Teamsters and Chauffeurs Union Local 456 Endorse the Candidacy of James Nolan for Westchester County Legislator to Serve District 15

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BRONXVILLE, NY and YONKERS, NY — June 23, 2021 —  “I am excited and grateful to announce that I was endorsed by Teamsters Local 456 yesterday and which I humbly accepted. The Teamsters 456 represent the many great and hardworking men and women who make Bronxville, Yonkers and Westchester County operate efficiently day in and day out. I look forward to working with and representing the Teamsters and their members as I will bring a real voice for labor to Westchester County when I am elected Westchester County Legislator for District 15 – Yonkers & Bronxville on November 2nd. I will stand my ground for what is right and what is needed. I am a proud card carrying union member myself.

Throughout my life I learned the value of working for what you want and being a union member is an honor. I wear my boots every day at work and when I am elected I will continue to wear them and also wear a suit inside the Board of Legislators Chambers. I will represent my fellow union members to make sure they are treated fairly and represented to the best of my ability. 

It is time to bring a balance and financial stability to Westchester County once again. Thank you for believing in me. I promise to work tirelessly because you aren’t just an endorsement to me I see all union members and their families for the people they are, help spread the word! 


TribuneTeamsters and Chauffeurs Union Local 456 Endorse the Candidacy of James Nolan for Westchester County Legislator to Serve District 15

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  1. Who will the Teamsters support now that Khader eliminated himself from the race?
    Will they support the Spano endorsed candidate, Lakishisa Collins-Bellamy?
    Will they support independent candidate Ron Matten?

  2. I am happy Shanae is staying on the council. I enjoy the comic relief. The best meetings are when she loses her train of thought and babbles senseless.

  3. Yes, Khader lost because he is an abusive crook and because the Spanos are all virtuous, honest people who have nothing but the best interests of the residents of Yonkers in mind. Yeah, right.

    1. Nick Spano runs Yonkers. If he wants Lakisha for Council President, she will be Council President. You have no choice at this point. The Spanos took out Khader.

  4. The biggest mistake in Yonkers history was putting Khader in office.

    It will be the embarrassing part of Yonkers history letting someone like Khader be in office.

    Make sure you all tell your kids how Yonkers crushed the one who abused office and used public funds for personal benefits. Make sure you all tell your kids how Yonkers dumped Khader for disrespecting women. Make sure you all tell your kids how Yonkers chose a better Yonkers and made Khader a history that won’t be repeated.


    1. 20 years of corruption in the city was worried about little old Mike. This was about power and power only nothing about Mike Khader. Let’s talk about the 4th term.

    1. The public saw the Councilwoman from the second district, legislator from the 16th district , Councilwoman from the first and third district and God knows who else worked against him at the orders of the administration that’s what they saw. Let’s see them call on an investigation of Rubbo and his landlord among other things. Again well executed hit job. Let’s get to the bottom of the bogus committee for Yonkers.

        1. Truth!!
          Rubbo is not well liked in his district. He pulled off a small win against a little-known challenger. He’ll be lucky to keep his seat for another (illicit) term and his visions of a citywide seat are up in smoke!

      1. Khader was his worst enemy
        The guy is a lying machine
        nobody trusted him
        He was all talk never did anything for anybody
        Good riddance

    1. The council presidents race was nothing more than despicable political tactics orchestra by Nick and Mike Spano.
      Everything they accused Khader of doing is exactly what they have done for decades.


    1. That is absolutely true.
      It reached its peak this year with the every story, no matter the subject, garnering attacks on Khader. Note – this is not a defense of Khader but a statement how Hezi has definitely taken sides.

    1. He was slaughtered by a newcomer with no name recognition – He’s gonna need a lot more then 2 years to get over that lol.

      1. Khader got his ass served by spano and Jeries who also screwed Tim Idoni .

        He did not lose to his opponent.
        Her own canvassers said no one would vote for her. She couldn’t ID her votes . Williams Johnson Diaz Corazon drove out the vote along with the entire city’s work force.

        No one knows there’s was a primary or who Lakisha Is.

        1. Lakisha will be another puppet, just like the rest of the Council. Bow down to your supreme leader Spano.

          It’s outrageous all the “well-timed”allegations against Khader all the while there is rampant quid pro quo and nepotism in this Administration and systematic corruption in City Hall and zero checks and balances.

          These Council crooks are all compromised and will vote for a fourth term for Spano. Spano has no where else to go after his 3rd term is over as he is not respected Countywide or up in Albany. Citizen’s need to standup to this ploy and get a term limit referendum on the ballot. Two 4 year terms work for the US president, should be the same for Yonkers politicians. Stop the bleed!

          1. You are correct about respect! Kisha beat spano numbers !!! You can’t make this stuff up

            Forget Sayegh , Rubbio, Khader


        2. That’s right- He lost to spano. Maybe he’ll (john) learn to stop running his mouth so much. Cost his brother his office.

          Mike spano is termed out, nick spano is retired. Johnny kilo wasn’t smart enough to let them be, he had to keep poking.

          1. Zeh and Nick Spano at a Diner in Getty Square is morning telling than retired Nick wants you to know.

            Mike bought this election in order to get his 4th term.

            Johnny Kilo mouth didn’t help but don’t give him that much credit. We owe credit to the masterminds Zeh & Frank Jeries . You all thought Nick Spano was a problem.

            Sayegh and Jereis family is taking over the spano dynasty. This was not about Khader or Lakisha wake up !

          2. Zehy saw the writing on the wall- he knew the Spano’s had it out for KHADER. Along with every sitting coucil member.

            He had to jump ship.

  5. Hezi
    Your own rules specify that comments that are off-topic will not be posted.
    Yet – the comment on the Khader is off topic.
    I think the comment on the bridge is off-topic. I say think because it is incomprehensible.

    1. You are correct. It seems many people just comment off topic. I can’t ask them to respect that and yet I don’t want to deny their ability to post. I am still trying to find a balance. I appreciate your perspective. I also find it undermines conversation and stifles discussion. I tend to believe that is the intent. I will focus again over this issue. I have been too overwhelmed of late to return to this concern. Kindly, Hezi

      1. Hezi…you might consider creating an open forum for the users. It seems that when you have not covered a particular story and people want to comment, they just pick a spot in one of the stories. Having an open forum might alleviate some of it.

        Just a thought

        1. Excellent concept. I have been grappling with this issue. I will ask the Webmaster if he can institute that. Thank you. I appreciate your sharing the concept. I will call now. Kindly, Hezi

  6. Y’all see that traffic on Mario cuomo bridge? Apparently, they have a 350lb man that won’t come down. He keeps repeating “I’m swear I’m all the way up I’m all the way up! Get down you making a fool of you self now

    Lata khader

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