Yonkers Politics – Part 3 of 3: Preparing for Yonkers Future
By Hezi Aris

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The Hezitorial in Preparation for the City of Yonkers’ 2023 Mayoral Election

African-American Decent vs Arab-American Descent vs Latino Descent vs Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration

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YONKERS, NY — July 19, 2021 — Yonkers will be reading and commenting. Please share your thoughts and insights. Each is pertinent; each is welcome. Be exact and thoughtful in your writing. This discussion is about our past, our present, and our future because we all matter. Yonkers is after all where we live, work, and/or play!

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If you have yet to read Part 1 and/or Part 2, you will find the hyperlinks to both parts herein. Read them first or skip one or the other or both and immerse your sensibilities and interests as you contemplate Part 3.

Yonkers Politics – Part 3 of 3: Preparing for Yonkers Future By Hezi Aris

The Primary Election results have been certified. The results vanquished some candidates, gave hope for a future contest onto others, and revealed the residue a Minneapolis, Minnesota awakening had and is likely to continue, in one form or another throughout the nation. Despite the differences in divergent communities in New York State and the other 49, one thing is certain, demographics has changed and will define the outcome of such contests. Should it not, it will be because the winner(s) will be eclipsed by another candidate. What is certain is that after the first attempt to challenge the status quo, demographics will be defined by the number of people who will cast their vote. Once the outcomes are tallied, demographics will no longer be speculative, it will be a number that will have been quantified.

Yonkers is a case in point. It has been said that Yonkers, the fourth largest City in New York State can boast a constituency of residents that trace their lineage to disparate countries, by language, religion, among other differences. Yonkers prides in telling all who would listen that 60 different nationalities reside within the City of Hills.

A closer study will reveal that there are some groups of people who comprise the largest numbers of residents who can vote or have the potential to register and thereby vote. Which begs the question; who are these potential voters and about whom will they coalesce their monetary support and the most crucial aspect of all, cast their respective ballot.

The largest contingent of people who reside in Yonkers are of Latin descent. They are comprised of people whose origins can be traced to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. Their total population within Yonkers is said to be approximately 100,000 people, yet the number who are registered to vote is likely half that or 50,000. Many are immigrants who never filed for American citizenship, perhaps unaware that America recognizes dual citizenship. Others are defined as undocumented or may have overstayed their visa. They are not afforded the right to vote.

Potentially, those people who are of Latin descent have a potentially large prospect of filing for citizenship and after swearing allegiance to the United States, they will have gained the right to register to vote.

Another large population of immigrants who arrived in Yonkers are from Jordan. They arrived in Yonkers almost three generation ago. They were quick to become U.S. citizens and are equal in number to those voters of Latin descent. They comprise a voting block of approximately  50,000 voters within the City of Yonkers (CoY). Their potential for growing the number of registered voters is slim, since they are predominately already registered to  vote. A plus in their favor is their financial capacity within CoY, as well as nationally among people of Arab descent.

Too often dismissed, but a large contingent of residents who arrived in America due to the lack of employment opportunity, are the Irish who suffered religious divisiveness, killings, and strife borne among those who clung to their Christian or Protestants faiths, and who presently reside in CoY. Their influence is respected and felt but they have yet, and likely never will be able to vote. Those who proudly extol their Irish heritage and who suffered the religious divide in Ireland arrived at America’s shores in search of employment. Entrepreneurial, educated, hardworking, English speakers who predominately overstayed their visa upon gaining employment and are now regarded as undocumented. They have raised children born in America. They never returned to Ireland, even though they could. Yet should Ireland have suffered another economic bust,as happened too often if the last 4 or 5 decades, they would not be able to fend for themselves or their family. ireland’s woes ripped families apart, as the Irish in America raised families their relatives never met. Those Irish who are in the late forties and fifties whose parents were never able to hug and kiss their grandchildren are now often too old and frail to fly to America. Those that are not citizens cannot become voters. Population-wise they comprise approximately 35,000 undocumented people. Other than the fact they cannot vote, they exact clout by way of the Irish born in America. and their ability to speak English which helped them to integrate into Yonkers society. Their businesses, employment, and heritage permit them the financial capacity to influence elections. 

The African-American population in Yonkers make up approximately 20,000 yet are infrequent voters. One would not be too far off the mark when stating that at least half to three-quarters do not cast their vote. There have been incidents in the past where Blacks have been dissuaded from voting, by subterfuge. Incidents where poll watchers advised Black voters that their polling stations had been changed, when in reality it was a scam which caused many to go home. From a demographic perspective the 20 to 25,000 voters who regard themselves as Blacks have yet to be counted as voters. Historically, they have chosen to or been dissuaded from voting. Today, they are more often dismissed than heard. Their potential to garner a more potent block of voters can conceivable increase to 15,000 voters more if they recognize that their lack of political involvement has cost them opportunity and financial outcome. There have been years of conjecture about the potential influence and prowess of the African-American population, but it has never materialized. The George Floyd killing may have informed more African-Americans that if they cast their vote they would be a potent force when combining their effort with those of Latino descent or those of Jordanian descent or that of Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration should he contemplate a fourth, 4-years term. Their prowess can be exacted and respected should they align their potential voting block with those of Latino descent,  those of Arab descent, or the process of Mayor Nike Spano’s Administration. Their alliance with one or the other would be a formidable undertaking yet plausible. The African-American populace in Yonkers has no chance going it alone. Their only option is to become a supportive block of voters that can swing the secondary block to either those of Latin descent, Arabic descent, or cast their vote for a conjectured fourth term effort by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. The most pithy point is that they will not be recognized or wield any clout if they do not combine their interests with another block of voters. Not finding a partner will diminish and eviscerate their potential clout years further. They cannot afford to not cast their vote. Their only challenge now is with whom will they consummate an agreement. Not finding a partner will eviscerate any future prospect they may potentially  presently have.

While demographics are extremely important, those who are in the employ of Yonkers City Hall / Yonkers Board of Education, garnering an easy 15,000 votes out of 5,000 employees, can, if determined to do so, gain another 7,500 votes above what they have in the past come to realize for the last two decades, albeit it in hindsight. If it becomes pertinent they can muster a more exuberant total of  a 22,500 voting block. Adding  an African-American partner to Mayor Mike Spano’s effort could see their marriage win. The African-American voter can also win if they coalesce their agenda with those of Latino descent or those of the Jordanian-American contingent. The only issue that conforms to the demographics is that the African-Americans will be the belle of the ball.

The demographic winner are those who count themselves among those of Latin descent. Language and culture coalesce under the demographic umbrella to reveal them as unbeatable. If they want to win they will have to find a candidate worthy of their vote.

Alas, the Jordanian-American community has been undermined recently by present Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader’s lackluster election loss. Even so there may be a credible candidate that the Jordanian-American voters can rally their support. From a fiscal perspective they are very educated and they are consistent voters. 

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, loved and respected by many has been said to be contemplating a fourth, 4-years terms. He won his third 4-years term after winning approval to break the two 4-years term maximum as defined by a public referendum that the Yonkers City Council eclipsed . mayor Spano was approved by the Yonkers City Council for a third 4-years term. Even so Mayor Spano lost a tremendous amount of support from Yonkersites by breaking the referendum which denied him a third 4xyears term so much so, that it is unlikely the voters will accept his running for a fourth 4-years term. The logic for Mayor Spano to maintain his effort to be at the helm for three consecutive 4-years terms will be the same logo every should he choose to get authority from the newly ensconced Yonkers City Council before the 2023 November election. Will the Yonkers City Council of 2022-2023 dare to break the term limitation again? 

No matter the outcome, the voting public will define the final outcome. Complaining or demonizing anyone about the final outcome will fall on the back of the voting public, but not on any of the candidates vying for the Office of Yonkers Mayor. If they voters choose to be unengaged in the November 2022 election they need only look at the mirror for why the outcome they begot was due to their casting their vote, not voting, or not voting in large enough numbers to make the difference of their choosing to come about.

Based on population, the people of Latin descent should logically win the next election. At issue is if any of the groups of people in logical contention have a leader about whom they can or want to coalesce. From that perspective, Mayor Mike Spano mat be presumed to be the logical winner. The others who are immersed in this contest have yet to plan for the November 2022 Election. If Yonkers repeats its past conduct of waiting only a few months prior to engaging the public, Yonkers and Yonkersites will be the losers. Not even crocodile tears will be shed. 

What may not be recognized, whether Yonkers or any other city, is that a change at the helm will not and cannot expunge the conduct of the administration prior to the most recent elected.

The prospect for the future has become the responsibility of the voter as it has always been. That dynamic will not change.

Tell us what you think, what your hopes are for yourself and your family. Tell us if you are willing to become a citizen and thereafter register to vote so that you can have a say in the outcome a 15 months from now.

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eHeziYonkers Politics – Part 3 of 3: Preparing for Yonkers Future
By Hezi Aris

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    1. Rabadi has no interest in running for Yonkers politics. He is the chief physician of the board of education and Vice President of St Johns hospital. Leave him alone! The political scheme is not for him. Let him continue to save lives.

          1. no where near what he paid off the spanos plus im sure johnny steered business his way ammir doesnt give a dollar with out getting something in return

  1. There are other Arab Leaders in our city who talk about running for political office ; just to name a few
    Dr Ammir Rabadi
    Jeffrey Sayegh
    Sammy Jamal
    Hussein Rabadi
    Abdul Malik Duemah

      1. Biggest joke
        Khaders got clobbered by an unknown
        It’s over for them
        They have been Royally Rejected by the voters of Yonkers

        1. john khader did not run mike khaders campaign red horse did , If john did run it maybe things would of been different cause john would of exposed the spaNo crime organization headed by brother nick and 2 time convict zehy jereis,

          1. John, half of the mail you guys sent out was about Nick and Zehy. People have been trying that line of attack in campaigns for years and it has never worked.

            Just accept that you’re bad at politics. There’s no shame in it. I think people would respect you more if you had some humility and/or literacy.

          2. If john ram it he wouldn’t have lost by 30pts lol.

            The reason he lost was because of John’s big mouth.

          3. The khader campaign was runned by John and lauren two of the stupidest people , the one who’s more stupid is Mike khader who listened to them.

  2. Still too early on the Mayor’s race.
    2022 is right before us and our State and Federal Elections will be telling.
    Yonkers Democrats are eyeing to unseat extremist Jamal Bowman. Many names are being floated as Bowman talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.
    It will be interesting to see if challenges come forward in the Assembly and Senate races.

    1. Bowman is nothing more than an out and out Marxist racist-how Yonkers Democrats even entertain him is beyond comprehension but then again Yonkers politicians are nothing more than turncoats, traitors and liars.

  3. Hezi, there are not 50,000 Jordanian voters in the city. That is demonstrably false – see the Westchester County factsheet regarding voter registration: https://citizenparticipation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/pdfs/2021activeenroll.pdf

    Your figures across the board are a little suspect. I would also recommend differentiating between registered Democrats and the rest of the electorate. If we continue to live in a world where the “real” races take place in Democratic primaries, the composition of the Democratic-registered electorate will continue to be the most relevant thing to look at for purposes of demographic analysis.

  4. There have been several posts intimating that there was some sort of fight at Bellamy’s victory party. Can someone please just tell us what exactly happened and where it happened?

  5. Yonkers is in desperate need of a transitional mayor who will lend themselves to bridge the next generation of leadership. I wish Hezi would’ve taken the time to highlight potential successors who are blooming beyond the immediate orbit of these entrenched “elite”. This political stagnancy in Yonkers is reflected in the city’s lack of foresight on anything that isn’t a new apartment building. Cities with much less are doing more because their leaders aren’t frequently second-guessing themselves on what consequences might arise from doing the right thing rather than whatever is most beneficial to the cabal of special interests. At the end of the day, nothing will fundamentally change because everyone, from Spano all the way down, are in too deep. Changing demographics and an influx of new blood bring promise, but won’t be a catch-all solution. The outgoing City Council President once offered this promise, but his behavior in office via the treatment of his staff and an alleged quid-pro-quo deal shows that it’s not only about electing new faces to challenge the status-quo but electing candidates who can be trusted to do the right thing based on a valid record of public service that precedes any electoral ambition.

    Much like a balance wheel jewel in a mechanical watch, while the Mayor and his cronies have consolidated power in the recent elections, they will not be able to keep their machine going without the jewel of the mayoralty. While there is little promise that an outsider can mount a viable challenge, somebody palatable to the machine who wouldn’t be afraid to stick it to them once they’re in, and lay the groundwork for a new generation of leadership that doesn’t have to be beholden to the cabal in the F&F network. These familiar faces must also have a sizable electoral footprint to be able to hit the ground running. Based on these criteria, the race comes down to Nader Sayegh, whose Assembly district encompasses approximately 70-80% of Yonkers, or Shelley Mayer, whose Senate encompasses approximately half of Yonkers. While many have dismissed them with ageist critiques, their balance of experience and lack of future electoral aspiration presents a unique selfless opportunity to lift up Yonkers by leaving the machine politics of yesteryear behind.

    1. I have been very impressed with Ron Matten. I wish he were running for mayor.
      He has a breadth of knowledge and has presented thoughtful solutions for Yonkers’ problems.

      1. Reading comprehension is key. Ron doesn’t have a constituency, and his candidacy for City Council President is a quixotic mission on behalf of the hollowed out Yonkers Republican Committee. If he was serious, he’d run for Council or County Legislature. There’s a very good likelihood that after Election Day this year there will only be 1 Republican elected official remaining in the City of Yonkers, most of them have gone the way of the DINOs.

    2. Nader Sayegh is nothing more than a career politician and a person who just goes with the flow-a person who appears to be easily swayed and intimidated-nothing of consequence has he accomplished in Albany-what Yonkers does not need is another empty suit like Sayegh.

      1. My Uncle Nader is a statesman, not a career politician. He did not run for elected office until well after his retirement as an educator. This comment is false.

        – Joseph

    3. I really liked your comment especially the part about new apartments. I wish they would focus more on the homeowners who try to keep the community beautiful, clean and safe. They are like a small business the back bone of the city. I like going into a local store and knowing the person behind the counter. The city is becoming like a patch work quilt and none of the patches are being joined.

  6. Inquiring minds would like to know if Collins Bellmany would continue to take support from the spano camp, after the assault and injuries at her victory party.

    If she’s smart she’ll learn to keep her distance, the cover up is worse then the crime.

      1. Forget what happened at the victory party !! What happened at Vinny spano pool party ? Anyone has his address I wanna mail over a No Diving sign?

          1. I heard Zehy’s nephew doesn’t know how to properly dive into a pool. Drug test coming soon

          2. Jesus what did lakisha get herself into ? She is going to be the next sandi Annabi if she wins against Matten.

  7. Rubbo won with 56% of the vote in a low vote turn out and in a race that was 3 weeks long. According to the Yonkers Voice his opponent was thrown off the ballet by the Board of Elections and then put back on by the courts. Only super democratic liberals vote in primaries and Rubbo’s former Republican enrollment didn’t help him. Now the real race to look at with Rubbo is his first race where he beat almost every union in the city and the sister of a big union boss. That was a year every Republican fell but Rubbo. On that alone I’d say he’s liked.

    What do you think Hezi?

    1. Post
    2. And in Rubbo’s first race as a Republican, if I recall correctly, he barely won over his opponent, by 115 or so votes. And his win was on coattails of McLaughlin and Tubiolo. So now as a fake Democrat he has a general election this November with no opponent. Shame on Republicans for not running a challenger!

    3. So if this were the case, and he was such a powerful , likable republican. Why the sudden change ?

      Refresh my memory, what were the results of the 2017 rubbo race.

    4. The sister of the Yonkers FD union boss barely mounted a campaign against Rubbo and if you believe Rubbo is well liked in his District then you must have just moved to Yonkers because ur comment is nothing more than a pipe dream.

  8. John Spencer wasn’t perfect and who is. He did a lot of good things. He seemed to focus on trying to do a great job and not on all these feel good stuff that is going on. In other words get the job done. When he became Mayor graffiti was everywhere, it did not take him long to clean it up and our streets were kept clean. He was Mayor for all the people.

  9. I think Shelley to some extent clears the field, if she wants to run. Obviously, she would have to work things out with the current administration to some extent. Running against Shelley for mayor is a political nonstarter for Shanae and Corazon, in my opinion.

    The way this article is written, it clearly seems to be teeing up someone like Nader to run, which I certainly wouldn’t object to either.

    1. Bingo!
      Shelly and Spano don’t like each other so nothing to work out there. Look for Shelly and Cousins to try and rid the Spano’s.
      As far as Nader , many Jordanians will rebel against him. His family is/was tarred with many scandals/convictions.
      He’s also in poor health condition. And if he decides to run expect Khader to put him thru the mill after what Nader/Zehy did to him. Nader will have to sit with Khader or Spano’s storyline for the city’s next mayor will become a reality.

    2. Shelly’s days are numbered
      Similar to Nader she’s too old
      She’ll retire in a couple of years
      Corazon has too many issues
      She doesn’t live in Yonkers
      She banged up 2 City vehicles
      She has no show job
      She hasn’t filed her financial disclosures since 2017

  10. Unless Spano gets the term limits overturned (AGAIN!), I think it’s a safe bet that the next mayor will not be a white male. Those days are over. Meier isn’t beating a soul in any primary, not even Mickey Mouse. Rubbo is finished. Khader is finished. Can’t see Vinny Spano getting it. Could be Corazon or Shanae, even Shelley has a shot.

    1. The Jordanian community is severely divided especially after this past election.
      If your suggesting Sayegh for Mayor it’s almost certain that his many skeletons will come out. ( Yes the family has many skeletons.
      It would benefit Sayegh to reach out to Khader.

      1. Severely divided? 90% the Jordanian community supported Lakisha – a few cry babies try to make division but have failed

    2. You are wrong. The Latinos and Jordanians actually work well together. There is no animosity between them. The division amongst the Jordanians is minor and can be easily fixed.

      1. The division in the Jordanian community is far more worse than “minor .
        The orchestrated efforts against Khader haven’t gone unnoticed in many communities so how can Jordanians be trusted?
        The relationship between Latinos and Jordanians isn’t as well as you think!
        Keep an eye on Spano.

        1. If anything, the division that exists amongst Jordanians is evidence that they are willing to support those who do the right thing above anything else, even if that means admonishing one of their own. This is beneficial for coalition politics.

          Khader was a liability, and the community having the fortitude to understand that allowing him and his family to continue unchecked into the 2nd Floor of City Hall would be detrimental to the community at large took massive balls. Those in the community who disagree are subscribing to a very low-brow brand of tribalism which will get them nowhere fast.

      2. What Latinos community work well with the Jordanian community-where do u consider the Latino community in Yonkers to be?

      1. Mike Khader was a disaster, and the effort waged against him was justified. The leaders in the Arab community who turned away from him demonstrated their political skills and decency.

  11. I think the African American population in Yonkers has not grown too much in say the past 30 years but the Hispanic population has grown a lot

  12. Whites are a majority of the voting block in Yonkers. 53%’to be exact. Few names have been surfacing as of late for Mayor. Still way too early but,

    Thomas Meir
    Carlos Moran
    Vincent Spano
    Pauline Gavin
    Shanae Williams

    Mike khader and John Rubbo I would assume are out of the running based on the election results.

    1. John Rubbo won with 56% of the Vote

      Mike Khader lost with 29% of the Vote

      Please don’t put them in the same sentence. John Rubbo won with a mandate and Mike Khader got clobbered.

      1. Percentages don’t tell the whole story in low voter turnout districts.

        John Rubbo won by 105 votes over a little known and poorly financed opponent. People in the district do not like Rubbo, that’s why his win was so marginal. And he’s counting his lucky stars he doesn’t have an opponent in November. Guess he made a deal with his Republican friends to run unopposed as we all know he’s a pseudo Dem.

        On the other hand, Khader got trounced, losing by more than 2k votes!

        Rubbo will be lucky to keep his seat for a 3rd term!

      2. Stop with the numbers game, rubbo won by 145 votes against a nobody with no money. He’s a lame duck and knows it , all this wasted time up the mayors ass for nothing lol

      3. Are kidding me or what saying Rubbo won by a mandate-he won by 125 votes against an opponent who ran on a bare bones budget-the 4th Council District had the lowest voter turnout in the entire city-people are tired of Rubbo the racist.

      1. Vincent Spano’s marital and substance abuse problems will eventually become more public . He himself is very aware that he can’t run for Mayor .
        Shanae Williams …I’ll leave that one alone but Zehy Jeries won’t be around for her this time

        1. There is NO way he can run for Mayor. As to you referencing marital problems – I assume you mean his, how can I politely say it, transgressions? Or are you referring to something more specific?

  13. Yonkers should only be so lucky to have mayor spano run again.. sadly from what I hear that’s not going to be the case. Yonkers could end up be an extension of the Bronx without mayor spano at the helm.

    1. Spano ran this city to the ground and it’s going to get worse as far as quality of life .
      This city needs someone like John Spencer … a brash no nonsense get it done mayor. Spencer definitely deserved a 3rd term but the Spano’s did everything in their power to successfully stop him .

  14. Hezi thanks again for a great article and you truly represent the Yonkers community.
    Yonkers needs a Jordanian Mayor which will balance the diversity.
    Which Jordanians are the best candidates???
    Please advise.

    1. Post

      I honestly don’t know yet. I suspect it may be about a year from now before someone shows their hand. it will take a lot of back room discussion. the mostly logical circumstance will be silence. no one will want to so their hand as a contender, so I expect a lot of silence. As we all wait, the politicking, tat is shaking hand and collecting funds will take place behind curtains. legitimate candidate to be will have to prove their capacity and integrity. The meaningless and vacuous happy hour moments won’t cut it. there is too much at stake— Kindly, Hezi

    2. Yonkers will never have a Jordanian or Black and for that fact a Spanish mayor .
      The ideaology of this city is set in stone.

        1. Your sadly mistaken if you think Sayegh would become mayor. He flip flops more and worse than Khader.
          As I said in a previous post the Jordanian community is severely divided and Sayegh’s many skeletons will come out.
          Brace yourselves Spano will set up the next mayor.

          1. Post

            presuming you are on target, though I do not agree, please advise me who you define is not a “back beach warmer”? And what about the senators, the Westchester County Board of Legislators? Who rises above your insinuation? Kindly, Hezi

  15. Hezi…two points.

    While you’re assessment of the demographics is spot on, I’m not sure that people only vote by ethnicity. Issues sometimes…not always…transcend ethnicity.

    Second, to my knowledge, the Mayoral election is in 2023.

    1. Post
  16. The problem with the Latino prediction is that they in fight too much. See Alvarado v. Reyes v. Perez. They can’t agree on one candidate and as such they take themselves out of contention for city wide races. Just my opinion of course.

    1. Post

      You make a valid point. it may very well turn out that you will be proven correct. I don’t have a crystal ball. Time will tell. kindly, Hezi

    2. The problem with the Hispanic population is that they tend to very nationalistic-A Puerto Rican or Dominican has very little in common with someone say from South America other than they speak Spanish and might be a Roman Catholic-their culture is very different than Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.

    1. Post
    2. Heard nothing from the Puerto Rican, Dominican and Mexican community in Yonkers about their brother and sisters in Communist Cuba which shows their all about themselves and could care less about other Hispanic’s only when it benefits themselves politically.

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