Lakisha Collins-Bellamy Gains Endorsement of the Yonkers PBA for Yonkers City Council President

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YONKERS, NY — June 13, 2021 — Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, candidate for Yonkers City Council President, is proud to be endorsed by the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association.

Collins-Bellamy, who serves as a member of the Yonkers Police Reform Committee, welcomes the endorsement of the Yonkers PBA. As City Council President, she hopes to work in tandem with the Police Department in an effort to restore trust between the public and law enforcement.

Collins-Bellamy believes in making Yonkers safer for all of its residents by working to meet the specific needs of each community.  Yonkers PBA President Detective Keith Olson said,“We have no doubt that Lakisha is the absolute best candidate to move Yonkers forward. Her experience as an attorney, as an advocate for those seeking affordable housing in Yonkers, and as a mother raising a son in Yonkers help give her the perspective that we need to lead us into the future.”

During the pandemic, our police served as a resource to the community and never wavered in their commitment to public safety. Lakisha Collins-Bellamy appreciates their dedication to Yonkers and, once elected, hopes to work with members of our law enforcement to make our city safer for all.

Collins-Bellamy, an attorney, Yonkers School Board Trustee, and lifelong Yonkers resident is looking forward to creating a Yonkers that is equitable, just, and fair to all citizens regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

For more information about Lakisha Collins-Bellamy and her campaign for Yonkers City Council President please visit

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SOURCE: Ruby Bard | Campaign Manager | Lakisha Collins-Bellamy for Yonkers City Council President

TribuneLakisha Collins-Bellamy Gains Endorsement of the Yonkers PBA for Yonkers City Council President

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