The Stipulation is #StrongerTogether @TopClassLimo @ Yonkers.OEM (Office of Emergency Management
By Hezi Aris

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The #WeakerTogether Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris

YONKERS, NY — June 12, 2021 — The photo may seem innocuous enough to most viewers. The photo does not however capture the complexity, implications and deleterious financial implications that may ensue by a reality that took place recently.

So let’s break this down layer by layer. First off, the introduction. It was noticed by passersby with a camera that the Office of Emergency Management truck, driven by Mike Khader’s nephew Saman Khader, an OEM employee, a/k/a The Baker (bae_kerrs_man) because he also works as a baker at Costco, parked in from of Top Class Limo. The Baker (bae_kerrs_man) is seen at the top of the page on the left side of the photo.

By imposing #StrongerTogether @TopClassLimo @ Yonkers.OEM (Office of Emergency Management) a federally funded department, tying these disparate operations can bring about a loss of federal funding. Mr. Dana Khader was well versed in the standards, and regulations required of him when he was accepted for employment at the Office of Emergency Management.

As seems to have been a long drawn out arrogant standard in disregard of rules, regulations, ethics, and law, the deleterious ramifications to the City of Yonkers cannot be tolerated if CoY is undermined by the conduct noted herein. Who will compensate The City of Yonkers if the funding is recalled or the city is penalized for this conduct?

The reality is, as this photo reveals, we are weaker together because of the blatant disregard to the training and directives assigned to all who work at the Yonkers OEM. 

eHeziThe Stipulation is #StrongerTogether @TopClassLimo @ Yonkers.OEM (Office of Emergency Management
By Hezi Aris

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  1. I do not like the job Mike Khader did on the city council, I personally despise his Uncle John, and just innately know that Issa Khader is a dirty violent street thug who sold drugs to Arabic children and vandalized peoples homes.

    Saman is a good dude, and I personally like and respect him. I respect the fact he works hard for his family I would do the same. I know the Khader’s would never give the benefit of the doubt to others like this but I would like to give my personal support to Saman. He is a fine young gentleman. After Mike loses I hope to still be on good terms with him.

    I saw a comment about a muffin ? Who disrespects a working man? The working man is the tough guy, the kid works hard and i respect it.

    Still i would never vote for Mike Khader though

  2. He volunteered to feel good about himself. No girl would take to him so he thought driving a city car would give him importance and attention he craves.

    City of Yonkers should discharge him from this task. Let him find another way to make him feel important.

  3. Hezi
    I know Sam personally. He is one of the good Khader’s . He just has asshole uncles or uncle. He was raised by a hard working parents. Most of this stuff is inaccurate. OEM is a VOLUNTEER job he doesn’t get paid for it and he’s been apart before his uncle ever took office .

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  4. Wake up and connect the dots, another politicians relative is hired on the backs of Yonkers taxpayers. Why are we so quiet about this issue. The hiring practices in Yonkers must be addressed. This is probably the biggest issue facing taxpayers.Politicians control unions, Union leaders and politicians take care of their own at the expense of taxpayers.We have no one sitting at table but pick up 100 percent of the bill.This is definitely a form of corruption and nobody has the guts to address it.It’s great to use taxpayers money when there is no accountability towards hiring practice . Deals are made to protect them not the taxpayers. Bring up a test for all union jobs and balance out the playing field. Remember a test makes union leaders more accountable to workers not politicians.

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  5. Nothing new here . The truth is, the Yonkers OEM is and always has been a de facto employment agency for political family members and other useless hacks. Years ago they actually a legitimate guy working there, Cory. He had the proper training and knowledge to run the department. But he had no hook so they sent him packing. Then they hired a jeweler to replace him. If and when a real disaster hits Yonkers, I really wouldn’t count on much from this office in terms of services or information.

    1. Its a total disgrace that Spano put jewelry salesman in charge of OEM, Papa Mouseielo went crying to Uncle Mikey that his business was bleeding and he needed Midget Mouse Mike to get a job. Only in Yonkers can this be allowed.

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