Mayor’s Cup With Mayor Mike Spano – Tuesday, September 14, 2021 – Timeline Herein

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TribuneMayor’s Cup With Mayor Mike Spano – Tuesday, September 14, 2021 – Timeline Herein

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  1. I saw the City Hall staff including Akim setting up this event during business hours. Someone should see what they were paid and then check the camera at Dunwoodie. Spano is campaigning with tax money.

  2. When Spano was in a 3 way primary he received 78% of the vote
    When Khader was in a 3 way primary he received 29% of the vote

    The people of Yonkers like the job Mayor Spano is doing that’s why he received 78% of the vote last year.
    A month ago the people of Yonkers kicked khader out of office with the poorest showing of any incumbent in the history of Yonkers.

        1. To quote Game of Thrones, “Any man who must say ‘I am the King’ is no true king at all.” Imagine my surprise when I recently saw John Khader wearing a shirt declaring himself “King.” Overcompensating much?

          The guy is such a fraud. The best thing we can do is make clear to candidates and elected officials that involvement with John Khader and MPAC is a disqualifying act. He has been masquerading as some sort of community leader for far too long, and only has as much power and influence as we allow him. Reject John Khader, and the community will benefit from not allowing a dunce to pose as some sort of leader.

    1. Spano rec’d 78% of the vote which translated into only 17% or so of the registered voters actually voting which clearly is not a resounding vote of confidence for a political coward and a woke politician who does not have the balls he was born with.

  3. The only thing Spano accomplished other than doing away with unemployment ( for his friends and family) was to have the impractical jokers at city hall.

  4. Four more years for the mayor we need to get rid of term limits just like greenburg have the voters pick who they want!!! Mayor spano has been doing a phenomenal job!!! Yonkers needs spano

    1. The electorate overwhelmingly rejected this when it was on the ballot so your comment is nonsensical. If mayor spano attempts his midnight vote to get a 4th term again it will be brought to Court and nullified. And that should scare the spano’s since none of them have every achieved degree outside of high school.

        1. Yes your absolutely correct and you forget to mention that one of them held a 1 year position in the Federal Prison System

      1. If mike spano seeks to undermine the will of his constituents one more time by council vote you can be guaranteed there will be a lawsuit. And that lawsuit will be successful. It’s already been researched. The law is clear. He will not survive this and it will be final defeat for him.

          1. Mayor Spano has no interest in a forth term, But he will in fact pick the next mayor.. cleary after the loss of Khader you don’t wanna be on the wrong side of nick/mike spano …. they’ve been in the game for decades.

    1. mayor mike spano is a committee to extort money from donors and developers if they want to do business in yonkers plain and simple

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