Why Are Some Candidates Demanded to Abide By Statutes / Laws While Others Are Permitted to Scoff With Impunity
By Hezi Aris

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Societal Travesty Suffered Due to Those Contemptuous of Statutes / Law Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — June 17, 2021 — Campaign finance laws, that is city, county, state, and that of national venues have each created and codified stipulations that demand filings regarding adherence to financial disclosure laws. Many candidates running for disparate offices vying to represent a specific constituency do not always comply with those legal demands. There are those who comply, whereas others simply do not. The latter derisively scoff at the statutes / laws in the belief they are protected by some understood or implied impunity.

While insiders mock those who do not comport to the statues / laws, others do not even contemplate such brash conduct as anathema to their demeanor.

Why then are these statutes / laws inscribed and defined with the admonition advising compliance? Is it intentioned only to “fool” the ignorant who are unaware of the subterfuge and reality of the conduct by those who falsely pose extolling their virtuous and upright demeanor and ethical standards in law when the reality is contrary to their behavior.

Are we blind to the subterfuge? Do we want to know? Can we handle the truth? Are the statutes / laws too difficult by which to comply? If that is so, why do some comply, while others do not?

When “our” friends engage in some infraction, intentioned or otherwise, do we accept that readily, but will demand retribution be exacted by those we regard as adversaries / carpetbaggers? 

Are those who comply to conduct “unbecoming”, as defined by statutes / laws, unethical or sufficiently astute to know the reality of what is, as opposed to what is not? Which begs the question, what is appropriate and what is not?

Should society expunge the statutes / laws to which many no longer conform or should statutes / laws be enforced despite some scoffing at those regulations while others spend time and money believing or knowing if they do not conform to those statutes / laws they are delusional in believing they will be able to skirt the statutes / laws. Where is the balance?

One must wonder if society at large is attuned to those that abide by the statutes / laws or could care less about those who abide, and less so by those who care less about ascribing to the statutes / laws. Does the public cheer when the candidate to whom they favor complies with the statutes / laws or are unperturbed by those who pay no mind to these legal demands?

Do those who drive city-owned cars paid for by the taxpayer, as is the insurance for that vehicle, and the free gas supplied to the elected official in the right to drive those vehicles outside the City of Yonkers? The answer is no, yet many do. They commute to the salt mine where they are employed even though they have been advised it is not permitted. Some have even been known to travel from Yonkers for one reason or another across the Queensborough Bridge. They have the audacity to not have an EZ-Pass so as they  traverse the toll without an EZ Pass, a photo of the license plate is snapped and a bill is sent to Yonkers City Hall for non-payment. The ignorance, though it is in reality audacity that permits these chosen few to scoff at the law, and stick the taxpayer with the cost of the toll. They know who they are, and so does the Yonkers Tribune. it seems prudent for the City of Yonkers no no longer supply our elected official with a city car. Let those who want to represent their constituents buy or lease their own car, deduct the mileage driven for one event or another from their tax returns, affirm their tax returns with GPS as proof for the basis of this travel and pay for their own gasoline.

Then there is the issue of those who plaster signs with respect to their candidacy that is affixed permanently on public property. While those signs are a recognized eyesore, signs should not be affixed onto public property such as lamp posts, buildings, metal cabinets that contain telecommunication relays often placed at eye level heights throughout the city. Once those posters are affixed, those who conducted their campaign effort outside the decorum demanded by local statute should pay the fines stipulated yet don’t do so. The Office of the Yonkets Inspector General is mum to the issue. Code Enforcement does not enforce the statues / laws on the books. The Department of Public Works is the only other department whose employees traverse the city and are certain to see posters that undermine the quality of life by being eyesores to our individual and collective sensibilities.

Those that conduct themselves with impunity are in the wrong? They know it and so do Yonkersites. How about a little respect for the City of Yonkers? if not now, when?

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eHeziWhy Are Some Candidates Demanded to Abide By Statutes / Laws While Others Are Permitted to Scoff With Impunity
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Why are some elected officials NOT filing the required mandatory Campaign Finance Reports?

    In particular, Shanae Williams and Rubbo are seriously delinquent with such reporting for multiple periods! Why are these two Yonkers incumbents not being called out for this non-compliance?

    These two candidates received significant support from the Mayor (including hosting fundraisers) and his administration in their respective primary races. Both had campaign banners and lawn signs all over the place, on private and public property alike and send out tons of mailers. And Rubbo expended funds on two separate legal battles to get his primary challengers off the ballot. Well all this costs a lot of MONEY!

    The public has a right to see these reports, including the donors by contribution and all the campaign expenditures and the gifts in kind received.

    Yonkers Citizens Demand To Know!
    These folks talk transparency, now walk it and file your reports.
    We need to follow the MONEY!

  2. Our elected officials consider the tax coffers their own piggy bank.
    From cars to campaign OMG on the city dime.
    Yesterday Mike Khader was using the official Seal of his office at his campaign table in Trevor Park.

  3. As far as the cars are concerned, the inspector general should have looked into that issue, immediately upon taking office. Instead, he did absolutely nothing, about anything.

    Now, since he’s a lousy lawyer, but an excellent boot licker, he is caught up in the election witch hunt against the current ccp.

    1. It’s not an election witch-hunt when every staffer has complained about the hostile work environment. He has the highest turnover of staff in the history of Yonkers. When you give a person a no bid taxpayer contract so you don’t have to pay rent for your law office. These are serious and I hope the voters dump him on Tuesday

      1. Since no other matters – such as abuse of vehicles, blatant patronage, employee drug/alcohol abuse, and on and on – have ‘caught’ the attention of the boot-licking IG, then YES, I say it is a political witch hunt.

  4. People like Mike Khader who are owned by the establishment and special interest have raised over 300k but khader won’t tell us where it came from.
    He’s the farthest thing from Transparency.

    1. Khader is NOT owned by the establishment. Actually, the establishment (ie Spano admin and puppet council) is fighting tooth and nail against him. So let’s be real.

      Khader’s campaign financials are filed but where are Lakisha’s? Where are Shanae Williams reports? And Rubbo’s reports, nothing filed for all periods of 2021!!

      And take a look at the Mayor’s PAC Committee for a Better Yonkers! What a joke…..All big time developers, realtors and investors have contributed to Spano’s PAC which he uses to fund negative campaigns, negative mailers and robocalls. What a sham!

    2. What’s with all the Mike Khader talk? There are so many other people we can be focusing on. Where shall we start??? My list is loonnnnggg.

  5. I thought it was hilarious that Shanae, who is running for an office which is all about upholding the law, filing things, and meeting deadlines, failed to file her campaign finance report. Pathetic.

  6. Did Shanaee Williams file any of her reports yet? What about Rubbo? Corazon?

    Where is the oversight and compliance from BOE? How is this permissible? They are in clear violation of campaign finance regulations…What’s the penalty?

    No wonder the Yonkers City Council is dysfunctional!

    The BOE is complicit in this…giving the “insiders” a free-pass exemption from timely filing.

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