Leading In Primary Returns, Mount Vernon Forward Team Declares: ‘It’s Time To Bring Our City Together!’

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Danielle Browne, Mount Vernon City Council candidate.

Ed Poteat, Mount Vernon City Council candidate.

Cathlin Gleason, Mount Vernon City Council candidate.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — June 23, 2021 — Today, the Mount Vernon Forward team celebrates their collective campaign and the impact it has had on the movement for better government in Mount Vernon. While we know the final tally will take some time, we believe we have won this historic race to change Democratic politics in Mount Vernon. And we invite everyone in this great city to put former rivalries aside and unite for a better future and for the general election in November. It is time to bring Mount Vernon together.

This is where we stand, according to the Board of Elections – the top three finishers in the race for three City Council seats are Danielle Browne, Ed Poteat and Cathlin Gleason. Absentee ballots still need to be counted, but our team ran a strong absentee ballot program and we believe our lead will continue to grow. We are monitoring the process and tracking the tabulation closely.

Even as the final tallies are gathered, Mount Vernon Forward stands united today – just as we have throughout this long and sometimes acrimonious primary campaign. We never went negative. We never succumbed to infighting. And we presented a unified vision for Mount Vernon’s future – one that prioritizes transparency in government, comprehensive planning, public safety and our quality of life.

The Mount Vernon Forward team offered our congratulations and support for our fellow winners in the Democratic primary – Comptroller nominee Darren Morton and returning County Legislator Tyrae Woodson-Samuels. We also thank Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, who endorsed our candidacy, for her faith and guidance.

We also thank all of our opponents for City Council and look forward to sitting down with each of them, and working with their supporters in November.

This morning, Danielle Browne, Ed Poteat and Cathlin Gleason issued a simple and powerful statement to supporters:

“Thanks to so many of you, we have created a lasting movement for change in this great city. It has been a joy to work together, learn from each other, and collaborate on a vision for a better Mount Vernon. After this long election campaign, now is the time for all of us to come together to move Mount Vernon forward.”

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SOURCE: Tom Watson, Partner, Post Road Partners LLC

TribuneLeading In Primary Returns, Mount Vernon Forward Team Declares: ‘It’s Time To Bring Our City Together!’

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