Yonkers’ Unions Adamant They Need Not Abide by Vaccination Directive Demanded by City Hall

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Yonkers City Hall Makes Request of All City Employees Employees

Mayor Spano has Jurisdiction Over Local Policy   

Proof of Vaccination Required By September 7th

 Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor

1. Those Who Choose NOT to Be Inoculated Must Show Proof of Weekly Negative Test Results

2. Yonkers City Hall to Set Up Local Testing Sites Throughout the City of Yonkers (CoY)

3. Weekly Testing Costs Covered by NYSHIP (New York State Health Insurance Program) for State and Local Governments. Should Assured NYSHIP Funds Not Be Forthcoming, CoY Has Allocated $312,000.

4. City Employees Who Choose NOT to Be Inoculated Will Be Permitted 1-Hour Every Week for Testing – A Total of 52 Non-Working Hours Set Aside for Testing.

5. Should Those Tested Prove to Be Infected, They Will Be Covered for 10 Days Sick Leave

6. Doctors Khalil I. Innabi, M.D.,  and Lawrence F. Neshiwat,  M.D. Will Each Engage in On Site Testing at Specific Locations. Those Requiring- Testing May Choose  Any Practitioner of Their Choice.

7. NOTES: – In general, give or take a few percentage points, it is accepted that some 50 percent of Yonkers employees have not been inoculated. There are employees today who are asymptomatic, have a low grade infection, or simply do not know they are infected.

Yonkers, known for its large number of varied and disparate union members, have informed the Yonkers Tribune that they railed when they leaned that City Hall had not advised of City Hall’s intentions prior to the issuance of their directives. The unions were insulted by City Hall’s dismissive conduct.


eHeziYonkers’ Unions Adamant They Need Not Abide by Vaccination Directive Demanded by City Hall

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  1. Every single municipal employee who refuses to get the now FDA approved vaccine should be terminated. You are paid handsomely by a public that you refuse to protect, it’s unethical and irresponsible. Yonkers was one of the hardest hit communities in the epicenter of the pandemic, nearly 1000 deaths. Unvaccinated employees also create significant aggregate costs on behalf of their coworkers who have to shoulder the cost of any additional healthcare they may have to receive for their choice not to receive a preventative vaccine which overwhelmingly prevents hospitalization and death in 99% of cases. A mandated weekly testing program for a municipal workforce like Yonkers could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. With the amount of money it would cost to simply keep around employees who refuse to be vaccinated, you could hire new ones to replace them and more.

    If I were Spano I wouldn’t be afraid to show any member the door. If the Unions want to fight this, then they should go in front of the cameras and tell the public to their faces that they prioritize the health and wellbeing of their insolent members rather than that of the people who pay to keep them. This is the standard in every comparable municipality and large corporation right now, let’s see how many of these overpaid crybabies are really willing to go compete for employment in the private sector.

    1. Nobody is going to get fired 99.9 percent of city workers are related to a politician or a hire up, why do you think they did away with civil service exams so they can hire friends and family who are unqualified but need a job.

    2. would possibly get vax if i trusted this administration they lied about afgan… lied about number of ny s
      tate deaths nursing home debacle ect ect ect so NOW I TRUST THEM WITH MY BODY ??? I HAD COVID I HAVE POSITIVE ANTIBODY TEST WHY DO I NEED A VAX ????????????????????? cant beleive people are so ignorant oh wait i can

    3. Get your fax straight THERE IS NO FDA APPROVED VACCINE! How about do your research and look at the FDA approval letters two were written on August 23, 2021. The so called approved “Cominarty” is not even in the USA and the media and government are pulling a “bait and switch” claiming you are getting an approved drug when it is still the drugs under EUA.

    4. If that was the case, how many COY workers died from Covid -19????? STF up and sit down. Get your shot if you want to feel a false sense of protection. Don’t worry about anyone else. Furthermore, no city worker wants to get tested anyway. They are forced testing!

    5. If your ridiculous statement is correct, why doesn’t the Federal Government mandating a national vaccine mandate, ohh yeah bc it’s unconstitutional!

  2. Rabadi donated … Hezi response … He has earned his money and can donate and/or support what he wants to whomever or whatever he wants. He donates/supports those who are beneficiaries. He hides nothing. I know of the filings to which you refer. He is above board in his conduct and abides by the letter and intent of regulations and the law. Are you jealous he has mire than you? What is your beef? The truth is I don’t care what your issues are. It is his money. He is evidently benevolent and I resent you don’t have his means. Get over it. You are grasping for points that are meaningless and simply intent on maligning an exemplary human being. And, yes, I have no shame in telling it like it is while you resent I have not found his conduct deficient in any manner. When you learn to climb out of your jealous basement an epiphany may wake you to the ugliness expressed in your comment this is my last response to your ugliness. Rabadi deserves an apology. Beg for his forgiveness. Kindly, Hezi

    1. All donations are public knowledge… There are no secrets of who he donated too. Thanks for pointing that out Hezi. Everyone has a right to donate and help anything they believe in.

      1. hahaha when you donate big money like that you are looking for something don’t sugar coat it hezi he got his appointment by buying end of point.

        1. So let’s get this straight… Rabadi donates for 50 new laptops to students. He donates to the victims in burning buildings. He donates to the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. He donates to backpacks every year. He donates to every single benevolent event…and John khader is mad at this? Hezi I agree with you, sounds like John khader and siblings are extremely jealous of Rabadi

          1. Post

            That is the gist of it all. John Khader does not have the intellect, acumen, and benevolence of Dr. Rabadi and the little big man is jealous and angry. He was never and will never climb to a position of respect as long as he divides the Joradanian -American community while he promotes his deceitful, and dishonest demeanor. I only wish he could see the light. I have no faith in his being introspective to the point of changing his ways, or apologizing for hos conduct. He has proven himself, at least to me, that he is a dishonorable man. Even so, I wish him no harm. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Post

        MPAC has not been vanquished. I don’t and ne’er did following their fundraising effort. I do not believe they have diminished their effort to raise funds and influence election, which is their prerogative. I am taking a guess and would surmise their efforts have gained them less gravitas to be supported by more people and businesses BUT that is only an assumption on my part. Kindly, Hezi

  3. On this day in 1969, the Birth Control Pill was approved by the FDA.
    I wonder how many people objected to its use before running off to their doctor for a script?

  4. Mike spano graduated sacred heart high school. He was also voted in as president of the school in his senior year. How do I know this? I graduated with him.

    1. You are delusional. Mike Spano has a GED and his brother, Vinny an EDP. When Mike Spano was in the Assembly he was sent to Manhattan college on the taxpayers dime. He failed miserably however, presented the STAR program to one of his classes and took credit for it! LOL Sadly, the truth of this family is that they have many issues that are not a secret. Think about it all those kids many were left out and left to fend for themselves. Governor Cuomo looks like a Saint compared to the extra curricular activities of the Mayor and the City Clerk. Even though there is no chance in HELL a Spano is getting out of Yonkers in a legitimate election their corruption would catch up them. Face it SpanLOWS you have destroyed the dynasty you’re father created. Now he is gone and so is any speck of respect. I do wonder if the FEDS really tapped our computers or was is it indeed a cyber hijack?

  5. Vaccinations are the only way we will combat deadly strains of Covid. This is not a time for politics this is about saving lives. People like Samantha Rosado Cirillo look at any opportunity to take an advantage of the system our children lives are at stake. I wish Samantha would resign. I miss Walter Tice and Steven Frey.

    1. Your children’s lives are at stake lmao this is unbelievable wear your mask for the rest of your life u loser
      Most of us moved on well over a year ago, f*** your strains and waves

    2. This whole pandemic is about politics. Gain of function. Lets create a virus so we can create a cure. Science was the cause of Covid 19 along with many others, just ask Fauci, he funded it. The “vaccine” is not the only answer, it is just the one Fauci wants. Approximately 225,000 people die each year from medical malpractice, just add Covid to these numbers. People that had the virus have more antibodies than vaccinated people so why should they even need a shot. Why ere doctors told they couldn’t use other drugs? Politics, that’s why. We want to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11 so lets sue China and Fauci for Covid 19

      1. “Let’s just create a virus so we can create a cure” so you concede that there is a real virus but are still refusing to take the cure? 225,000 people die in the United States from medical malpractice each year, but over 650,000 have died here in little over 18 months, are you just ascribing that all of these people are somehow a negligible number? Is that an acceptable number of deaths to you? Enough to fill Yankee Stadium a dozen times over, and you’re markedly okay with that? Please let me know which people you’re willing to write off as disposable in your worldview.

        Also, yes people who had the virus have antibodies but numerous studies have now told us that for most people, the natural antibodies (even an initial high amount) wear off after several months. Catching the virus creates the risk that you may perish from it, and even if you don’t you may have long term symptoms that can radically change your life, for which we have no cure. I know people who can no longer smell or taste their favorite dishes, folks who were once active who are now lethargic. Why would you take that risk?

        There is no cohesion to anything you’re saying. As an expert in a related field, it’s extraordinarily depressing. Every single COVID-19 death from the Spring could’ve been avoided if people didn’t subscribe to the nonsense in your post. It’s okay for people to be skeptical, and questioning authority is the right thing to do. However, every relevant medical doctor and credible expert is decisive in affirming that the vaccine is empirically safe and the only people telling me that it isn’t are kooks on YouTube who attended Facebook University or snake oil peddling charlatans, and you see both of those in the same vein. The grand irony is that you mention China, they’re the ones laughing as our country rips itself apart and prolongs a pandemic that could’ve been nipped nearly a year ago if we could muster up the courage to care for our fellow American like we used to, instead of dying on ventilators like the rugged individualists you’d like for us to be.

        1. There is nothing in that post that suggests to not get the vaccine. It was just random facts and if you don’t want to get a vaccine, so be it. You jeopardize your life. Even if you are vaccinated you can still get and pass on Covid. Should people be forced to isolate forever. Look for alternatives and don’t rule out other solutions. Another fact: Cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year.1,6 Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following:1

          More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
          278,544 deaths annually among men (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
          201,773 deaths annually among women (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
          None of these deaths are negligible but smoking isn’t outlawed, why not? Politics

    3. If you are worried about the safety of your child in the classroom, then vaccinate your child. But you won’t do it, easier for you to crack on the teachers and demand they be vaccinated. Yet, almost all the covid cases in the schools are because a child brought it from home or wherever. Parents send their kids to school sick and with a fever…causing those in the class to have to quarantine. So stop your nonsense. The teachers are not giving your kids covid. Being vaccinated does not mean you cant get or transmit the virus. … It’s about time parents are held responsible for sending their sick kids to school amongst many other neglectful things that they do and get away with.

  6. Everybody bitches about their union reps all the time, but no one wants to do anything about it. If Dominic is so bad, then why don’t YOU run? Because everybody knows the job sucks, that’s why.

  7. People should not be forced to take a vaccine, especially one that was developed and distributed so quickly. My body, my choice, right? I don’t owe shit to anyone else. If you are a person who is deathly afraid of getting COVID, then stay home. And who’s kidding who here? Does anybody really believe that there won’t be another variant after Delta? And one after that, etc.? This thing isn’t going anywhere. So how far does this erosion of personal freedoms go? And can we stop with this mask nonsense in the schools?

    1. The vaccine is not an immunization. You can still get Covid and still transmit it. Natural antibodies are proven to be better than the vaccine. If you are young and healthy no need to vaccinate.

  8. Is the Coty of Yonkers assuming liability for
    any adverse effect or harm caused by the EUA vaccines available to the public? Or will the City be getting a direct supply from Pfizer of the FDA approved Comirnaty version of vaccine?

    After all….when you ignore science and follow scientisim surely you would assume liability?

  9. The Yonkers unions and their members are getting steamrolled by Spano and haven’t said a peep in response to this bull. Step up or step down.

    1. Wake up the unions are not getting steamrolled they are getting favors from management such as getting friends and family jobs, getting promotions, putting people in cushy jobs, even take home cars. WOULD YOU MAKE WAVES

  10. That’s disappointing. I work in the City Hall annex and would really prefer not to have to sit next to someone who chooses to remain unvaccinated. Tell Dominick to stop whining and have his members get the damn vaccine!

    1. Charge those who are not vaccinated a higher health care premium. just like in the “real” world. That will flush out the nutjobs who remain unvaccinated.

      1. If you choose to not get a vaccine, that makes you a nut job?
        You probably voted for Biden too right, how’s that working out


  11. Funny but the same can be said about the inoculated. All of those indicators can be placed on them. Shall we not test them, let’s say every month to cover the bases? BUT I do love the fact that should someone test positive, they get ten days off. THAT may be a bit much but better safe than sorry.

  12. If the government would stop bringing in people from otjer countrys , who have covid. Maybe this would be over.. And forcing people to be vaxed is unamerican.

    1. shop stewards and chief shop stewards get favors from management ,if you think they are going to stand up for the workers and make waves you must believe in the Easter bunny

  13. To all those fools refusing vaccination here’s how it goes. When I need medial advice or attention I go to a Doctor and not a politician. Politicians know nothing about medicine or science, but they are well versed in hot air.
    This is just the usual scamming of the Yonkers taxpayer by the Unions, and I’m afraid to tell y’all that the politicians have allowed this, because they have NO BALLS.

    1. Exactly, that’s why we are refusing the vaccine. It’s a political agenda driven by greed. If I choose not to get a flu shot or a Covid shot mind your fucking business!

  14. Slow down Spano. Any testing needs to be negotiated with each union. You don’t get to dictate anything without negotiating first. And while you’re at it we want a raise since we haven’t had a contract in over 3 years.

    1. Why? If the city is forcing their employees to be tested for an experimental vaccine just to come to work, the city should certainly pay for this…..If employees want to be tested outside of work on their personal time, than such employees are responsible to pay for it. Also, for the sheep that ran out and got the Pfizer vaccine before the FDA Comirnaty approved version there is no liability. Retards

  15. Don’t submit to testing by Dr Amir Rabadi and his medical staff listed in this article. This guy is too close to the Spano’s and has too many deals with them where he’s making a ton of money. Who knows what else he’s going to test for? If you need a test go to someplace with no connection to the Spano’s.
    Did this “testing” team go put to bid? Ot did Rabadi just pay off his lobbyist Nick Spano?

    1. If you can read it states to go to dr Innabi’s office staff which will be at city hall to test employee’s. These are 2 different doctors with 2 different practices and no affiliation at all with each other. So please read before sighting false claims.

      Facts over feelings sheep.

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