Statement From Gov. Kathleen Hochul On the Supreme Court Ruling on Eviction Moratorium

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ALBANY, NY — August 27, 2025 — “I am very disappointed in the Supreme Court’s appalling and insensitive ruling that eliminates a key line of defense for tenants facing housing insecurity during the ongoing pandemic, and we are exploring all options to further protect New Yorkers from eviction, including with the legislative leaders.

“It is critical that New Yorkers know that anyone who applies to the rent relief program will automatically be protected from eviction while their application is pending. More than $800 million has already been already disbursed or is now ready for landlords to accept on behalf of their tenants. More than $1 billion remains available for relief and resources are available through community organizations to help New Yorkers apply, receive eviction protection, and pay their rent. New Yorkers should complete and submit their applications immediately. This is urgent.”


Source: New York State | Executive Chambers | Press Office

TribuneStatement From Gov. Kathleen Hochul On the Supreme Court Ruling on Eviction Moratorium

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  1. Someone who post on this site, I believe is suffering from Khader Derangement Syndrome. No matter what the article is about the have to post something about Khader. I’m not in the game. I just fine it silly.

  2. The khader bbq was more like a funeral lol give it up Johnnylimo the public caught on to your shenanigans, the people who attended are all washed up and retired like yourself lol it looked like a senior citizen bbq lol

  3. Again, people are rendering under the misconception that the Supreme Court, or any other court for that matter, have a responsibility to rule on laws and policies from a subjective and political viewpoint. They do not. They are not an elected body. The high court’s job is to determine whether a law adheres to The Constitution. People may disagree with their ruling about the rent moratorium. But, if that is the case, they need to support candidates who will write and pass legislation that accomplishes their goals. That is the process.

    1. I have to presume since the mayor chose to tel Mr. Murphy that he was contemplating a run for governor, that he chose to give him an exclusive. I was never informed of his interest. I do not have his telephone contact and no communication whatsoever with his office with respect to press releases, among items that are of interest? I will give it another shot today because a reader is goading me to 5y. So I will. kindly, Hezi … Perhaps a radio interview with the Mayor would work since I operate every day on radio.

  4. Sorry to say what we have in Albany is a new deck of cards for the same game . Every one is a victim expect the hard working taxpayers.

  5. I just to a glance at the final canvass numbers for The City Of Yonkers
    Out of 243 election districts in Yonkers Khader LOST 230 election districts
    This will go in the history books

  6. Here’s an idea,,why don’t the people who want the landlords to assume the tenants Debt pay out of their own pockets, where is it written that the landlord is my brothers keeper ,and why is the rental business being treated differently than other businesses such as restaurants, The fact of the matter is government is not assuming it’s the responsibility of taking care of its citizens and is throwing it off to the landlord. Wake up America before you know it you’ll own nothing

  7. You don’t own it
    You did not pay for it
    You don’t pay the mortgage
    You don’t pay the taxes
    You don’t have to live there
    You received stimulus checks
    You live there you, you pay the rent

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