Statement From Councilman John Rubbo

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Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo (D-District 4).

YONKERS, NY — August 12, 2021 —

“I am an Italian-American.

“I hug. 

“I kiss on the cheek.

“I embrace friends and family.”

“I know where the line is drawn and I would never cross it. GovernorCuomo used our heritage to defend his actions and that is simply despicable.”

“I continue to condemn the Governor’s-inappropriate behavior.”

And now, Governor Cuomo has dishonored the millions of Italian-Americans who made New York the Empire State.”

“I look forward to the breath of fresh air brought by Lt. Governor Hochul. All I ask of her is she sets education as a priority and helps districts like Yonkers meet their full potential.”

/s/ John Rubbo represents Yonkers City Council District 4.

TribuneStatement From Councilman John Rubbo

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  1. Every leftist group
    Labor unions
    Anti – Spano groups
    All worked hard against Rubbo

    Rubbo crushed all of them
    Biggest victory for Yonkers

    1. Who is Carolyn? Who cares who or what she thinks?? Bottomline is Rubbo is a non-entity and a falsehood for the 4th district…ask the people!

    1. Again Rubbo did NOT clobber anyone. For an incumbent, he won by the slimmest of margins…120 votes.
      Stop with YOUR conspiracy theories and spreading fantasy about the election outcome.
      No matter how you spin it, Rubbo had a very, very poor showing!

        1. Lear how to read….Merante wasn’t an incumbent when he won by 3 votes! Rubbo still has the honors of slimmest margin for an incumbent.

          As for Rubbo he is a real loser as an incumbent, unless Merante proves differently come November, lol! Time will tell.

  2. The 4th District has changed so much since the days of Hank Spallone who represented the district as councilman thirty years ago. To the current councilman I ask how can you sell out and become a democrat. What about you’re upbringing and the sense of faith and community. Now I believe that you’re in a league of you’re own with turncoats like Nader and Tubiolo. In closing you won’t be the next mayor. The African American community in Yonkers knows that you switched parties because you’re an opportunist. In a city wide democratic primary I believe you are a light weight. Park Hill won’t propel you into city hall.

    1. I don’t even like Khader , but that’s a ridiculous statement. Jonny boy Rubbo is done. Stick a fork in him. All those wasted years with his head lodged up the mayors a$$. For nothing.

  3. John Rubbo,

    ” Governor Cuomo has dishonored the millions of Italian-Americans who made New York the Empire State”.

    Hey, Johnny boy you are pretty arrogant calling out the Governor when you and your felon sidekick thought it was a good idea to approach your opponents and make them offers you thought they could not refuse to NOT run against you.

    I hear there is a tape out there so I would not be so cocky because unlike Cuomo if it comes to light you will definitely be going to Federal prison.

    Here is a thought why don’t you gangster wanna BE’s stop having meetings in diners.


    1. Well said, Christopher Columbus is a fraud just like John Rubbo is not a Democrat. The Trump mailers did their job and Rubbo will NEVER advance in the climate that has changed. He better get back to his brewery and do something about that awful beer. As it is each time I go next door for pizza and his brewery is empty I chuckle.

  4. I am sure Cuomo will be completely devastated by this statement ——as soon as he finds out who this councilman is.
    I don’t remember seeing him issue a statement condemning Cuomo’s actions before the Governor submitted his resignation. If he didn’t, this is just a self-serving statement to gain some attention, which is using the victim’s story for his benefit. Despicable, but typical behavior.

    Btw, I hope he decides to share his opinion on BLM, bail reform and other social issues. Maybe when he runs for mayor.

  5. When Cuomo sentenced thousand of seniors to their deaths, he needed to be called out. Phony Democrats across the state and the country buried their heads in the sand and made excuses for that scumbag. Now that he’s out, people like this guy suddenly come out of the woodwork and pile on. Spare us, please John. You were a Republican and then you sold out like Spano. The funny thing is that switching to Democrat was not nearly enough to save your wilting political career. You’re done. Spano will be cutting you loose soon enough.

    1. I think the poster has it backwards the opponent of Rubbo had very little financial backing, no name recognition, no backing from the corrupt Yonkers Democratic machine yet he lost by barely 125 votes. The 4th City Council District had the lowest voter turnout in Yonkers which surely is an indication of the lack of confidence in Rubbo. -if Rubbo is considered a leader in Yonkers then you know why this city is turning into a shithole-why is Rubbo a patriot-if it was not for last minute phone calls to his cronies in his old neighborhood-Rubbo would have been voted out of office-some of these people are same racists who were anti-busing zealots in the early 80’s in Yonkers.

      1. I would rather win by 125 votes than lose by 2500 votes , Lakisha was a unknown with no money and beat khader. Every candidate khader supported did better than him.

    2. Who worked against Rubbo? Come on man!!! This man is so insecure and spineless that he fought this election as a phony Democrat to get EVERY opponent, as weak as they were, off the ballot. He won by 100+ votes in his last two elections for the 4th! His record is zero accomplishments for his district.

      He’s only concerned about the waterfront where his nebulous brewery is located and shows up for photo ops and loves sucking up to the corrupt powers that be!

      In the end, he’s just another double-talking political hack.

    3. John go back to the brewery and have a beer. But please don’t invite the Mayor or his felon DWI Communications Director to hang out and sip your kool-aid. We don’t need anymore wrong-way accidents!! Get real, Your 56% win was 125 votes!

    4. You mean he had a victory of 130 votes , by someone with ZERO money. With ZERO name recognition. Stop with the pct game lol. Rubbo WILL NEVER BE MAYOR.

  6. Congrats John! You are a true Yonkers patriot and the example of a great leader. Hope to see and hear more from you in the future.

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