thing khader has done ??? He’s fooled Lou Picani into giving him tons of money. Lou will regret it one day. Your just as corrupt as they are, do you declare all the cash you get for DJ’ing , to your work 8 hours a day? I’ve seen you many times sleeping on the job. You cheat taxpayers just like khader so your post is understandable you crook.

      1. This is a better one
        Didn’t realize khader has another employee who has never entered City Hall. The Feds are going to have a field day with “Theft of Honest Services”
        Does khader understand that his employees work for the taxpayers NOT his campaign. This will be great !!!!

      2. Name just ONE substantive thing Bozo Breen has done?
        Stumbling Merante?
        TurnCoat Rubbo?
        Double-dipping Corazon?
        All about Blacks Shanae Williams?
        And Foodbags Tasha??

        Absolutely NOTHING of any consequence! They are experts in self-promotion and participate wholesale in nepotism and personal enrichment.

        EACH one is a leech and has a story and many skeletons. But the Hamburgler Mayor McSpano has them all under his control.

        Khader has his faults, but he is the MOST independent of them all. That’s why this pre-primary sabotage is happening people!!! Wake up, the corrupt Yonkers establishment has a vendetta against Khader. And that’s why he has my support!

        1. Khader is the establishment
          He Bragged about how he received 88% at the Democratic Convention!
          Someone with all that money in his campaign account is clearly bought off by special interest groups.
          Khader is what’s wrong with Yonkers politics. Vote for the real outsider Lakisha Collins Bellamy

          1. Lakisha IS Mayor Spano’s puppet, believe it folks! She represents the regime, the establishment, nothing more than another pawn!

    2. Lenny,

      To say that the entire Council should be ashamed of themselves just shows how out of touch you are. Maybe you should stick to sleeping in your truck and leave the conversations with the big words for the adults. Go fist pump somewhere else “brother”.

    3. I love it ! Nice try sorry this wasn’t me or my words (VERY SAD THAT YOU HAVE TO COPY & PASTE and Edit MY POSTS)

      Discraziaddddddd! Whoever did this you should be ashamed of yourself
      Once again I never endorsed any CANDIDATE-I stood NEUTRAL and when asked handed out literature for Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader for my UNION “Teamsters Local 456”

  14. I guess Yonkers Taxpayers are paying Lena (Khader’s taxpayer funded campaign worker) to respond on this site. The Feds got a copy of your contract
    It’s clear you provided yonkers residents with nothing to show for it.

    1. Yeah. Our illustrious Dutchess County-based municipal employees don’t have anything on Lena – she lives in Washington DC. Honestly, I don’t see why HR allowed her to be hired. You can tell it’s her because she is slightly more literate than your average Khader.

  15. Khader is not to be messed with and they are going to learn after this election is over. Rubbo will be the first one to get embarrassed followed by Shanae. The best part about that is uncle Tim will do it without Khader’s help . Tasha will learn a lesson about loyalty when it’s her time for election

    1. If Khader is such a luchador, why has he been utterly hapless for the last four years? That vindictive streak you mention might be why his entire staff has turned over multiple times.

    2. Omg. These loser Khader’s are trying to take credit for Tasha’s win now?? I’m so glad she did what was right and signed this complaint. Fat Johnny can keep pushing his fundraisers (which I heard practically no one attended). Mike is laying in bed fearing the knocking on the door by the fbi right now if I had to guess. You don’t mess with the Spano’s. Johnny and Mike gonna learn that lesson the hard way.

      1. Stop the Spanos, this family regime has exploited Yonkers for far too long! It’s been fraught with nepotism, backroom dealings and illicit behavior.

        This city is now just shitty, dirt ridden, rat infested, crime ridden, roads like a 3rd world country, sub-standard education and housing and has gotten worse under last 10 years of Spano reign.

        We need change in Yonkers, change of wrong processes and procedures. We the people, need the City Council to propose meaningful legislation instead of dedicating all their time with flag ceremonies, street dedications, food bag distributions, etc.

        City Council MUST legislate to:
        1) overturn strong mayor rule,
        2) have taxpayers vote for school budgets and board of trustees like the rest of Westchester,
        3) overturn the illegally enacted extended terms for Mayor and Council, revert to two term, max 8 years,
        4) Inspector General must be an elected position, not Mayor-appointed to ensure independence and accountability,
        5) all city committee and board positions should be approved by City Council, not Mayor-appointed,
        6) any City Council or Judge vacancy should go to a special election vote, not Mayor-appointed,
        7) no City Council person should move into a Yonkers City Hall position after term is over, 8) all family connections, hired in the City of Yonkers, of elected Yonkers officials should be disclosed annually and indicated on all re-election material.

        This is a short-list of remediations that are critically necessary to right-track and save Yonkers. Do any of our elected officials have the guts, determination and integrity to do the right thing??

  16. The Khader’s are so insecure and always need attention so they post every silly thing
    A Man who exploits his children for political gain is a bad father

    1. What are you talking about? Exploitation of children now? Gimme a break!

      How about some of the electeds and their groupie hacks stop handing out food bags EVERY day? Seems like that’s all they are qualified to do!!! Don’t we have social services for that!?? Or others that are obsessed with Photo ops for every move they make, every step they take?

      Stop with the dramatics and get real!!

      We need people in government who can actually DO something meaningful, foster efficiency and transparency, watch the purse strings, work to improve education and housing, be responsive to constituents, improve quality of life in all areas of the City and spend our tax dollars wisely and frugally.

  17. The Khader’s are such low lives please stop messaging me for my absentee ballots, I’m going to call the DA’s office.
    Please stop saying we are cousins.
    You’re an embarrassment to the community.

    1. Grow some balls and just say no Junior! Lmaoo or next time put your name in the comment and they won’t contact you. Now that’s common sense

  18. This pre-primary political stunt will prove to be very troublesome indeed for Mike. Not for Mike Khader but rather for Mike Spano and his little wannabe successor John Rubbo. You brought it on guys now let’s see how you take it.

      1. The Khader’s are known for robbing the system. I can’t wait till Johnnylimo gets indicted for putting his wife and daughters on the payroll to collect PPP.
        Robbing taxpayers is what the Khader’s are known for.

  19. Khader is trying to deflect
    The staff in your office will tell the truth about you.
    Your relationship with Buss is no secret.
    You are starting to sound like your buddy Rich Thomas

  20. We all know that the friends and family network are corruption personified, but we have to recognize that the allegations facing Khader are verifiably true. I’m not saying that Spano and his regime aren’t also corrupt, but just look at Khader’s statement to News 12 – he didn’t even offer a denial of the items spelled out by the Council. Yes, investigate everybody, vote them all out, and lock them up where necessary, but let’s just recognize that Khader isn’t just a crook, he’s an incompetent, bungling crook, which in my opinion is even worse.

  21. Tish James is being provided with photos of all the crashed city cars that Mr Fixer from the Clerks Office quietly got repaired over the past several years by current and former council members and even a red haired former Council President. Should have gone to Maco instead of the city repair shop especially when you treat those same guys who did the work like shit.

  22. Wow…the Council is now requesting investigations into matters discussed or written about in the Yonkers Tribune?

    I guess we can expect them to request investigations into:
    Blue Truth?
    Red Truth?
    Rubbo’s sweetheart deals and conflicts of interest?
    Corazon’s no show hob at the County, her sisters job in the Mayor’s office, her car GPS and accident records?
    Breen’s kids’ special treatment and details in the PD?
    Sabatino’s pay to play vote on term limits in exchange for a raise for his husband and a cushy job for himself?
    Mrs Vincent Spano’s 6 figure job at the IDA?
    Jose Alvarado’s tenure in the Clerks Offixe?
    Nick Spano’s shaking down of all the municipal unions and pay to play promotions and hirings in PD FD and almost every city agency and the BOE?
    Mike Spano’s decades long affair with his Chief of Staff?
    The kickbacks from lawyers, accountants, and consultants working for the City?
    The list goes on and on and on since the Council has NEVER paid attention to the corruption the Yonkers Tribune has exposed and written about for years.
    Come on City Council let looks into all these and more instances of collusion, conflict and illegality.

    1. There will be no investigations into all these legitimate allegations and so many others that if listed it would be pages long. Reason self-incrimination for corrupt/unethical behavior by CC and fear of the Spano reign/retaliation.

      This is nothing more than a politically sponsored witch hunt of Khader, who I am sure is far from perfect, but those who live in glasses houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. Isn’t the timing, one month before the primary, very telling?

      Hope the Feds come to investigate this Administration and all the co-conspirators, including the City Council. Every member has skeletons in their closets. The shame of it all!

      1. Khader has sold the City out to labor unions he’ll take money from anyone who will give it to him. I’m hoping in the next few days a criminal investigation will open on him. It’s clear he’s defrauding taxpayers. These investigation has to happen before voters go to the polls

      1. True. City Council never requests investigation of anything. Since when does City Council care about ethical practices? Clearly all bought off all of a sudden and a planned scheme underfoot.

  23. Outside of this (which is a big deal) flip flopping mike Khader is toast. Big brother Johnny can send out as many annoying invites to events for little bro as he wants but the truth is the people after 4 years know Khader is a do nothing politician. And it’s one thing to just do nothing and be in the friends and family club. It’s an entirely different story to be such a wet blanket you can’t take a stand on a single issue (see Khader and Columbus Day). Maybe Khader is too busy waving flags supporting hamas to really care about what’s going on in the city. #LaterKhader

  24. Khader is NOT Andrew Cuomo and he can’t ignore these allegations or this investigation. If he wants to survive he needs to fight back and go right at Spano by calling on the Feds to investigate Nick Spano’s coercion and control of everything in Yonkers. If you don’t pay Nick Spano off with “lobbying” dollars then you get nothing. Even the firemen eventually had to pay the extortion and now everything is honky dory and they’re all making $300,000 thanks to taking care of Nick. The cops have been paying Nick Spano for years and they got everything they wanted including a police commissioner. Go tell the Feds everything Khader and enter into a deal with them before it’s too late.

    1. What makes it ok for Andrew Cuomo to escape all his indiscretions and crimes… sexual harassment, fraud, killing senior citizens in nursing homes, his book club, etc. Dems are silent about Albany corruption, just totally sickening!

  25. The Khader’s are known for shaking people down. Nothing surprises me here, I receive solicitations everyday from that family.

  26. Mike open the floodgates NOW to expose all the corruption, backroom deals, under-handed tactics, favoritism, nepotism, no-show jobs going on in City Hall, within the Spano Administration, and also in the BOE and last but not least amongst your “esteemed” colleagues on the the City Council. You’ve always been a threat to the establishment and now they are dead-set on discrediting you. No holds barred…Fight back!

    1. He can’t. Too many of them are Khader relatives! Including one that has recently been arrested driving Khader’s luxury BMW!

      1. Oh please stop…. Khader relatives are minimal when compared to the VAST numbers employed from the Spano clan and the F&F network….

        As for driving records….What ever happened to the wrong-way drunk driving accident that Mayor Spano’s PR guy Akeem was in? Such reckless and dangerous behavior that resulted in serious personal injury to himself and to another innocent driver. He was and still is a City employee…. was Akeem ever prosecuted? Any charges? Crickets…..

        Guess that was swept under the rug by the Spano Administration. A lot of Yonkers dirt under that filthy rug! Time to get the Tyson out for a deep-cleaning.

        Hope the NYS AG comes to Yonkers as the Yonkers IG is not independent and an investigation well beyond Khader is in order, should be across ALL of City Hall!!

      2. I’m a veteran and I keep the post up to date on McLean ave., until his nephews came and blew some pipe smoke into my face.

        1. He had his chance. He’s had 4 years to take on the problems that we all know exist in City Hall, and he didn’t do anything – if anything, he became part of the problem. I was really hopeful that Khader would be an effective counterweight to the Spanos, but he has squandered every single opportunity he’s been given. He’s had good people around him trying to pull him in the right direction, and ignored them. He’s had countless political opportunities to shine a light on corruption and malfeasance in the city, but didn’t take any of them.

          We can only truly evaluate politicians on their record, and Khader doesn’t have one. Believe me, I don’t expect any of his opponents to do any better than him (it seems like you have to get a lobotomy as soon as you qualify for the ballot in this city), but maybe we can hope that they won’t actively embarrass themselves and the city?

          Just wait and see if anybody who has worked for him will defend him. Wait and see if the unions that helped him win the first time work as hard or even support him at all.

          1. What has the Mayor done in his 2 terms and his illegitimate 3rd term besides enrich developers and enrich himself and family and friends??? Are you the average homeowner/taxpayer better off with Spano?? Hell NO!
            Schools are second rate, huge budget, higher taxes, income tax surcharge only in NYS, illegible exit tax, city is turning into a huge slum, rats, garbage…. Generation Yonkers is a fraud… it’s All about the waterfront because that’s where the payoffs are. Nick is pulling all the strings and should be in handcuffs.

            Investigate Khader but AG has to come into Yonkers and investigate the Spano regime because that where all the $$$$$ lie..

    2. Here’s the thing. He’s had four years to do literally anything. He could have effectively fought the mayor and played his cards right politically to be a viable, popular, and highly visible elected official who could run with the themes of transparency, accountability, and fighting the Spanos’ business/politics as usual. That would be a totally valid course of action. He could have also just worked to quietly deliver things to his constituents – quality of life stuff, economic development, stuff like that. Also a totally valid way of using his time as CCP. He did neither. To be an effective elected official, you need to build strong relationships with other people in government, have a staff that is invested in you and your success, be able to communicate effectively, and build an actual track record of accomplishments that you can run for re-election on. He did the exact opposite. If you ask Khader or any of his family what his biggest accomplishments are over the last four years, it’s a pretty short list. I would respect him being a vocal opposition to the mayor, I would respect him quietly and competently setting about the work of being CCP, but he has truly done neither.

      Not that any of the other dolts on the council are any better, but I think this letter, combined with Karen’s account of his office, combined with the sleazy relationship with Jeff Buss, combined with what I imagine are many shoes left to drop during this campaign, demonstrates (to borrow a phrase from 2016) that Khader is “temperamentally unfit for office.”

    3. Liam’s brothers hired by DPW
      Sabatino and his husband got jobs
      Corazon’s sister and family hired at city hall
      Breen’s kids get cushy PD spots
      Rubbo gets tax breaks rent breaks and is conflicted on downtown projects he votes on
      Merante is a dope
      Williams is an idiot
      Tasha is well Tasha
      And they want to investigate Khader?

      1. I never knew being an (epithet) and being Tasha qualified for an investigation. Sounds like you’re trying to find a problem with hard-working, respectable women. Look inward friend, Khader is a sexist, frugal idiot who’s plaguing the city. I hate to see it.

    4. That’s the pot calling the kettle black! How many family members does he employ in his small office that does absolutely nothing? How many nephews and in laws have been hired since he took office? Please enlighten me! This guy is as crooked as they come! He ran a campaign saying he’d never hire family or take a city car. He’s done both!

      1. The Yonkers City Council basically was shammed into voting for an investigation into Khader-they only took action because they had no other recourse-cowards all six of these mental incompetents and they will tell people people what heroes they are-unfortunately too many people in Yonkers believe their bull shit.

          1. You’re probably right, although he should have started to be embarrassed to show his face around CH starting a few years ago. I hate being “represented” by people who are straight up dumb. Knock Mike Spano and his cabal all you want, but at least they have a degree of smarts and political skill while they’re milking the city for all it’s worth – Khader (and the rest of the city council) couldn’t screw in a lightbulb if you have them all day.

  27. This is what happens Mike when you sit back and don’t expose Spano’s illegal corruption. Now instead of being on the offense you’re on defense.

    1. In the recent COY budget hearing there was an agency item that read $90,000 for professional fees-everybody at that hearing knew that the$90,000 was for a no-show job for a former Yonkers Mayor-yet nobody said a thing-they are all complicit in the rampant corruption at Yonkers City Hall.

  28. I’m glad the city council is standing up to this bully. This is a clear path for the Feds to pickup this investigation.

    1. Rubbo? Or the ENTIRE Council? Not just democrats. Not just republicans. EVERYONE!

      This guy has to go. Please resign.

    2. Many people in the 4th Council District are tired of it always being represented by white males -its time that inclusion and diversity take hold-time to show John Rubbo the door and elect a person of color.

    3. People in Rubbo’s District are tired of him disrespecting seniors and being a no-show Councilperson-time to vote his ass OUT-all he is concerned about is enriching himself.

  29. Thank You to all 6 Yonkers City Council members for calling on the Inspector General to investigate these allegations.

    1. Thank for what-the Yonkers IG does what he is told by Mayor Spano-brush everything under the rug Mikey and Carrot Top.

  30. So Mike khader is now under investigation. I didn’t think the council had it in them. Kudos, this is a serious crime.

    1. Stop making the City Council out to be heroes when the fact of the matter is that they all knew what was going on and never said a word-that is why Yonkers is the cesspool that it is today because Yonkers resident’s keep voting these bums back into office- so don’t complain Yonkers voters you are partially to blame for the shithole they call Yonkers.

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