NYS Assemblyman Mike Lawler Urges Fellow Assemblymembers to Remove the Stained Name of the “Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” and Revert Back to Its Rightful Name – “The Tappan Zee Bridge”

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NYS Assemblymember Mike Lawler (AD-97).

 ALBANY, NY and NYACK, NY — August 4, 2021 — Assemblyman Mike Lawler (R,C,I,SAM-Pearl-AD 97) released the following statement urging his Assembly colleagues to join him on two critical pieces of legislation in light of the Attorney General’s report on Governor Cuomo’s horrific behavior in office.

“The Attorney General’s report, which unveiled a culture of harassment, abuse, predatory behavior, and retaliation in the Governor’s office, shows that it’s clear we as a Legislature need to impeach Andrew Cuomo for his actions,” said Lawler. “But we must also move forward, in a bipartisan fashion, on two critical pieces of legislation that I have introduced this session.”

“Bill A.6594 would change the name of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge back to its rightful name, the Tappan Zee Bridge,” stated Lawler. “I urge each and every one of my colleagues in the Assembly to back this piece of legislation that will remove the stain of Andrew Cuomo’s name from the Tappan Zee Bridge. No one should have to drive over one of the finest pieces of architecture in our state and be reminded of the unforgivable sins of our Governor.”

“The second piece of legislation I urge my colleagues to support is Bill A.7012, Lindsey’s Law,” continued Lawler. “This bill would establish criminal penalties for retaliation against state employees, something we see is desperately needed after our power-hungry, predatory, vindictive Governor attempted to drag the names of almost a dozen brave women through the mud.”

“It is my sincere hope and belief that our legislative body can put partisan politics aside and advance these two critical pieces of legislation that will set our state on a path forward without the stain of Andrew Cuomo’s name and legacy emblazoned everywhere.”

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TribuneNYS Assemblyman Mike Lawler Urges Fellow Assemblymembers to Remove the Stained Name of the “Mario M. Cuomo Bridge” and Revert Back to Its Rightful Name – “The Tappan Zee Bridge”

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  1. This bridge should be called the Pete Seegar bridge as this man cleaned up the river stopping dumping from big companys like GE etc.He raised money to support a patrol thats would monitor and hold responsability to those who ilegally dump .

  2. The name should never have been changed! It will always be the Tappan zee bridge to me and everyone I now agrees. It definitely should be changed back and remove the stained Cuomo name from it.

  3. I agree the TZB name should never been changed and I would love to see it back as the TZB,but don’t use the Governors deceased Father as an excuse to change it back. Change it back because its the right thing to do. If the Governor wasn’t in trouble would any delegate be brave enough to champion a bill to name it back. I doubt it!!!!

    1. Agreed – change the name back to Tappan Zee Bridge – The name change to M Cuomo Bridge was a political move to satisfy the huge ego of Andrew Cuomo and it was wrong to begin with.

        1. Totally agree…Arrogance, hubris pure political force caused name change…I m American Sicilian yet the Bridge will always be ..the Tappan Zee…

  4. It’s very foolish for a 1st term assemblyman to be worried about a name of a bridge
    I didn’t like the thought of taking trumps name down
    When the names were placed nobody had a problem
    I just hope the Republicans don’t turnout like Democrats
    Keep it real Lawler

    1. Put it back to the Tap. Everyone still calls it the tap and Cuomo Neve should have named the bridge after his father using back door politics.

      The name Cuomo is tarnished forever.

  5. I wasn’t asked by a vote to change the name so now that this person is about to lose the governorship I think it’s only right to change the bridge back to the Tappan Zee

    1. Nothing great comes from a political family. Why is it that the Kennedys and Cuomo’s still govern????? is there something in the bloodline that makes them better to lead?? oh no it’s just that you’re so basic you need to see a familiar name. How sad you are!

    2. Sure – Mario Cuomo – the Gov. of Mass Incarceration. Nope. The name has to be restored versus something the exalts the Cuomo name.

  6. TappanZee Bidge is the proper , please change it back and you can publish my name:
    It’s Prentiss C. Breland of Nyack. I’ve lived here all my life, since 1939.

    1. Such a smart decision. I lived in Westchester for 60 years and crossed that bridge hundreds of times. I spoke with many friends, neighbors and locals about the name change and not a single one was happy with the new name. It was an egomaniacal move by Governor Cuomo done while many of his colleagues were away !!!

      Donna Koval

  7. Republicans remind us every single day that they are incapable of governance. The Governor is in the process of being impeached because his office inherently facilitates abuses of power through the lack of term limits, broad oversight of the administrative agencies, and a lack of accountability. The downfall of Andrew Cuomo is as much about an office which allows this behavior to become pervasive as it is about him. Instead of being true “small government conservatives” and reeling in the power of the Executive Chamber, the best “critical legislation” this clown can come up with is renaming the bridge which is named after his father. It’s all culture war garbage and no real solutions. Just what you’d expect from an Astorino lackey.

    P.S., where was this outrage for Trump, who had nearly 50 credible and corroborated accusations of sexual assault and misconduct? Surely Mr.Lawler will unequivocally condemn such behavior on the same paradigm, right? Wrong, instead he will be attending a fundraiser at Winged Foot hosted by the Former President this very evening. How cynical.

    1. Who cares about Cuomo’s father? No Rockland or Westchester native wanted the bridge’s name to be changed in the first place.

    2. I think it is a great idea. Although the bridge is named after his father it was more about Andrew Cuomo’s ego and we have had enough of it.

    3. Why is it that Trump hating liberals can NEVER present an argument or opinion on their merits without crying about how bad Trump is/was…???
      It is truly just so sad that they cannot see how weak they are intellectually…
      ‘Tappan Zee Bridge Forever’
      Valhalla NY

      1. Yawn trumps out of the office and you’re still speaking his name. How sad you are. It must be so hard to get out of bed knowing that trump is lurking outside.

    4. You might want to become familiar with how the bridge was renamed and the history of the people’s will to get the name changed to Tappan Zee Bridge. It was even suggested that Tappan Zee be added along with Mario Cuomo’s name, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo only wanted to exalt his family name and refused to restore an honor to the Tappan Nation. We’ve done enough to the Native Americans. Why deliberately refuse to add the Tappan name to the bridge? Even Chris Cuomo spoke up about the renaming and said it is not something his father would not have wanted. Check out the website and get informed, please. Thank you. https://www.tappanzeefriends.com/

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