Yonkers Democratic City Committee Endorses José Alvarado for Re-Election

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Defines José Alvarado as the Real Democrat in the Race

Yonkers Democratic City Chair and City of Yonkers DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier.

incumbent Westchester County Board Legislator José Alvarado campaigning for Re-Election to serve LD-17.

YONKERS, NY — May 19, 2021 — Thomas Meier, Chair of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee said: “The Yonkers Democratic City Committee is proud to endorse José Alvarado for County Legislator. José’s progressive values have been evident in his efforts to improve the local quality of life through affordable housing, social services, and community involvement.”

Meier emphasized: “During the pandemic Jose went to work helping people get vaccinated, opening a vaccine center in downtown Yonkers and delivering food to people unable to leave their homes. Together with the Mayor, he established a much-needed Yonkers Youth Bureau.”

Chairman Meier again noted that “José is the real Democrat in this race and he deserves your support.”

TribuneYonkers Democratic City Committee Endorses José Alvarado for Re-Election

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  1. Remember when the DPW Water Chief ran for mayor.Haaaaaaaa-Haaaaaa ! Now the Kankasore spends his time shaking down cash strapped homeowners telling them their water main is bad but it’s the city’s pipe.Crook.

  2. If anyone is ever doubtful about how debased politics is, just take a look at Meier. The guy is a disgusting pig in every sense of the term. Ask any person who knows him.

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