The Pending Outcome That Will Define One Bradford Road
By John Di Giovanni

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1 Bradford Rd.,
Mount Vernon, NY 10553

MOUNT VERNON, NY — August 13, 2021 — I  knew nothing about One Bradford Road but after listening to the Wednesday August 11, 2021 City Council meeting I received an education.

The outcome with respect to a vote regarding One Bradford Road should be a no brainer.  On the one hand we have a company that built a nice looking building on their property. 

They stated it was to be for their office location.They built a three-story building when they had submitted plans for only a two-story building. 

They closed off an entrance which was used by Mount Vernon citizens to enter Wilson Woods Park. They stated it would stay available to the citizenry. Alas, it is not!

They added a structure, a building in which they store their equipment, Despite the fact that was not included in their proposal.

They now expect the Mount Vernon City Council to OK the work completed, yet which had never been given prior authorization. Above the temerity of such conduct, they now seek approval to add an additional building within which they can store more, non-office equipment. This additional building may actually hide the trucks they wish to park on this property. Hopefully none of this will be seen to interfere with the citizens who enjoy Wilson Woods Park.

1 Bradford Rd.,
Mount Vernon, NY 10553

With the outflow of citizens expressing their concerns and worries about the traffic, the effect to their enjoyment of the park, as well as to their lives and children’s lives trying to enter the park, this proposal should not be permitted to win approval.

I know some of you will preside on Mount Vernon City Council in January 2022.  

If you plan on seeking public office again or not, what better manner to leave than by doing what’s best for the City of Mount Vernon?

For those who will remain on the City Council for two more years, please recognize that Mount Vernonites who spoke out against this project will not forget how you voted when they cast their future votes regarding this issue and others.

Thank You

John Di Giovanni 


Upon reflection, I believe the lawyer informed the Vernon City Councilmembership that they can either approve this plan or knock down the building. They should revisit the issues and the submitted plans and then cast their vote…  With all the acquired knowledge of the Mount Vernon City Council, they should be capable to come up with a more learned answer without approving this bill or destroying the building.

MV Citizen think there are other things that can be done. Perhaps it may behoove the City Council to include any or all of the following in their collective decision: 

  1. The Ciry Council Could fine them and advise that the third floor cannot be used.
  2. Fine them let them for using the third floor while exacting an increase in their real state tax.
  3. No one appreciates the need for any new buildings when no lucid and logical explanation has been advised the public for the rationale and why any additional trucks, as long as 30′ trucks are needed, if the building is simply an office building.
TribuneThe Pending Outcome That Will Define One Bradford Road
By John Di Giovanni

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  1. Same thing is happening at Alden Place in Mount Vernon on border with Bronxville despite 100% community opposition and protracted litigation since June 1919 and many appearances and appeals in front of MV and courts.
    Currently 2 Art 78 appeals are being heard along with original litigation which should start soon
    This is an ugly building shoehorned into a private residential complex of 100 families to accommodate 4 condo apts of $1 million each
    Thank you

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