BLUE TRUTH: Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah, the Video Evidence vs APA / PBA President Det. Keith Olson’s Opinion By Hezi Aris

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‘Let’s Go To The Video Tape Hezitorial

Does the Clarity of Minneapolis, MN Rightfully Inform New Rochelle, NY and thereby WCDA Rocah?

The Issues and the Progression of the Investigation:

1) Off-duty New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro was put on disciplinary suspension for his inappropriate actions by the New Rochelle Police Department (NRPD) and suffered 30 days of unpaid leave.

2) NRPD referred the case to the DA’s Office.

3) The Office of the Westchester County District Attorney reviewed the facts, evidence and the law with a team of experienced prosecutors and investigators.

4) The DA’s Office charged Vaccaro with a misdemeanor. 

5) An audio / visual file was submitted to the court along with the misdemeanor complaints.

The Blue Truth

Bronxville Tribune / Greenburgh Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Ossining Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Yorktown Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — July 7, 2021 — The public’s sensibility, demeanor, and ethical standards are pivotal in reviewing and thereafter deducing whether Westchester County District Attorney Mimi E. Rocah’s decision to charge New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro with Attempted Assault 3 is demanded by law. Does the evidence support inquiry and thereby review? 

The Yonkers Tribune has gained access to the following evidence. Do the audio and visual files corroborate the assertions made by Det. Keith Olson in the posting of his perspective attached below this article? How do you view the circumstances that have been recorded and Det. Olson’s chastising WCDA Rocah for her intent to review the circumstances from that of off-duty NRPD Detective Michael Vaccaro as noted herein.  

The Yonkers Tribune forum invites your sensibilities and perspectives. Let everyone hear your perspective. It is pertinent. Every person who comments is asked to please be respectful, explain your perspective ans validate it. Shot and terse words that are not complete in one’s perspective and are devoid of their rationale will not be posted. Let’s do this right out of self respect for us and others. it is time to be heard.

Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President and Yonker PBA President Det. Keith Olson.

Det. Keith Olson, Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President and Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President has an opinion regarding the conduct of New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro. Det. Olson is entitled to his perspective. What is puzzling is his reluctance to permit Westchester County District Attorney Rocah to pursue an introspective review. A review to ascertain the facts such as they are and/or if salient evidence was overlooked by intent or erroneously, and whether the evidence at hand is pertinent, or if some evidence has yet to be discovered should be a welcome effort to set the record straight. Why demonize WCDA Rocah when she is simply taking a second look? She has not validated or invalidated one perspective or an another. Why does Det. Olson question the integrity of her oversight when she not only has the right to review any and all cases, past and present? She has not made a decision, despite Det. Olson’s  assertion that she has. His verbal salvo impugns the integrity of WCDA Rocah as if every member of the Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester and the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association are each behind his defining her as predisposed to maligning a New Rochelle Police Officer? Why is Det. Olson reluctant to await a second inquiry? Is his intention to malign the integrity of WCDA Rocah or is his intention to thwart any investigation lest something “new” will undermine the integrity of NRPD Officer Vaccaro. Det. Olson’s outburst chastising DA Rocah has in my mind suggested a thinly veiled and uncalled for threat to WCDA Rocah.

Opinion by some people asserting they are members of a police department have expressed support for NRPD Det. Michael Vaccaro, while others suggest they know more than has so far not been divulged. A second review by WCDA Rocah will substantiate the facts and make them public knowledge.

New New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound Publisher / Editor Robert Cox wrote, “A 16-year veteran of the New Rochelle Police Department, Vaccaro has one of the worst disciplinary records in the history of the New Rochelle Police Department. Vaccaro has been the subject of 17 Internal Affairs Investigations resulting in 9 Letters of Reprimand, the Loss of 15 Leave Days, a 10 Day Suspension, as well as an order to undergo Retraining based on a Civilian Complaint in 2020.

The audio / visual file

What do you think?

# # #

Police Associations Condemn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah <br> By Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President Detective Keith Olson

Police Associations Condemn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah By Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester President Detective Keith Olson

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah, the Video Evidence vs APA / PBA President Det. Keith Olson’s Opinion By Hezi Aris

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  1. After researching the facts available it seems the detective was in the right.
    And was defending himself from someone threatening him and resisting.
    My personal opinion is once back up arrived he should have backed off.
    But honestly I wouldn’t have considering mom was previously harrassed.
    Good luck.

  2. One of the responding officers could be observed trying to stop the detective from further punching or kicking or pinning the head of the suspect to the pavement.

    This officer will perhaps be the best person who will provide an undebatable reason as to why he felt the need to stop the detective.

    His reason for stopping the detective is the same reason that was used to arrive at a decision to lever a charge.
    the charge does not seem appropriate as the pinning of the head on the pavement does not jive with attempted assault 3rd.

    The union seems to be defending the indefensible by whatever means necessary as it pertains to this particular incident.

  3. As I view this video, I must ask:
    1-was the situation being contained and controlled by the uniformed officers on the scene? In other words, at what point during an arrest does an off duty officer step back?
    2-at the time the off duty officer began punching the suspect, was he doing so in order to defend himself or the other officers on the scene?

    1. The CRIMINAL wasn’t complying, you have never been in this position like I have hundreds maybe thousands of times as a retired nypd detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience. WTF would YOU have done if it was YOUR mother or father being attacked ?
      Why are CRIMINALS being treated like an endangered species to be protected at all costs but victims are conveniently forgotten?

        1. I did retire and go away and so are the old school cops like me who are going to protect YOU because if we can’t protect our families we can’t protect YOUR family. White liberals
          like “ME-ME” Rocha don’t realize that just because you don’t hate the criminal element, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hate her.
          You white liberals have absolutely no idea how bad this is going to eventually become.
          I remember thirty plus years ago working with an older black Viet Nam vet describing the horrors of war as we listened to gunfire echoing off the East River on a hot south Bronx summer night. Welcome to hell libs.

  4. Also, if the person from Dobbs Ferry was such a violent Felon how was he able to be employed by the City Of White Plains?

  5. The accusation s made against the former Westchester District Attorney pertaining to Dobbs Ferry are in my opinion without merit. The Defense Attorney should have presented these claims to the jury at the time. Also, if he hadn’t the lawyer should have requested a change of venue.

  6. It’s truly a tragedy what occured in 1996 to all the parties involved in Dobbs Ferry . I remember and know from personal experience there is never closure for the families. Dreams are shattered, but we move forward with time because we must.

    1. No it’s only a tragedy to the officer and his family because Jeanine Pirro turned a violent felon into a hero and a hero cop into a violent felon for a legitimate shooting of a violent bat wielding felon who had already hit the cop’s father with the metal baseball bat TWICE and was going for the headshot when he was shot. Pirro sealed the 9 arrests of the “victim” in addition to hiding his toxicology reports as the “Pizzeria” he was leaving was a known narcotics location and turned him into another career criminal civil rights hero.
      Pirro even got Al Sharpton involved to protest at the deli with his paid professional agitators in an effort to put the cop’s family deli out of business to make it impossible to pay for his defense as he was off duty, out of his geographical area of employment and personally involved so the NYPD PBA does not provide an attorney for these situations.
      Quite frankly it doesn’t matter how you feel about the case only the actual facts matter.
      Pirro realized she as a Republican was going to lose in 1997 as Westchester has turned Democrat by then and she needed additional votes in addition to the usual lemmings that have voted for her because they think she supports law and order. All successful politicians are narcissists but some like Pirro and Cuomo cross the line to sociopathic. She was the sitting DA while her husband was sitting in prison for tax fraud on JOINT tax returns that she signed. I won’t even go into Al Pirro acting in concert with his mob clients. Read the “Jeanine Machine” by Richard Blassberg and google his old Pirro articles in the Westchester Guardian paper.

  7. Keith Olsen the longest serving Yonkers PBA President ( accept maybe the late Paul Carozza) is a strong leader who I knew coming of age from North Yonkers AKA The Hill. Unfortunately, the new Westchester DA is a progressive and she probably isn’t by no means In my opinion, as pro-Police as her predecessor’s.(Jeanine Pirro, Carl Vergari and the other two Democrats.)

    1. Jeanine Pirro also railroaded this cop in 1996 who was asleep in the car, not in the apartment and unaware of what his friends were doing.

      “A 26-year-old New Rochelle police officer who was honored in October for rescuing a family from a burning building has been charged with breaking into an apartment here and stealing several hundred dollars in cash.

      Three people in the apartment were injured during the burglary; they were treated at a local hospital and released, the Mamaroneck village police said. They declined to provide any further details of the case, or to say how the injuries had occurred.

      The officer, Matthew McCarrick, lives in Mamaroneck and is a volunteer member of the Village Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. He was suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case, said Thomas Troetti, a lawyer for the Police Association of New Rochelle.”

      Source-NY Times

    1. Post

      No, not yet. I have seen a video and written a Hezitorial to what I saw. I have not gained legal access to the video/audio. And it is necessary to see and hear all that transpired, not the audio-visuals that have been posted and been doctored because those posted are incomplete. Thanks for asking. kindly, Hezi

      1. How about posting video of this piece of garbage harassing the cop’s mother in addition to his lengthy violent criminal record Hezi. You can’t fool a retired nypd detective with 3-1/2 decades of experience. WTF would you do?

        1. Post

          I have not gained acces to that video. Will seek to gain access to it. Thank you. Will append a.s.a.p. Upon gaining access. — Kindly, Hezi

        2. It has just been reported by one media house: Information obtained via FOIL, from Westchester DA, is that he had no prior criminal history in Westchester.

          A big unanswered question remains: has he ever been a prior subject of police brutality in Westchester County?

          Let’s be patient on that answer and then we could probably upgrade this discussion to include the impact of generational trauma on police brutality.

          1. I don’t believe it. Let’s see his sealed criminal record sealed by “ME-ME” like Pirro did in 1996 with the poor bat wielding 9 time felon (with numerous other crimes not prosecuted because his victim was scared of him). You do realize that you’re just turning Westchester cops into disinterested potted plants taking no initiative like my NYPD has become just responding after the fact taking a report and leaving ASAP so not to be sued or called a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, anti-Semitic, trans-phobic. Could you imagine if this heterosexual Christian American white male cop was harassing this idiot’s “moms” it would be national news. Because the real victim is an older White woman SHE doesn’t matter especially because she’s a cop’s mother. Go to hell you cowardly neurotic self loathing guilt ridden hand wringing white liberals .

          2. Helpful Numbers: (914) 925-5959 or (800) 273–TALK County Help lines

            We are all going through a change era and discussions and disagreements can be triggering and oftentimes evoke different uncontrollable emotions.

            I feel the need to post these helpful numbers on this thread, (if Hezi permits),for anyone who might find them useful at this time.
            It’s human to reach out. Self care is everything.

          3. Really ME-ME 😳👀🤣 Key Words “IN WESTCHESTER” sooo….being the mom abuser is from Mount Vernon we must assume he’s been arrested in the Bronx as it’s specified that he had “no prior criminal history in Westchester.” You see old school detectives like myself know what we’re looking at as our careers and survival depended on it.

          4. “Generational Trauma of Police Brutality?”
            You’ve never dealt with the grand larceny, domestic violence, elder abuse/neglect, assault, robbery, and rape victims of these savages (of all colors) or the families of murder victims as a cop. You white liberals are beyond mentally ill suffering from some bizarre Stockholm Syndrome cognitive dissonance as you honestly think that you deserve this violent crime in order to pay for past sins that you’re simply not guilty of. If you honestly think you’re immune from this out of control crime from creeping over the Bronx border into your little Westchester “safe spaces” you’re the crazy one that needs to be calling some ridiculous hotline to confirm that your inability to accept reality is as normal as your 52 genders!

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