Yonkers City Councilwoman Tasha Diaz and Community Activist Brentin Brown-Bullock Endorse Lakisha Collins-Bellamy for Yonkers City Council President

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YONKERS, NY — April 14, 2021 —  Lakisha Collins-Bellamy is honored, proud and humbled to be endorsed by Councilwoman Tasha Diaz, who represents the 3rd District of Yonkers, and has worked tirelessly to help the residents of her district. Councilwoman Diaz said, “Lakisha is someone who will get the job done for the city of Yonkers, and put boots on the ground and actually tackle the tough problems we face.”

Collins-Bellamy is also honored to have the support of Brentin Brown-Bullock, an LGBTQIA+ Activist, a Commissioner for the Yonkers Human Rights Commission, and a member of the Yonkers Pride Board. Brown-Bullock said, “Lakisha understands every diverse challenge that we face as a community.” Collins-Bellamy is excited to work with Brown-Bullock to make Yonkers a more equitable city for all.

Lakisha Collins-Bellamy is an advocate for diversity in municipal hiring, quality education for our students, affordable housing, and public safety that brings back trust within the community. Once elected, Collins-Bellamy hopes to collaborate with Tasha Diaz and Brentin Brown-Bullock to create a city government in which all voices are heard, respected, and appreciated.

Collins-Bellamy, an attorney, Yonkers School Board Trustee, and lifelong Yonkers resident, is looking forward to creating a Yonkers that is equitable, just, and fair to all citizens regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. 

For more information about Lakisha Collins-Bellamy and her campaign for Yonkers City Council President please visit www.lakishaforyonkers.com.

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SOURCE: Ruby Bard | Campaign Manager | Lakisha Collins-Bellamy for Yonkers City Council President

TribuneYonkers City Councilwoman Tasha Diaz and Community Activist Brentin Brown-Bullock Endorse Lakisha Collins-Bellamy for Yonkers City Council President

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  1. Peter Spano will finish this race dead last and his campaign isn’t one that’s serious. Not one single lawn sign.(How cheap can you be.) Wasted time and energy. This is a two way race and turn out will be the key.

  2. Tasha Diaz decision to rescind her endorsement of the Yonkers Council President is a set back for the C P’s re-election effort. However, Michael Khader will win the upcoming democratic primary if Collins-Bellamy doesn’t mobilize the African American voters. Turn out is the key even with the division in the local Arab American Community. The third democrat in this race Mr .Spano I believe will finish a distant third.

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