Yonkers GOP Independence Day Barbecue Fundraiser for City Councilmember Anthony Merante and City Council President Candidate Ron Matten – June 30, 2021

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YONKERS, NY — May 30, 2021 — Please join the Yonkers Republican City Committee with special hosts:

  • Minority Leader Mike Breen
  • Former Majority Leader John Larkin
  • Former Councilmember Dee Barbato
  • Former Councilmember Joan Gronowski

as they celebrate our Independence with a B-B-Q fundraiser for Anthony Merante, who is running for re-election in the 6th District and Ron Matten, who is running for City Council President.

Event Date: June 30, 2021

Dunwoodie Golf Course

1 Wasylenko Ln, Yonkers, NY 10701

Tickets are available online: https://yonkersgop2021.eventbrite.com

eHeziYonkers GOP Independence Day Barbecue Fundraiser for City Councilmember Anthony Merante and City Council President Candidate Ron Matten – June 30, 2021

Comments 82

  1. Khader the public dislikes you because you are a liar. Your colleagues all know you’re a liar. Your family knows you’re a liar. Your clients know you’re a liar. Your a typical politician who can’t tell the truth.

    1. Haters going to hate! You’re obviously very delusional…

      Why don’t you back up your false and stupid claims? With some facts? Love to know WHO you are supporting?

      You know what people hate, the dirty politics that is Yonkers and especially this election season, gets worse every time!

      The Mayor lies and lies and will probably coerce the puppet Council for another illegitimate term.

      Liar, liar pants on fire…stop the childish and irrational mud slinging!

      1. Hey Delfim. First of all, You don’t talk about a sitting judge like that. Have some respect. Sorry your illegitimate dad (Tom Daly) lost the election (Not!). You had better hope that your *********** Ass doesn’t end up before The Honorable Judge Best in court.
        You’ll get 10yrs bitch!

      2. Someone sounds butt hurt! Still recovering from last year?! Let’s talk about the Dalys!!

        Sorry Tom couldn’t continue to leech off of the tax payers with his high paying patronage job. Then he had to beg for a 70k job working near his lazy wife. She puts in as much work in the office as she does washing herself. I would hate to be her GYN.

        Who else hates the Dalys??????

      3. The races are similar the establishment and the special interest groups have backed Khader (see his financials)
        Lakisha Collins Bellamy is being supported by the people.

        1. Khader and Collins-Bellamy are both backed by special interests. Mike Spano is now attending Collins-Bellamy fundraisers and sending out mailers to Democrats bashing Khader.
          Committee for a Better Yonkers
          More like Committee to Better Spano.

        2. You’re totally mistaken…got it backwards…Lakisha is being supported by the establishment & Spano machine. They are working hard on Social media to discredit Khader because he’s not a puppet, isn’t bought & paid for like the rest of the Council or beholden to the Mayor, like Lakisha is!

        3. Think about it…Lakisha and Hodges new candidates are both backed by Spano and so are the incumbents Corazon and Rubbo… there is absolutely zero independence with these 4…

          IF these guys all win their respective primaries/elections, then the ENTIRE seven member Council will be completely owned and controlled by the Spano regime. Things will get far worse in Yonkers than they are now! Yonkers will be doomed.

          1. If we are talking about “things getting worse,” I have been asking in these threads for months: what has Mike Khader accomplished at all in the last four years? He doesn’t have a record, doesn’t have the relationships or political capital to achieve anything, and doesn’t have the intellect, vision, or experience to make any meaningful change. I totally agree that we need strong and independent councilpeople, but I defy you, Lauren/Lena, to summarize what Khader has accomplished in the last four years that should warrant him another term. Khader is just too incompetent and temperamentally unsuited to the job.

      4. there is no comparison being made of the personalities..just the politics..look all around insurgent democrats are running primaries against incumbants and ousting them …elliot engel lost in the bronx..nita lowey retired and a black gay guy won the primary….tony scarpino was a good DA nevertheless Mime Rocah trounced him…and finally Karen Best beat incumbant Tom Daily…Lakisha will do the same to Khader and you can take that to the bank

        1. Eillot has been in office since we were little kids, bowman took his opportunity and ran a smart campaign and won, i don’t know what kind of water you are drinking but Scarpino was as Corrupt as they come. Stop drinking with Kilo Khader . Karen Best worked her ass off and Daly is part of the establishment. You made no point . As annoying as the khader are they will win this election. Bye bye SpaNOOOo

  2. Adele please stop bothering me !!!
    You and your sisters need to get a life.
    I was voting for your brother until you keep questioning me. I hope my vote counts and Lakisha wins.

    1. Adele is another fraud
      Just because you constantly post religious stuff doesn’t make you a good person. You should take care of your kids you witch.

    2. I been voting since 1984
      Andy Spano sign my family to vote
      I receive so many calls from John and Mike sisters I don’t like this I not comfortable
      Inshallah Ya Rob Mike loses
      Shame on them

  3. keep the sixth republican

    we do not want a former ypd chief with a six figure pension and his carpetbagger campaign manager from west side yonkers ruining the sixth

    1. What exactly has Merante achieved on the Council?

      Holding government accountable? He voted to extend term limits on the Mayor
      Watching the purse? He voted for the largest tax increases in recent memory

      But of course you don’t care, the supreme irony is that Republicans claim that ideology and identity politics has permeated the Democratic Party but will bend over backwards performing mental gymnastics to rationalize supporting somebody who has done nothing for the community he ostensibly represents simply because he’s a Republican. “carpetbagger campaign manager from west side yonkers ruining the sixth”? Sorry to break it to you pal but it’s not 1987 anymore.

  4. Hey Mikey you finally let your wife out of the house to attend campaign events with you !!! Your a sick man who uses and abuses his wife..There’s a special place in hell for men like you.

  5. Nice, try, but I did not attack Judge Martinelli. I simply laid out some truths.

    Yes, you are correct in saying that he has an excellent reputation with courts, outside of yonkers and with attorneys, again, outside of yonkers. That is because he is excellent at faking it.

    You claim that he was busy, up-county, so that explains his absence. Well, I’m here to tell you that if Michael Martinelli runs for mayor, he will be exposed for the fraud he is, and could possibly face penalties for his behavior.

    The records do not lie, nor do they favor any particular school of thought. As with all others, Michael Martinelli had to use his ID card to enter the parking lot. Those records are kept by the police department (think – Tim Hodges) and will demonstrate that he was not present in yonkers on many, many days. The other side is white plains – the records up there, both parking and court – will show that he also wasn’t there.

    Now, what will absolutely sink Mr. Martinelli is the fact that, for years, he assigned himself to a court part, but never showed up there. It was conducted, without a judge, by the clerks and the convicted city attorney – Lawrence Porcari. People were convicted and sentenced to fines, all without a judge being present. That is your ‘ethical’ Michael Martinelli.

    The proceedings in that fake court are all on official audio record – readily available to the public – and clearly show that judge Martinelli was never present.

    If judge Martinelli runs, knowing all of this, he is a bigger fool than I could ever imagine.

    1. Martinelli is not planning on running..but he may very well subpoena your name from the tribune and sue you for defamation…better check your insurance coverage….but you sound like someone who works in the courts and has it in for the Judge..you cite chapter and verse about being absent..it’s a garbage accusation without backup…which in order to defeat a defamation lawsuit you will have to present along with proof of where the Judge was if not in the courthouse…in other words you cannot anonymously make an accusation against a member of the judiciary and expect to get away with it..Martinelli for the purposes of a defamation suit would NOT be considered a public figure and therefore any accusation you make would not have to be with malice intent it would only have to be false and hurtful to his reputation as an attorney..that’s all bud!

      1. Your attempt to silence the truth with threats will not work. It was stated, very clearly, that records bear out the statements. Stop trying to be a bully and check out the records mentioned. They are available for review.

  6. It’s true Michael Martinelli is an honorable person. I’m hopeful he’ll be Yonkers next strong mayor a position his late father tried for in 1991. Unfortunately the local Conservative and Republican parties were divided that year. The Martinelli name still resonates in Yonkers and he’ll defeat any liberal democrat.(Nader, Hodges or Rubbo.)

    1. Is there a Conservative Party in Yonkers? If there is, they should find a real chair instead of the joke we know.

    2. Nader is a dinosaur ,

      Hodges is a zero that can’t make a decision, that’s why he was looked over as PC,

      Rubbo looks like a lost puppy when his head comes out of Spano’s A$$

    3. Yes, I pray!

      Kick the Spanos and all their minions out including Turncoat Rubbo and Crash Corazon aka Double-dipping Corazon.

        1. Yes, the Spanos reached too far this time!
          Khader run don’t walk to the AG!
          Once you clear your name clean up the garbage in city hall including your cousin!
          Voters are watching!

          1. What’s taking so long for the Yonkers IG to investigate and finalize a report on Khader’s “alleged” financial improprieties? Is this open-ended “politically-motivated” investigation going to drag on through the primary and General Election?

            Can’t imagine anything that the IG Office is working on that is more time-sensitive or highly publicized. Voters deserve to know the facts and have access to IG findings in a timely manner.

            So where’s the IG report?

  7. the person who has attacked Judge Michael Martinelli doesn’t know what he is talking about. Martinelli had a fabulous record as chief judge of the yonkers city court…He was well respected by members of the judiciary all over the county. He was a talented lawyer who could have made lots of money in the private sector including being CEO of the family publishing business which includes Delaware today and Hudson Valley magzines, but he chose public service instead. Calling him a no show is a flat out lie…If you are talking about the last year there was a pandemic where the courts practically stopped working except for arraignments…Other than that Martinelli was on the bench daily handling cases and trials even though as Adm Judge he could have delegated the grunt work to his collegues. What you probably didn’t realize is that Judge Martinelli was also an acting county court judge which meant that several days a week he sat in white plains and heard criminal cases….Felony cases. So any so called absences were at the direction of the administrative Judge for the entire ninth judicial district demonstrating that the comments by whomever probably has a personal grudge against this fine jurist, is simply dead wrong. Over the years the Martinelli family has given plenty back to the city of Yonkers in terms of public service. Angelo Martinelli served as Mayor for 6 terms in the 1970’s and 80’s re elected over and over again. Richard Martinelly served as a councilman and as President of the Yonkers City council for many years and finally Michael Martinelli sat as a city court judge and Administrative Judge spanning decades. And guess what none of them needed the money!

  8. This City of Yonkers should build a Psychiatric Unit for the Khader Family.
    If you look at the Family they really need mental help. Prayers haven’t worked.

  9. Restore ethics? Judge Martinelli? You can’t be serious.

    That man, single-handedly, destroyed the city court. Martinelli used the city court as his personal playground. He was, almost always, a no-show, and only paid attention to what was important to him, such as taking good care of well-connected (republican) lawyers. He also abused his city car by using it personally. Yes, as a state employee, he had a city car – go figure.

    Ethics? Not in that man, especially when he was drinking, which was quite often.

  10. Keep the Sixth Conservative Republican. We don’t want a carpet bagger democrat from the West side of Yonkers representing us. Lets send a message to him and his campaign manager. We will then take back the Strong Mayor position by electing either Yonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli or Dee Barbato. (Restore ethics, Integrity.)

  11. A former cop , part of the establishment with a 160k pension. A broken ego because he was passed up for the big seat now wants to be a thorn in the hands that fed him….. hypocrisy.

    1. Yes Agree!

      More welfare off the Yonkers taxpayers. Big time 6 figure YPD pension and now Hodges wants to suck us more for another $100k as CCP. So Tim, you are now electioneering to clip close to $300k off Yonkers taxpayers?? Well that’s crazy!!! What do you offer?? Nothing worth close to that. You best be out to the golf courses.

  12. Post

    I am certain you will appreciate Bronxville mayor Mary Marvin’s article. The title and link is Bronxville Mayor’s Column For Memorial Day Weekend by MARY MARVIN, Esq.
    the sentiment and respect and historical perspective is as it should be, from my perspective. it is a celebration of those who fought and whose life was lost when America called for their help. Mayor Marvin exemplified in words the enormity of the loses and bravery of all those who answered the call to duty. Each , not matter the battleground, have made Americans proud. kindly, Hezi

    1. Joe Biden showed his response to the call for service by getting 5 Vietnam draft exemptions-truly repulsive yet again that is what you get from a coward.

      1. Is everyone who was in college at the time and also received deferments also repulsive? Might as well add Donald Trump to that list.

        1. A lot people who ended coming back from Nam in caskets did not have the benefit of white privilege that Joe Biden had-as for Donald Trump all we heard for 4 years from the left was incessant talk about his 4 draft exemptions-most likely from no-balls cowards like yourself.

  13. Today is a perfect example of why you never judge a politician on his words but on his actions. As I attended a ceremony to honor our heroes, the same politicians who supported a mural of BLM in front of a veterans memorial were saying all the right things .The hypocrisy never ends when it comes to these phonies. I had to laugh as I looked around and saw politicians who weren’t there two yrs ago. They only came because they were up for re election or running for office. It’s about time we call them out on their actions because their words are fake.

  14. Sources are saying Khader will be forced to resign by the end of the year. There are multiple investigations underway. It doesn’t look good. Both Khader’s lied on there PPP federal loans.

    1. I hope you’re right. I realize that anybody we elect will naturally be compromised by our corrupt politics (and anybody with the motivation to run is naturally corruptible), but Khader is just such a mess. I at least want my elected representative to be able to form a complete sentence and at least go through the motions of doing their job.

  15. Thank You Dee and Joan for supporting Ron Matten. Ron will be a legislator for all and serve the public not his family.
    The tide is turning and Lakisha is looking stronger each day. We need to bring back sensible government.
    Khader’s legislative record is reparations, banning Columbus Day etc.
    Once again Thank You

    1. Haram spano made Ron run he’s wasting time and money. Ron tell ya friends and family to save there money don’t take anymore dollars from the gop have them save the money for #Barbato4Mayor

  16. Question-is there any chance both Khader and Bottoms stay in the race, regardless of who wins the primary? If so, wouldn’t Matten have a good shot?

  17. Merante does nothing for his constituents on the west side of his district . emails go unanswered or get forwarded and no action is taken . Just take a look at the mess made by the COY at Fitzpatrick/Tomkins park fence remove not replaced field left a mess ,cut fence post sticking out of ground ECT.Time for a change!!!

  18. You don’t need to be a political scientist to understand the Republican/Conservative party in Yonkers needs to expand their reach. All of Merante’s fundraisers and volunteers are filled with geriatrics. While we all appreciate the efforts and wisdom of the older generation, it’s not sustainable, moving forward. Making a bigger tent without changing their values should be on the agenda.

  19. Mike Khader has disrespected our veterans with his political stunts
    Cheering on Hamas at our VFW Memorial is a insult to every veteran.

    1. Khader also at the end of August 2020 when he painted murals in F/O Yonkers Veterans Memorial Plaza. We don’t need Khader or any of the other Yonkers elected officials attending our service esspecially Mayor Spano who is the biggest hypocrite of them all.

  20. A windbag who was returned to office by her constituents with 60%- 70% of the vote speaks volumes. Hold the Sixth District Conservative/Republican; our values are on the line. We don’t need former police officers who are liberal and masquerading as Conservative and showing up at questionable rallies in White Plains.

    1. Apparently the 6th District is ok with windbags-all talk-no action -just like the current group of clowns on Yonkers City Council.

  21. Merante has zero chance of winning. He is absolutely outclassed here. His do nothing ways have finally caught up to him. Plus no voter will forget his term limits vote and vote for tax increases every single year.

    Matten is a lamb to the slaughter. While
    I applaud his efforts and courage to stand up and run when no one would he simply mathematically can not win. And he’s being done no favors by someone like John Larkin.

    1. The incumbent is under investigation. He has been shunned by all the council. The leader of the council now refuses to speak with the other members or the mayor. Matten’s chances improve daily, as Khader refuses to govern.
      The real race will be between Matten and Bellamy, as Yonkers cannot afford an obstructionist like Khader.

  22. To have former Yonkers Councilwoman Dee Barbato host your fundraiser is a home run. This wonderful woman could have continued in elected office, but chose not to. Like Yonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli she would be a strong contender for a mayoral run in the future as a Conservative Republican. ( They are both honorable, competent and ethical.)

  23. This should have been posted after Memorial Day weekend. We should be paying tribute to all who fought and died for freedom. As we get further away from WW2 our tributes to our heroes become less and less.Politics is the down fall of America, our war heroes are the foundation and strength of who we are.We were built on sacrifice not selfishness and have became a country controlled by greed, money and politics.It wasn’t long ago when the stars on our flag were shining bright, today they represent tears. The flag represents the sacrifice made to defend all lives so we can live in a free society.We better wake, stand up because we are taken our freedom for granted.

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