2021 Yonkers GOP Reorganization Meeting Celebrates Accomplishments & Aims for High Objectives Murphy, Sweeney, O’Rourke, and Rodriguez join the Executive Board

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YONKERS, NY x. On Tuesday, September 14th, the Yonkers Republican City Committee held its bi-annual reorganization meeting, also marking the anniversary of John Larkin taking the helm of the party. The successes of Chairman Larkin’s tenure, to date, include:

• Growing the GOP’s grassroots base
• Improving their web, print, and social media presence
• Outreach to include more of Yonkers’ broad and diverse electorate
• Launching their YonkersGOP.com website

Chairman John Larkin said “I consider it an honor to have been re-elected as Chairman by the Yonkers Republican City Committee. I thank them very much, and greatly appreciate their trust and support.”


John Larkin, Yonkers GOP Chairman

Geri Esposito, Yonkers GOP 1st Vice Chair

“I congratulate and welcome Robert Moffitt, Geraldine Esposito, Devin O’Rourke, Luke Sweeney, Patrick Murphy, and Julius Rodriguez in

Bob Moffitt, Yonkers GOP
2nd Vice Chair

Al Villate, Yonkers GOP

their new positions of Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Executive Director, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms respectively. I also congratulate the re-election of Henry Sershen as Treasurer and Alberto Villate as Secretary.


Ron Matten, Yonkers GOP Assistant Secretary

Rocco DeRose, Yonkers
GOP Sergeant-at-Arms

“As we forge ahead, we must continue to build upon our hard work to further grow our grassroots, develop strong community ties, increase Republican Party registration as well as develop and support candidatures that exemplify how Republicans best serve the people of Yonkers.”

“We are committed to revitalizing our party to assure that your voice for
good, common sense representation continues to be heard. The Yonkers Republican City Committee invites and welcomes you to join us in ensuring that our government works for all the people of Yonkers.”

Tribune2021 Yonkers GOP Reorganization Meeting Celebrates Accomplishments & Aims for High Objectives Murphy, Sweeney, O’Rourke, and Rodriguez join the Executive Board

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  1. City employees that are not vaccinated get tested weekly. The vaccinated are not required to get tested. Vaccinated people can spread the virus and get covid. You can argue that it’s more precise to be tested weekly.

    Enough of the nonsense. The Scandinavian countries are dropping all restrictions. In highly vaccinated Israel, Covid is booming.

    The best way to beat covid is to focus on treating the covid positive people. Regeneron and Merck have produced legitimate products. One size fits all vaccine mandates are not effective at stoping Covid.

  2. James Nolan is the COVID Super Spreader.
    This knucklehead is not vaccinated and not wearing a mask.
    He goes from door to door spreading the disease to the elderly.
    If you see Super Spreader Nolan at your door, do not open.
    Hey O’Rourke, teach your boy to be a member of society.

  3. I heard Nolan appeared in n stage with Trump at Trump’s Westchester fundraiser. I heard Trump endorsed Nolan and got him $100,000 in donations.
    I also heard that Nolan kicked Astorino to the curb.

    1. BlueAnon conspiracy. Check out his campaign financial disclosure reports. No such money was donated. Nolan is running a grassroots campaign.

  4. Anybody hear from Joe Dalli lately? Is he still sucking Phil Amicone and Rob Astorino’s ****? Remember something Joseph, Rob is a two time loser and the worst county executive Westchester could’ve ever had. Latimer 2021

    1. Boy Jimmy Nolan, you really turned on Astorino. Astorino endorsed you and then you disinvited him to your fundraiser because you wanted the CSEA endorsement.
      It all about Jimmy. Does the Republican Party know that Mike Spano is feeding you information?
      Dies the Republican Party know that you will become a Democrat after you are elected.

  5. What’s their average age? 70? Is any one of them not on a pension. It’s a model of diversity 5 men and 1 woman. They are going nowhere, except to slobber all over SpaNO.

    1. So the old guard party was up in age. The next tier is on the ground and they are in their early 30s.
      The Yonkers GOP is growing as people become discontent with how Albany has ruined our state.
      The young guard are also not Spano flunkies, except for Rocco DeRose, who resigned from the party to work for Mike Sabatino.
      Brandon Neider was always his own guy and went where he can get the best deal. Rocco is not as smart as Brandon.

  6. Let’s look at the situation we are in, in Yonkers. You have a Democratic run city. Majority of people are registered Democrats. Mayor Spano was a registered Republican at one time and flipped to a Democrat. Brother Nick was an elected Republican senator in Yonkers at one time. Brother Nick still carries a lot of influence in the Republican Party. Everything runs through the Spano’s it’s that simple. They control the parties, jobs and taxpayers money.I will give you an example. Term limits were voted by the people and should have stayed controlled by the people. When you are allowed to overturn term limits through the council, you sold out the voters. To do this they use our money, I will repeat it, our money to by out councilman either with jobs for family and friends or better positions in city Government.The way it’s set up is we have to go through the Spano’s, they don’t need the taxpayers, it’s sad but true. Without competition in politics, the powers to be control everything. Money dictates everything , it changes peoples way of thinking and keeps them Quiet. In the long run it destroys a city, state and country. Hand outs are sell outs and control people, it’s the ruination of our society. Michael Starro

    1. If you’re pertaining to Rocco DeRose. He is an extremely hard worker. Would anyone turn down a job because of party affiliation. I don’t think so!!!!!! For that matter why can’t the Dems & Republicans work together. I absolutely don’t agree with Starro’s statement. In Yonkers I vote for the person not the party. So no Police Officer, Firefighter or DPW worker should take a job if they are a different party. It’s the same thing!!!!!

      1. Rocco is a pathetic kiss butt. His Dad works for the city and he couldn’t get Rocco a job. Finally Tubs got him the County. Fast forward now he works for the city running after the Mayor! How is that $45,000 Rocco? LMAO! You and your father are low man on the totem pole. Keep praying Rubbo is going to be the next Mayor. The Mayflower has sailed. I can’t wait until you have to get a real job! lol

        1. What idiot wrote this. Rocco is not a kiss ass. Yes his Dad works in the City of Yonkers and his Mom is a Retired Yonkers Police Officer. The great work ethic of his Mom & Dad provided Rocco with a good work ethic. He had 2 great Role Models. Never has Rocco kissed anyone’s ass. Whoever wrote this must have been a suck up. Rocco worked very hard for everything he has accomplished. I’ve never seen such jealous haters. Such liars. Get a life.

          1. Lol! Rocco looks like the young Henry Hull from Goodfellas. Yet, When he grew up he looks more like Wade Walker in Cry Baby.
            Keep kissing arse Rocco it will get you absolutely nowhere. Well, pretty much where you already are. Lol

  7. Mike Starro is one hundred percent right. I work for the city. Call me a coward but I cannot identify myself out of fear of reprisal. What goes on between the Teamsters leadership and the administration is positively disgraceful. The last thing 456 does is look out for their members properly. Tommy Manzo would back you 100% if you were being wronged by management. But, if you were lazy, entitled, or whatever, he would kick you in the ass and say go do your job and cut the shit. That is not the case now. Mayor’s nephews and other connected guys doing whatever they want, making obscene amounts of money in overtime, and getting tradesmen titles when most of them wouldn’t know how to turn a screw. They get promotions and transfers to wherever they want whenever they want. And many of the guys who have been on awhile, come to work every day and do the job, just get shitted on. And the Spanos and the Teamsters don’t even hide any of this. And that fat blow job hack Meier does whatever he’s told because he has this insane notion that the Spanos are going to back him for mayor one day. But, nobody important cares about any of this, so life goes on.

  8. Derose is no longer is the Sergeant at Arms of the Yonkers GOP. He stepped down before he started working in the mayor’s office. He has nothing to do with the gop now.

  9. Let’s throw all the bullshit away. Mayor Mike Spano was a Republican who turned Democratic. Brother Nick was a powerful Republican Senator who still carries a lot of power in Yonkers. The combination of both powerful political players, the control of taxpayers money, Union jobs equals complete and unrestricted Government control.Everything goes through the Spano’s , they control both parties anything else is smoke and mirrors. I personally admire what the Spano’s did. They never overestimated the intelligence of the people, they knew how to control them. I Tip my hat. Michael starro

      1. That makes perfect sense. Two arrogant Momma boys. One wiping Mikes arse the other kissing Nicks ring. Both too late as the mafia is cancelled. We will have a minority Mayor next go. I can’t wait to laugh in their faces.

  10. What happened to Brandon Nieder? Wasn’t he making a comeback? He should be the chair of the Republican Party. He needs to teach Jimmy Nolan how to talk good.

    1. Larkin is doing a great job, but O’Rourke is being prepped to be the next chair. He is very talented. Haven’t heard much about Neider.

      1. Apparently Nolan has grown a lot from beginning to end of the campaign. Crestwood and Colonial Heights will be going all out for him on Nov 2.

  11. When everyone wakes up and understand we live in a system in which politicians put family and friends first, taxpayers last.We don’t elect people anymore who represent what’s best and right for the taxpayers but who will do what’s right for “me”. They bend the rules for themselves while the majority of taxpayers have to follow the rules.when politicians in Yonkers control 60 percent of Teamster hirings with family and friends, it’s called nepotism not unionism. These Union workers pay agency fees not union dues.They work for the taxpayers and the taxpayers should be able to get their son or daughter hired without “connections “ or deep pockets. There is no accountability and never was, they protect their own on taxpayers expense.We the taxpayers need an oversight committee who don’t get paid, care and protect our money. As far as the worker is concerned, they don’t realize it at first but as time goes on they are held hostage to this system. The combination of not electing your chief steward and being used as campaign soldiers, represents control not a union.I’m retired got no skin in this game anymore but I will continue to fight and defend what i consider is right for our city, country and state. No matter if you like it or not, we all have a responsibility to make it fair.Sacrifices we’re made to build Unions ,leadership to build accountability and workers. Unions were never built to cater to politicians and that is the problem with Government unions today.If you want to be a politician run for a political office don’t hide behind being a Union leader when your in bed with politicians.
    Michael Starro

        1. Patrick Murphy is Devin O’Roukes playmate.
          These proud guys were once alll part of David Tubiolo’s posse., along with Eamon O’Brien and Brandon Nieder. Now the are part of Nolan’s brain trust.

    1. You forgot to mention Mike Ramondelli, Henry Djonblaj, and Buster Landi.
      Has anyone seen former Republican and Second Deputy Mayor Steven Levy?

  12. The Yonkers GOP has come a long way in one year. The current Chairman’s predecessor was a complete disaster. Tubiolo’s son became a turncoat like Nader Sayegh who for decades endorsed Conserative Republicans such as Ted Dunn who got pummeled in 1997 and in the process spent a small fortune.

    1. Rocco is no longer on the Yonkers GOP Board. He resigned before he started with the Mayor. Julius Rodriguez is the new Sargent at Arms.

      Ron Matten also stepped down the eboard. He was replaced by Luke Sweeney.

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