The Incredible Benefits of IV Therapy You Might Not Have Known About

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — August 31, 2021 — You don’t have to be sick to receive an IV therapy treatment!

In fact, one of the biggest new wellness trends that have become accessible to all is IV therapy,  which is a quick way to get all the right nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, hydration, and medicine to your body so that you can feel your best!

The treatment itself is pretty straightforward. A Registered Nurse or Practitioner will administer the treatment. This will allow the ingredients that are in the IV bag to be sent directly into your bloodstream, which then speeds up the process of your body reaping the benefits of everything that it is being given.

But there are more benefits to IV therapy that many people don’t realize! We’ve rounded up the top incredible benefits that you might not have known about and why you should book your next treatment ASAP!

1. You Can Get It At Home

Many people have preconceived notions that you have to be in the hospital or a doctor’s office to get an IV therapy treatment. But thanks to some incredible digital health platforms like ivee, you can skip the long waiting room lines and book your treatment directly at home for a time that best suits you. After three easy online steps, you’ll be greeted by a Registered Nurse at your doorstep ready to administer the IV therapy treatment of your choice.

2. There are over seven different treatments

IV therapy treatments are not going to be the same for everyone. This is because we all need different types and quantities of certain nutrients for our body to be at its best. The range of treatments includes ones designed to enhance recovery for elite athletes, those suffering from a hangover, those wanting to get rid of symptoms from a cold, or those simply wanting more mental clarity. You can even work with the trained professionals in designing your custom IV therapy treatment unique to just you!

3. They help with chronic conditions

Many people who suffer from chronic conditions can benefit from getting an IV therapy treatment. For example, someone who suffers from Crohn’s or Celiac disease can receive regular treatments to ensure they still get the right nutrients delivered to their body while on restrictive diets, as the treatment completely bypasses the digestive system!

4. They can detox your body

The IV Therapy treatments don’t just cleanse out the leftover alcohol from a hangover. they can also help flush out any toxin or free radicals in your body with the help of nutrients like Vitamin C and Glutathione. as a result, your kidneys will also be flushed out which can help lower the risk of infection and your cells will be better protected to help promote healthy signs of aging. 

5. You will feel relaxed

Despite many people having a real fear of needles, the IV therapy treatment doesn’t promote that same level of anxiousness in many. Because the ingredients are sent into your bloodstream directly, they are able to provide a more instant result of relaxation. Many also find that the treatment, which often lasts around 45-minutes to an hour, provides them with a chance to be in the present, feel more energized, and enjoy being revitalized for the rest of their day.

With the vast range of benefits that IV therapy treatments can provide, why wouldn’t you take advantage? From convenient appointments to flushing out harmful toxins in your body,  IV therapy treatments will help enhance your overall health and well-being and feel your best. We all deserve to feel great and IV therapy treatments are a convenient and effective way in helping us feel our best!




TribuneThe Incredible Benefits of IV Therapy You Might Not Have Known About

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