Police Associations Condemn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah
By Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President Detective Keith Olson

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Westchester County Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President and Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson.

Miriam E. Rocah, Westchester County District Attorney.

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 23, 2021 —On behalf of the more than 4,000 law enforcement officers that comprise the Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester (APA), I condemn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah’s outrageous decision to charge New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro with Attempted Assault 3. Sadly, Det. Vaccaro has been caught in the crossfire of an agenda-driven District Attorney and a politicized criminal justice system.

In her misleading and inflammatory CNN Op-Ed, written months ago, D.A. Rocah ominously wrote about “vigorously pursuing” the prosecution of police officers, specifically those involved in “off-duty road rage incidents.” It is clear that her mind was made up months ago and that the decision to charge Det. Vaccaro was not based on any true “evaluation of the evidence,” as the District Attorney’s Office claims.

In fact, Rocah’s office made NO attempt to interview Det. Vaccaro. This ridiculous decision contradicts the most basic tenets of conducting a true, fair and impartial investigation.

At the same time of her Op-Ed, D.A. Rocah Tweeted “Let’s go” in referencing the prosecution of police officers. Unfortunately, we have yet to see the same vigor from the D.A. when discussing the prosecution of violent gang members, sex offenders or any other actual criminals.

Det. Vaccaro’s actions in dealing with a violent and aggressive suspect were clearly justified and reasonable. This statement is supported by video evidence and eyewitness testimony. The decision to arrest this decorated, veteran police officer was disgraceful and only works to undermine a crucial relationship between police officers and the prosecutor’s office. Recklessly damaging this much-needed partnership while violent crime is skyrocketing throughout New York State, and the country, is frustratingly dangerous.

We look forward to the full vindication and exoneration of New Rochelle Police Det. Michael Vaccaro. In the meantime, police officers from every corner of our county will continue to risk their lives while protecting our communities.

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Det. Keith Olson, President, Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester and Yonkers Police Benevolent Association

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TribunePolice Associations Condemn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah
By Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President Detective Keith Olson

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  1. A Concerning issue:

    The opinion of the commissioner of jurors in her role on the New Rochelle Community Police Board. This seems to be a conflict of interest position that will preclude her from having even a public opinion on this matter. Will she recuse herself from the board in any discussions about this issue and will the City re-examine her appointment in an age of advocacy for transparency and fairness within the CJ system?
    Not a criticism of the individual, but her main duties as Comm is what seems in conflict here.
    Any part she plays or comments she proffers on that Board could potentially jeopardize the integrity of this case.

    Are there any rules governing the types of services she is allowed to engage in during her tenure as being Commish?
    Perhaps Mayor Bramson could weigh in on this for the Westchester Community

    Letter of the Law versus Spirit of the Law Commenter below.

    1. Thanks for the distracting psychobabble and legalese. As a retired NYPD detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience I can count the real racist cops I’ve met on one maybe two hands and NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams was one of them. Now where’s the damned video of this savage attacking my fellow detective’s mother and where is it’s lengthy violent criminal record for us to see?

      1. A local TV station that’s usual repetitive in its broadcasting, aired it by night last night while you were probably asleep.

        It hasn’t repeated it once perhaps because of its damaging nature to the tranquility of Westchester County and perhaps because of its stark similarity to one national event with the pinning of the head to the pavement.

        Sorry you missed it. I thought you had already seen it. Your uninformed and distracting responses explain why your replies are so disjointed and personal in nature.
        The details in the charging document and frame by frame of the video is available if you are able to check other local platforms.
        After viewing it you will get a clearer picture of why police accountability is not an attack on professional and non-violent police officers.

  2. NY Post Congressman Bowman, champion of defund cops requested special Police protection for his Yonkers home. Boy you can’t make this stuff up.

  3. Isn’t this the KO that has been blasted on the Yonkers Tribune for his continuous bad behavior?
    It is almost laughable that he calls someone out for an inflammatory Op-Ed when his past behavior has been checked with brutish outbursts.

  4. Mimi Rocah campaign was aided by Black Lives Matter a domestic terror group, and George Floyd a career felon. That resonated well with the brainwashed white liberals in Westchester. Curious to know when the perp in this incident was last released from jail with no bail…. A few days earlier maybe???? Keep voting for liberals

  5. Maybe a police “sick-out” in Yonkers, MT Vernon and New Rochelle on July 4th and Labor Day will wake the “woke!”

    1. What would that accomplish? Yonkers police do nothing anyway. Just see their buddies who are lighting off fireworks in densely populated areas and posting videos of it on Facebook with no repercussions. In fact I’ve been told that it is a city employee by the last name of “name deleted – we will publish when proof is provided*” who is selling these fireworks to everyone illegally. Oh and Keith Olsen needs to go on a diet.

      * Direct email to the Yonkers Tribune editor … WHYTeditor@gmail.com

  6. Really DA “Me-Me” Rocah? Are you going to “reinvestigate” the below case also, where current TV “Judge” and former Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro sent an innocent NYC cop to prison? Even liberal CNN and his fellow inmates knew he wasn’t guilty. He spent 18 out or his 20 years in the general population (by choice) in NYS maximum security prisons, even starring on the prison football 🏈 team. You see ignorant white liberal Westchester residents, the only goal of any prosecutor is to get re-elected and your safety is an afterthought. Nobody remotely qualified or motivated is entering law enforcement anymore. I’m telling you as a retired NYPD detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience and two masters degrees that you’re on your own at this point and all of your liberal pandering white guilt isn’t going to protect you from the “criminal element.” So please enjoy your violent summer white liberals because you’ve earned it.-https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&hl=en-us&q=twistedjustice@cnn.com&nfpr=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwigyuqNg67xAhUcGVkFHc70AwUQvgUoAXoECAEQAw

  7. Another note:
    The New Rochelle Police suspended the Det and referred the case to the District Attorney.

    Why isn’t there any outrage at the Police Commissioner?

    Again, the spirit of the law interpretation would be ok with internal punishment or even a slap on the wrist. Hence no outrage there.

  8. The video clearly showed the Det. forcing the head of the suspect into the pavement, and punched the suspect in the face. None of these actions were to restrain or contain the suspect, since the uniform Ed officers were already doing so. At one point one of the uniformed officers appeared to be removing the Det. from further interaction. The Det clearly broke the law. There are consequences for that.

    The usual classification of “unfounded “ with regards to referrals regarding police violence was not the outcome this time. It is disappointing to those who have become accustomed to it. It takes time for accountability to be introduced and be acclimated into the law enforcement culture.
    The DA is operating by the letter of the law. Those who find it difficult to understand this are operating by the spirit of the law.

    1. Checking back in to see if there is a joint public address or joint statement from WCDA and City of Rochelle Gov.

      Re: The Letter of the Law
      Although the pavement is innocuous, when weaponized in the sense that a person’s head was forcefully pinned against it with the likelihood of causing severe and protracted injury, doesn’t that constitute Attempted Assault in the second degree?
      And will the citizenry know if this arrested suspect was photographed in his booking at the police station, and whether or not he had any injury/bruises/swelling resulting from the punches to the face? This would constitute Assault in the third degree.
      The current Attempted Assault 3rd degree charging complaint signed by the investigator circulating in some media outlets is not consistent with the facts outlined by the investigator.
      This attempted 3rd will likely be plead to a disorderly conduct violation for punching, when the bigger picture of the pinning of the head is what is more concerning.
      The Investigator should perhaps be invited to answer these questions as a matter of transparency and fairness according to the letter of the law and the video content.

    2. Well after the officer is disciplined and put through the ringer by DA “ME-ME” Rocah, sued and forced to retire maybe the poor “victim” will be emboldened enough to come after YOUR mother, wife, sister or daughter and you can intellectualize the circumstances because you’re not brave enough to protect your own. Let’s see the video of this savage attacking this cop’s mother as well as his extensive violent criminal record. Your lack of real experience and cognitive dissonance combined with your liberal neurosis prevents you from understanding just how dangerous your thought patterns are to your own survival. If it was my mother this filthy savage would have left in an ambulance if he was lucky 🍀

      1. Two things can be achieved simultaneously. Holding civilians who break the law accountable and holding police officers who break the accountable.

        If left unchecked both parties can cause harm to any individual including myself.
        I would not want to encounter an officer who is unhinged even in a simple fender bender or a medical episode which any human being could experience.

        BTW: the video transcript by the Det’s own account says he did not want to get involved. He was merely taping the guy. His training should have made him FIRST call in to get help for the mother before wasting invaluable time to record an event which he refused to de-escalate.

        I respect your right to voice your opinion although your reasoning and inferences are off topic.

    3. Maybe they should eliminate “Qualified Immunity” for prosecutors. That sociopath Jeanine Pirro is on 770 am every Sunday morning at 11 am. It would be nice if she stopped getting callers praising her lies.
      However you have to lie to the call screener to get through in that you have to pretend to be just another one of her dopey sycophants

  9. Bravo Keith! This should be all over the news what this woman is doing to the police! Shame on her… i hope she never needs one!

    1. I the camera footage supports the actions he should be charged they police always say they are putting their lives on the line sorry but construction work is more deadly than police work you signed on for the job your a cop not a judge

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