Lakisha Collins-Bellamy Accepts the Endorsement of SEIU Local 704 With Much Pride

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YONKERS, NY — JUNE 16, 2021 — Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, candidate for Yonkers City Council President, is proud to be endorsed by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 704. SEIU Local 704 represents a diverse group of workers who are employed in a variety of positions in city departments.

Collins-Bellamy is honored to have the endorsement of a union that advocates tirelessly for its hard-working members. Once elected, she looks forward to working with SEIU Local 704 and other unions in the city of Yonkers to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.

SEIU Local 704 leadership said, “Lakisha is a fresh face on the political scene with a zest to serve ALL the citizens of Yonkers. We feel that she demonstrates the passion, education and diverse background needed to be of asset in the continued enrichment of our great city where we work and live.”

Lakisha Collins-Bellamy is an advocate for diversity in municipal hiring, a quality education for all students, improved affordable housing, and public safety that brings back trust within the community. With the endorsement from SEIU Local 704, Lakisha looks forward to creating a city government in which all voices are heard, respected, and appreciated.

Collins-Bellamy is an attorney, a lifelong resident of Yonkers, and a Board of Education Trustee.

For more information about Lakisha Collins-Bellamy and her campaign for Yonkers City Council President please visit

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SOURCE: Ruby Bard | Campaign Manager | Lakisha Collins-Bellamy for Yonkers City Council President

TribuneLakisha Collins-Bellamy Accepts the Endorsement of SEIU Local 704 With Much Pride

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          1. Ple may not want the Khaders, but they don’t want Nick Spano running the council, either.
            Stand against the puppet.

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