New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns
By Hezi Aris

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YONKERS, NY — August 10, 2021 — The deadline of August 13, 2021 set by the New York State Assembly after reading the Articles of Impeachment that were based on the investigative findings of sexual harassment  by as many as 11 women was undertaken and revealed by NYS Attorney General Leticia James. It has been the catalyst by which Governor Cuomo has only moments ago decided to resign.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s resignation will go into effect on August 24, 2021.

“The best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing!” said Gov . Cuomo


eHeziNew York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns
By Hezi Aris

Comments 26

  1. Khader would have and should have won. The Spano’s came in and ran a campaign for her and used endless amounts of money to beat him. Sure mike khader caused this through his actions but let’s not act like Lakisha did this all on her own.

  2. Lakisha’s 15 minutes of fame were up after Khader lost. She didn’t defeat Khader. Khader did himself in when he accused the mayor of dirty tricks.

    Maybe Wilson Limbal will name the next housing development after Lakisha. The Lakisha Collins Bellamy Houses, Where Its Always Empty.

      1. Hardly, Khader did it to himself by refusing to show documentation and accusing the mayor of maleficence.

        4,000 votes does not make a star.

  3. Lakisha Collins Bellamy is being mentioned as a possible candidate for NYS Senate. With Lakisha defeating khader by 30 points, she’s a clear front runner for Senate.

    1. First off, I didn’t know there was an open seat.
      Secondly, if Lakisha’s productivity at housing is any indication, she is too lazy.

  4. Two different offices same building-same Senate chambers-walk the same corridors in the Senate-represent the same city-but they did not know-really.

  5. Another perfect example of systemic political corruption, which no one exposes. This is destroying our state and country not systemic racism which doesn’t exist in America today.

  6. Stewart-Cousins & S. Mayer have spent numerous years in the New York State Legislature in one capacity or another in fact Mayer was counsel to the Senate Democrats -surely they knew or should have known that Cuomo was a vindictive, vicious bully -yet neither one ever did anything about it as far as we know-both bear some some level of responsibility as enablers to the corrupt way of life that transcends the halls of both the Assembly and the Senate-as far as many people are concerned their reputations are both tainted and stained -neither one had the the moral or ethical courage to stand up to this scumbag.

    1. This is a bizarre take. Blaming women who had nothing to do with the Governor for his behavior? The truth is *most* people, even those in the Executive Chamber didn’t know Cuomo behaved this way. Outside of the victims, it was a very tight lipped and tight knit circle at the top. Mayer and Stewart-Cousins (before her tenure as leader), like any members of a legislative body, cannot act unilaterally to hold the Governor accountable. This is akin to blaming the Yonkers City Council for the allegations of workplace hostilities for staff in the office of the City Council President. If 6 electeds who work on the same floor were unaware about what was going on beneath their own noses, what makes you think that 2 state senators operating in completely different offices would know intimate details about the machinations of an office with an estimated 1000–2000 political appointees and staff, not including the thousands of others who engage with them daily from the various state agencies which have broad administrative oversight from the executive.

      1. Look it is bizarre they didn’t know. They hide behind De Blasio and Cuomo and only come out when it is a feel good story. Criminal-Justice reform [no bail] was signed by Cuomo but look at who put it together. Look at the mess New York is in. People are glad to see Cuomo go for a lot of reason but who remains is nothing to cheer about.

      2. What are u blabbering about-the book on the behavior of Cuomo has been out there for a long time-stop making excuses for Stewart-Cousins and Mayer they could have spoken out yet they did not because they are COWARDS-people like you who make excuses for these so called bags of shit who call them politicians are part of the overall problem. Stewart-Cousins & Mayer should call it a day because they are part of the systemic problem in ALBANY and that is POLITICAL CORRUPTION>

      3. Before Mayer was elected, she was their counsel. In that role, she harassed and threatened women who claimed that they had been sexually abused by elected officials. For those she couldn’t scare away, she arranged payoffs, with state funds. Mayer should definitely resign.

      1. Mickey Mouse could run against John Rubbo and beat him after a no name self proclaimed socialist with no funds almost did this time around

      1. In fact, you do not need to live in Yonkers to run for mayor. You only have to move here if you win. And that’s according to the book.

      2. no, r ember Terry Zelesky he lived in a vacant house on kneeland ave, its yonkers the city of hills where nothing is on the level

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